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Welfare to Wealth And A4e's Nice Little Earner


We are noting that the People's YouTube media is striking back at the smooth ideas of polished up Welfare To Work. We have posted up two here apparently originating in Scotland .

There really has to be better programmes and direct grants for helping people back to work and training, and more of it under the control of people on benefit because currently there are no negotiating structures they can trust and properly own. The State is in overarching dominion . We think many "welfare to work" programmes are dubious at the outset and there is a need for very tailored training packages for people who are often knackered out damaged people .

But Britain, or part of it, does love to create new prejudice and hatred against some classes of people - has it ever been any different ? The functions of massive shifts of capital and the hating social morality wars thrown at the "jobless" do not match the reality of a redundant country that encouraged free market individualism for the "aspiring classes" and no planned local stability for people's lives ..

Laissez faire = equals fuck all care ...

Welfare to Work equals attempts to buy time for the admin classes to remain mostly Govt supported because of the country's overall incapacity to work and deal with money properly ..

Jeese it was a banker who advised the Govt on all this Welfare to Work stuff and where is the banking sector now ? On taxpayer incapacity benefits..

We see top down rule everywhere in mental health and little ability for patients to negotiate their fates properly . Dominion admin corporo-classes rule .. Why ? Where do the themes join ?

Individualised purchasing power of services being negated and too much wealth at the top of a society going only into selective pockets is a grand belief which creates a kind of weakened de-localising socially controlled slave economy in the real economy, and we already know all about the mental health economy of paid off Users that screwed up the possibility of roll outs of choices of recovery therapies because NIMHE Service-User-bureaucrats took away 100 million over its years from 2004 - end 2008 ...

Britain creates classes of disempowerment really efficiently ... Its finally self undermining .

And look at Emma the CEO of A4e .... If ever there was a moral to the tale its this : that take from the bottom and reward the rich and recreate the symbols of landownership all over again from whence the class society became more sharply pointed ... Does anyone recall there was once a Labour party that opposed these equations ? Now we need another set of politics because work-sectors have been undermined for decades . We need a vision that the politicians do not have and we are all faltering in a world which wants to remain with its economic advantages and classes intact. Something pretty big is going to break and maybe its all of us ..

When countries get economically seriously stressed fascism arises, and a degree of welfare fascism is here already ...... Each step we take is chaos moving into more chaos - it makes some people rich . A4e at best is suffering from good motives clashing with corporate size and power and in a few years Emma Harrison may well be gone...Corporatism kills the authentic heart .


Friday, August 28, 2009

Welfare To Worry And Welfare To Work Contradictions


The Welfare to Work (Welfare to Worry more like) "entertainment" started off with Channel 4 creating a series called "Benefit Busters" .

Its turning into something of an expose of an economy driven by welfare cannibalism that makes some people and companies rich and the paradox that you cannot create work in a workless recessionary environment in a country too that has lost most of its production base .
You can of course create a very stressful and punitive enviroment .
Last night in the UK we were treated to a story about one man who managed to get a placement with a gardening firm which lasted little more than a week . A4e the "Welfare to Work" company who helped manage this have been awarded a £700 million Govt contract to get people off benefits and into work . Emma - the Chief of A4e was interviewed and had it put to her that the quality of the job placements when temporary were just disruptive to peoples lives. There was even discussion about "zero hour" contracts where clients would be signed up to work for hours the company could not guarantee consistently .
Emma looked thoughtful and could only hold the moment by saying she would investigate matters and try to get advice from those who might be fitted for that .
In the first programme Emma's country estate was shown with one of her employees a rumbustious motivator and semi salesperson saying words to the effect of :
"If you have got it flaunt it "
Yes it was flaunted okay and Labour voters everywhere apart from the post-Blair aspirers must be storing quite a bit of extra class hatred by now - its certainly Welfare to Wealth for some .
Here's what a Channel 4 viewer said of that :

"At 8:51 pm on August 23, 2009 bobgil wrote:

Best laugh I have had for ages. I thought I was watching an office style, black comedy. The Chief executive owning a country estate was ‘priceless’. You really couldn’t make it up! I can’t wait for the next episode."

The man who got the gardening job and treated to a £90 grant for some smart interview clothes went back to the Jobcentre after his job crashed and he was laid off and it took 3 weeks to re-engage his benefits .

