Thursday, March 19, 2009

Will Mid Staffs FT Trust Pay Funeral Expenses Of Dead From Its Surplus?



Remember The 400 Dead at Mid Staffs FT NHS Trust

The figures are clear from the accounts presented to Monitor the UK NHS Foundation Trust Watchdog that from the £ 22 million income the Mid Staffs NHS FT Trust it made a combined surplus in 2008 of £886,000 .

Maybe it will offer to pay some funeral expenses for those it helped toward death by neglect ?

Or maybe these surpluses will form the legal fees for any corporate manslughter cases brought?

From the Annual Plan presented to Monitor by Mid Staffs NHS FT Trust :

"1.2 Summary of financial performance

2007/2008 was a year of financial consolidation for the Trust, the Trust concluded the financial year in recurrent balance, repaid in full the previous Staffordshire & Shropshire Health Authority financial support and in cumulative surplus.

The Trust has completed two year end final accounts for 2007/2008, these being the 10 month period ending 31st January 2008 for the NHS Trust and the 2 month period ending 31st March 2008 for the Foundation Trust, both of which are still subject to final Account audit opinion.

In the final 10 months of NHS Trust status a surplus of £250,000 was achieved, whilst the Foundation Trust first two months delivered a £633,000 surplus. The combined £883,000 surplus was achieved after successfully closing the CBT Laundry & Line business, this highlighting a non recurrent contribution of £737,000, the balance related to non recurrent gains linked to additional elective activity.

The combined surplus will give the Trust financial flexibility to manage the hidden costs of the HCC investigation and provide resources for improved facilities. "


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