Yet the taste for people being in the virtual "workhouse" in the UK is a long lived ghost . In the disability community many realise you cannot negotiate with a system that will not create better trust in the client and their needs . Needs, led by clients are often abandoned or are weakly diluted and training grants for special measures are not available . The stick of Miss and Mr Whakkity at the Welfare to Work training offices have now been fashioned for the leftover Victorian hatred of people on hard times, and the ghost of Charlie Dickens drinking a can of lager is watching it all ..

The part delusion that work for all exists that can sustain people continues in a western world and UK of un-rejigged production and activity ..Capitalism has undermined local stabilties .

Gov't supports most things in reality - including the failed banking sector which still behaves as if it is private when its now living on State benefits too for its disabled incapacities . The meaning of this crisis is still not reaching the brain of post industrial prejudice towards the helpless and the workless though . The paradox is kept to a kind of shared social denial of half-insights and "quantised easings" when the true "quantity" of truth is moaning uneasily in the gutter in those who are delegated now for socially dark angers about being on welfare .

The whole system is on welfare ..

Charities that once saw opportunities now see losses . They believed they could turn the policy of getting people back to work into help and also of course expand themselves financially . There are some pretty highly paid charity staff out there in the UK now yet the social experiment to create more and more people at "work" has become flawed by major contradictions in the West's economic systems

"Shaw Trust accounts show crippling cost of DWP contracts

By John Plummer, Third Sector Online, 10 August 2009

Charity blames Pathways to Work programme for huge deficit

The Shaw Trust made a £2.8m loss in 2008/09 compared with a surplus of £7.4m the previous year, according to its annual report.

The charity, which is the largest voluntary sector provider of employment services for disabled people, blamed the loss on the huge start-up costs involved in delivering Pathways to Work programmes on behalf of the Department for Work and Pensions."

Click here to find out more!

The story continues and more Charities are looking for ways out of the Dept of Work and Pensions large experiment driven by the Govt's social inclusion theories . Client groups are unlikely to get what they need for real help but some may benefit . How many ? Who knows ?
Lets hope someone is taking a serious audit of all this and weighing up whether money spent in Welfare to Work new dash and welfare tongue-lash-for-cash companies is truly effective.

"Major charities ditch Pathways contracts

27 August 2009

Two major charities have ended their role as sub-contractors on the Pathways to Work programme because they were no longer financially viable.

RNIB, along with Action for Blind People, have ceased to work as sub-contractors for prime provider A4E and have warned that there may be redundancies as a result.

Meanwhile RNID have also pulled out of most of their Pathways contracts, but intend to be involved in the new DWP funded Work Choice programme, previously known as the Specialist Disability Employment Programme."

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mental Health Update : Survey For UK Wide PD Spectrum Gets 112 Inputs


112 Users Input Into Personality Disorder Spectrum Survey

This survey is intended to capture indicative data about the Personality Disorders Spectrum (PDS) experience in the UK . It is primarily aimed at the experiences of Service Users who have had the following labels on their condition . Personality Disorder , Borderline Personality Disorder , Post Traumatic Stress Disorder , Complex PTSD , and Dissociative Identity Disorder. This survey is intended to be followed up depending on input from UK Services Users .

It will also form a foundation for taking any concerns and directions generated, to the Care Quality Commission in the UK . It will also be shared with NALM (The National Association For LInks members) . The survey is independent of all bodies and created by Service Users in the UK. It is hosted by the Socialist Health Association . Entries on the survey by partcipants are anonymous.

Carers or advocates may complete the survey on behalf of a Service User.


Health Bloggers Show Where To Get Opt Out Forms Of The NHS Records "Dinosaur" Spine


You just relax and feel freer !

The NHS Tyrannosaurus Wrex is now gobbling up patient records in a re-asserted attempt to spinalise them online ... You will be summarised ... Oh Really ? .. You might want to know how to Opt Out - we'll get to that ..

The "spinal solution" in greased up health fascist practice is stomping its way toward you ...

The ground quivers and you spill your tea and crap more if you are on the toilet in the mobile NHS toilet shack .....The mighty jurassic practice beast is here .. It does have a some good points. It sometimes keeps life's ass biting diseased Raptors away... On the other hand beware of its STOMP and accidental swallowing and chomping big six inch teeth ..Its a meat and soul eater .

But listen, if you are very poorly and ill - then you might need a records Big Brother watching you . That may well be in your interests - as for the rest of us - do we need super-arching Govt everywhere or do we need local practices to be speedy and well oiled by good local record keeping including patients having their own duplicated records in different forms if they wish ? We want to own the services not be owned by them .. Remember the organs and tissues they took without permission from people ?

Opt out is up to you if you know how to access the means to do that in Birmingham .

So we will ask others to nick the PDF OPT-OUT forms and bung them where they can to remain accessible ... Frankly we do not trust a system that can harms people via poor record keeping - by over-arching "we know what's good for you" practice or by losses of peoples records in the public sector which get reported every year.

Beware, the NHS laptop dancing beast it is roaming about with your soul's details on it ..

The NHS planners love the logical side of order even if it does become a chaos circus behind the scenes - but lets keep control of them ..

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Mental Health Poetry : Highcroft Hospital Judy

Speaking to Judy

Judy was all labels
She was a thousands of us

On post mortem red dribbling tables

But she'd tell you quietly
And to the coroners mask

No no I am not a "skitz"

I was raped by life and by living in "Care"
If you must ask
And I cut myself to bits

I knew I was no good
And only for spitting at and use

But I became by my own needs for love
And distortions of childhood
The razor criss cross of the
Up ended arms of child abuse

This masked man is cutting into me
Now I am with my plaster God
And my plaster god cries

"Judy I'll bandage you with tears and my infinity "


Said I

Judy you are okay
I know there's blood on your mortem gown
And clinical dress

But I love you, love you , love you


With God Bless ....


Friday, August 21, 2009

Mental Health Latest UK Wide Personality Disorder Spectrum Survey Now At 110 Inputs


Sent by Email User Networks To Us

The UK Wide PD Spectrum Survey Is Still ACTIVE CLICK HERE!

What's the survey about :

This survey is intended to capture indicative data about the Personality Disorders Spectrum (PDS) experience in the UK . It is primarily aimed at the experiences of Service Users who have had the following labels on their condition . Personality Disorder , Borderline Personality Disorder , Post Traumatic Stress Disorder , Complex PTSD , and Dissociative Identity Disorder.

This survey is intended to be followed up depending on input from UK Services Users . It will also form a foundation for taking any concerns and directions generated, to the Care Quality Commission in the UK . It will also be shared with NALM (The National Association For LInks members) . The survey is independent of all bodies and created by Service Users in the UK. Entries on the survey by partcipants are anonymous.

Carers or advocates may complete the survey on behalf of a Service User. The survey is hosted by the Socialist Health Association with kind support of Martin Rathfelder its secretary .


Monday, August 17, 2009

The UK Wide Personality Disorder Spectrum Survey has 108 Users inputed into it

The UK Wide Personality Disorder Spectrum Survey has 108 Users inputed into it

Its still active at


It includes people suffering from : PD , Borderline PD , PTSD and complex PTSD and Dissociative Identity Disorder.

Mental Health Standardless Standards Of Patient Safety ? - UserWatch Investigates


By Art De Rivers UserWatch Correspondent

An Investigatory Round Up

Parts of the UserWatch Team have been aware of a number of pieces of weaving information - some actually generated by User-experience of the so called lovely mental health NHS UK services which lately some people in Twitter mode or Twit-mode appear to be in love with, despite the need to criticise the hell out of the NHS so we all really do shape the services and their standards instead of them nailing peoples lives down sometimes into the ground . We guarantee you'll have your eyes opened by this report .

What struck us was the July 2009 report by the late HealthCare Commission inherited now by the Care Quality Commision which showed that a Trust in West London was at serious variance with its Strategic Health Authority (SHA) guidance on reporting and investigating Serious Untoward Incidents . We are talking about incidents like Suicide, Attempted Suicide, and others:

Page 17 of that report : (CIR = Critical Incident Review)

"Although many of the staff that we interviewed knew there was a distinction between a serious untoward incident investigation and a critical incident review, some were unable to tell us the difference. Some said that a critical incident review was more serious than a serious untoward incident investigation, “a CIR was for critical use on the ward” or a “CIR involved serious injury and an SUI did not involve serious injury to anyone”.

Others said that it was related to the severity of the incident. Some staff told us that the information in the reports generated 24 and 72 hours after an incident, as demanded by the policies, determined the level of review, or that the decision was made by the head of the service in which the incident occurred."

You might think that SHA's across the UK had standardised definitions of Serious Untoward Incidents think again - there has almost been a soft conspiracy of sloppiness that favours Trusts reputational risk thinking more than patient safety . Patient's come last sometimes and Trust paranoia first . You think we are being unfair ?

Read the Parliamentary Patient Safety Committee report Published on 3rd July 2009 which also merged its concerns with the way Commissioning Primary Care Trusts were not performance managing the contracts they set up with NHS Trusts :

"Commissioning, performance management and regulation

A key role for Primary Care Trusts (PCTs) in commissioning services is to ensure the quality and safety of those services. We have grave doubts as to whether all PCTs are actually doing so.

We welcome the principle of linking payment by PCTs to the quality of care, but recommend that it be piloted first. We support the use of “Never Events” by PCTs, but have doubts about whether they should involve a financial penalty; we recommend this be piloted too.

The performance-management role of Strategic Health Authorities (SHAs) appears to be ill-defined and to vary between SHAs. We recommend that the DH produce a formal definition of this role.

Regulation has been costly and burdensome. It has been too rule-based, looking at processes and procedures rather than actual outcomes and consequences and professional competence. Consequently, the Annual Health Check has failed to pick up major failings in some cases. The Care Quality Commission’s registration system must focus on the outcomes being achieved by NHS organisations rather than formal governance processes.

The relationship between bodies responsible for commissioning from, performance managing and regulating NHS service providers is not defined clearly enough.

In particular, there is a lack of clarity about the role of Monitor. The DH should produce a
succinct statement regarding how commissioning, performance management and
regulation are defined, and how they (and the organisations responsible for them) relate to
each other.

The role of managers and Boards

There is disturbing evidence of catastrophic failure on the part of some senior managers
and Boards in cases such as Mid-Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust. While other Boards
are not failing as comprehensively, there is substantial room for improvement. Boards too
often believe that they are discharging their responsibilities in respect of patient safety by
addressing governance and regulatory processes, when they should actually be promoting
tangible improvements in services.

There is a case for providing specialist training in patient safety issues, particularly to non-executive directors, to help them scrutinise and hold to account their executive colleagues. Patient safety must be the top priority of Boards and, to show this, it should without exception be the first item on every agenda of every Board.

We commend to NHS organisations the measures piloted as part of the Safer Patients
Initiative, namely:

• implementing tried and tested changes in clinical practice to ensure safe care;
• banishing the blame culture;
• providing the leadership to harness the enthusiasm of staff to improve safety;
• changing the way they identify risks and measure performance, by using
information about actual harm done to patients, such as data from sample case
note reviews.

We strongly endorse the DH’s view that no Board in the NHS should always be meeting
behind closed doors and we urge the Government to legislate as necessary to ensure that
Foundation Trust Boards meet regularly in public. "

UserWatch was passed information agreed with by a Strategic Health Authority and the Bedford and Luton Mental Health Partnership Trust however that shows "reputational risk" still appears to be rated on the page rather higher than patient safety - so still the message-air is going out to protect the Trust's-smell first ... Page 9 from BLMHPT's 2009 Document, Policy and Procdeures of SUI reporting and Adverse Incidents leads more boldly with :

"Serious Untoward Incident


The Trust adopts the definition of a Serious Untoward Incident as set out by the NHSLA as ‘a situation in which one or more service users are involved in an event which is likely to produce significant legal, media or other interest and which if not properly managed may result in loss of the Trusts reputation or assets’."

Although this Trust does go on to try to define categories of SUI's there is almost too much emphasis placed on "Trust Reputation" and thus a fertile ground for the construction of a defensive mind set is created .

The first priority must be Patient Safety and health but in reality its often been Trust performance paranoia and protection of an image.


Mental Health Killing Fields With Six Degrees Of Seperation Year Zero Approaches



We are seeing quite a bit talk about services that are running themselves on half empty. Mental Health (MH) Users are cast outwards onto "community". Its financially driven and chocolate coated and sprinkled with magic pop dusts of ideology .

Which often means sweetened zero as usual .

There used to be porridge - now its an empty bowl of patient hole ... Soon it will not be that for some .. We know of several cases of people fighting for help and in essence life itself . One court case on the go, and another person slowly dying from poisoning related to their mental health ailment .

MH Trusts are lethal to some people .

We are seeing the NHS and Trust shift their own standards to suit the new reputational game . False democratics is all - Governors at Trusts play the game without real constituencies . Who the hell really wants these over-compromised arrangements anyway ? There is no popular demand - "Stakeholder" figures are rigged for show - we watched it all - we KNOW ..

Serious Untoward Incidents are shiftily under-reported . Break that down and it means things like attempted suicides may not enter the view for others to see .

There are already examples of Trusts being found out for not following their own standards of reporting SUI's .. Does anything change in the Mental Health NHS ?

No - its lumbers on . It kills patients by remote distance - produces false images of itself . Illusions backed up by ex media employees that cannot get real jobs in the world dealing with reality instead of glossing it up .

Its killing people often slowly by virtue of its own hardened bureau-fortress survival mentality and there is an unmeasured attrition rate of those that get poor help and finally go the way of poor health and death .

Do the MH Charities like MIND and Rethink care .. Wellllllll , they are on track to "de-stigmatise" society and create work for the mentally ill . The problem is the mentally ill have never had choices of creating their own recoveries without the State overbearingly being in the way and fucking it all up .

One of the UW team we'll call them "HAWKEYE" was tracking information recently and tried to track down a relevant officer. The trail was all too typical . Website information was chaotic but a contact number was found and used . It led to a health body with no identity that when asked called itself NHS xxxxxxxx...... When asked what it was, it answered it was once a PCT and now had been rebranded . Sounds like it was rustled by its own Govt cowboy owners and sold back to itself .

It was politically stolen and given back to itself disorientated and confused and confusing to the herds around it .

It gave a number out for another part of the enquiry and by the time any relevant officer finally came on the phone the trail had added up six people altogether for one enquiry .

"Six degrees of seperation "

" AHAAAA ! " shouted Hawkeye - "Now I know what Six Degrees Of Seperation means in the NHS .... It means Six degrees of Detachment .

People and information, services and influence, power and accountability just get more remote and highly selective . What is more, they are sometimes a friendly killing machine, with a clean skinned smile ..

What causes Six degrees of Detachment ?

Well, Managerial unaccountability practice syndrome colluded with by Govt and senior Civil Servants are where its planned .. And IT IS planned and nodded and winked to silently ....


Saturday, August 15, 2009

In Love With The NHS New Perfume ?

In love with the NHS madam ?

Well maybe, but sometimes the perfume overwhelms people so they die of it .

Following article below attributed to the Observer

Hundreds die in 'hidden world'

of mental hospitals

Campaigners warn that too many women are sectioned on locked wards

Hundreds of people are dying every year while sectioned under the Mental Health Act, the Observer can reveal.

New figures released by the Ministerial Council on Deaths in Custody show that in the past 10 years 3,540 of those detained in NHS facilities, including high-security psychiatric hospitals, have died.

The figures have been condemned as "horrific" by the Howard League for Penal Reform, which will launch a campaign tomorrow called Lost Daughters, calling for fewer women and girls to be held in custody. As part of its campaign, the charity will place a memorial advert in the Observer every time there is a death.

"These numbers are horrific," said Frances Crook, director of the Howard League. "These are closed institutions. These deaths are happening away from the public eye. We need to scrutinise exactly what's going on in this shadowy, hidden world."

The figures reveal that more than 800 of the 1,979 male deaths and almost 300 of the 1,561 deaths among women over the 10-year period were from unnatural causes, including suicides and accidents.

These patients were largely middle-aged, with about half dying outside the hospital, either during home leave or during periods when they were absent without permission.

Anna Savage, from Thundersley, Essex, took the South Essex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust to court last year, arguing that it had taken insufficient care to protect her mother, who committed suicide after walking out of hospital. Hospitals must now take reasonable measures to avoid harm to patients who have been sectioned.

Rethink, a mental health charity, said that the figures revealed a "hidden scandal". They added that many of the deaths attributed to natural causes could be prevented.

"We assume that because these people are being kept in so-called 'hospitals', whether they are secure or psychiatric, they are receiving a satisfactory level of physical care," They said. "This is often far from the case.

"Psychiatric hospitals have far fewer facilities than normal hospitals, so patients don't get the day-to-day help they need. In addition, transferring patients with serious health issues to normal hospitals can be very difficult, because doctors often don't want to have these people on their wards."

Helen Shaw, co-director of Inquest, which offers advice to bereaved families about deaths in custody, said the current investigation system into these deaths is "not fit for purpose".

"These deaths do not receive sufficient public scrutiny and contentious deaths are escaping any public scrutiny," she said. "As a vulnerable group, mentally ill detained patients are deserving of protection, and failure to implement preventative measures against their heightened risk of suicide and self-harm could lead to a breach of the European convention on human rights."

Friday, August 14, 2009

Freedom Of Information Eagles Under Attack By The NHS


Around the country we are hearing there are still problems with the NHS fortress information mentality . Its very clear that highly managed "democracy" is the new slick fashion and the continuing contortions away from openess and clear vision have been pursued from the DOH mandarins downwards.

New Labour are seriously problematic when it comes to openess and real transparency. They've hated it and have created sets of well networked information kevlar-ed dominion bureaucracies which includes big and small charity players.

Despite the post Mid Staffs (400 extra deaths) surge of Alan Johnsons speech about open Boards which have public meetings at Foundation Trusts - very little reform has happened. The admin classes are stiking back behind the scenes taking advice from each other and seeking to interupt the flow of critique at the services . Which is them really..

Dominion is all with these people - the right to manage secretly cannot be part of a health giving democracy apart from patient confidentiality . Openess creates the need for political debate and social and policy changes, and information denying practices on patient consultation rights over changed services and minutes of committees is basically the trend toward State and admin-class fascism disguised.

So get your UK Eagles to brush up on FOIA Guidance clauses - and expect a very difficult quarry indeed.

Links to guidance are provided here (copied from the Information Commisioners Office site ) :


Also see :

The freedom of information guidance we produce is split into these four categories:

  • Procedural guidance - this deals with the practical aspects of the Freedom of Information Act, such as how to use the Codes of Practice. This section also includes good practice guidance.
  • Topic specific guidance - this guidance is designed to assist authorities in dealing with requests for specific types of information, such as information relating to the deceased.
  • Sector specific guidance - this is guidance aimed at a particular public authority sector.
  • Exemptions guidance - this deals with the exemptions under the Act.

Guidance on the model publication scheme can be found in the model publication scheme section of the website. Although some of the guidance on this page also covers Environmental Information Regulations (EIR), specific guidance can be found in the EIR section of the website.


Applying the exemption for third party personal data: the Tribunal’s approach in House of Commons v IC & Leapman, Brooke and Thomas
(Other recently updated guidance is labelled below)

Procedural guidance

When is information caught by the Freedom of Information Act? (AG12)
Lifecycle of a request (GPG3)
Consideration of requests without reference to the identity of the applicant or the reasons for the request (GPG6)
Interpreting a request
Information held: retrieving and compiling information from original sources

Information held on behalf of another - new

Making a request for information – new

Section 8 - Valid request – name and address for correspondence
Section 9 - Charging a fee
Section 9,12,13 – Using the Fees Regulations
Section 10 - Time for compliance (AG11)
Section 11 - Means of communication (AG29)
Section 12 - Redacting and extracting information
Section 14 – Vexatious requests – a short guide
Section 14 - Vexatious or repeated requests (AG22) – recently updated 03/12/08
Section 16 - Advice and assistance (AG23) – recently updated 1/07/09
Section 16 - Good practice in providing advice and assistance
Section 17 - Refusing a request – new
Section 17 - Writing a refusal notice – new
Section 17 - Time limits on considering the public interest (GPG4)
Codes of Practice - Using the procedural codes of practice (GPG2)
Codes of Practice - Records management FAQs (AG8)
Codes of Practice – Internal reviews
Codes of Practice - Time limits on carrying out internal reviews (GPG5)
Codes of Practice - Destruction of requested information

Topic specific guidance

Enterprise Act 2002 and Freedom of Information Act 2000 - new
Reports provided by third parties - new
Circular (or round robin) requests- new
Information contained in court transcripts
Access to information about public authorities’ employees
Access to information about the deceased
What should be published: minutes and agendas
When should salaries be disclosed?

When should names be disclosed?
Complaints and investigations files – how to approach them
Guidance on dealing with requests for MP’s correspondence relating to constituents

Sector specific guidance

Information produced or received by councillors - new
Basic guide on compliance for first tier councils

Exemptions guidance

Duty to confirm or deny (AG21)
Prejudice and adversely affect (AG20)
Public interest test
(AG3) – recently updated 1/7/09

The exemptions

Section 21 - Information reasonably accessible to the applicant by other means (AG6)
Section 22 - Information intended for future publication (AG7)
Section 23 - Information supplied by or relating to security bodies - new
Section 24 - The national security exemption – new
Section 26 - Defence (AG10)
Section 27 - International relations (AG14)
Section 28 - Relations within the UK (AG13)
Section 29 - Economy (AG15)
Section 30 - Investigations (AG16) – recently updated 03/08/09
Section 31 - Law enforcement (AG17) – recently updated 03/08/09
Section 32 - Information contained in court records (AG9)
Section 33 - Public audit (AG18)
Section 34 - Parliamentary privilege – under review
Section 35 - Policy formulation, Ministerial communications, Law Officers’ advice and the operation of Ministerial Private Office (AG24)
Section 36 - Effective conduct of public affairs (AG25)
Section 37 - Communications with Her Majesty and the awarding of honours (AG26)
Section 38 - Health and safety (AG19)
Section 39 - Environmental information (EIR guidance pages)
Section 40 - Personal Information (AG1) – recently updated 11/11/08
Section 40 - Update note: Applying the exemption for third party personal data: the Tribunal’s approach in House of Commons v IC & Leapman, Brooke and Thomas
Section 41 - Information provided in confidence (AG2)
Section 41 - The duty of confidence and the public interest
Section 41 - Information provided in confidence relating to contracts
Section 42 - Legal professional privilege (AG4) – recently updated 11/11/08
Section 43 - Commercial interest (AG5)
Section 43 - Public sector contractsFOI annexe
Section 43 - Commercial detriment of third parties
Section 44 - Prohibitions on disclosure (AG27)

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Mental Health UK Personality Disorder Spectrum Survey Achieves 103 User Inputs



Its been a racy weekend for this particular survey designed to capture data about PD and Borderline PD (PTSD and DID ) . Its also clear that more people in the UK are being reached and want to say something about their experiences of Personality Disorder in the UK related to the NHS services .

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Mental Health August 8th : Petition Puts On More Numbers- Its 99 Now !


UK Wide PD Spectrum Petition

More Service Users Input -


By a UserWatch Correspondent

Earlier today the UK Wide Personality Disorder Spectrum Petition was 95 . After people putting bulletins across appropriate yahoo groups and Facebook groups it jumped to 99 UK NHS service Users inputed .

This is a good performance so far and the target figure of 100 will see work with the Socialist Health Association to see if its possible to get some further publicity now the numbers are getting more substantial.

50, in all honestly was a surprise because the UK PD community is quite fractured and partly moreso because the NHS has not really got to grips with therapy and treatments supplies for this spectrum of human difficulties and that has a knock on effect of more general disorganistion in the PD community who are often just trying to survive the difficulties of being PD .

The survey is accepting input from Borderline PD (including co-morbid Bi-Polar) and PD as well as the ranges of PTSD and also Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) . These conditions can co-exist in PD Spectrum types .


Mental Health UK PD Survey Gains More Numbers

UK Wide PD Spectrum Survey Achieves 95 Inputs ! 5 to go for 100 !

By UK Mental Health Health Activist Art De Rivers

95 xxx


The UK Wide Personality Disorder Spectrum Survey hosted by the Socialist Health Association has achieved 95 inputs so far from UK mental health service Users . We are pushing for the 100 ! We will take the results to the Care Quality Commission and other bodies.


It was started on May 27th 2009 and has been running since then .

It was primarily inspired by the sad death of
Kate Logan who passed away after sadly not achieving the kind of help she wanted - it has also been spurred on by the Story of Tabi Cockerton " A Fairy a Day keeps Abandonment Away" . Tabi suffers severe dissociation.

Allies of Tabi are trying to help her get the treatment she needs after her Trust appears to have pulled the plug on that . A facebook campaign has started and is backed so far by 204 people . People can sign up to it and recruit others .

There is no doubt that in some parts of the PD community UK wide there is a level of great need for help and precious little facilitation of that sometimes .

( More later )