Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mental Health Guardian Readers Revolt Over CBT

Everyone at UserWatch has been smiling as the Guardian sounded out the new promotion of CBT for all "Victims Of Recession To Get Therapy"....

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is now readied for all the mild to moderately depressed people in the community who have just lost their jobs in the financial meltdown caused by politcian's banker mates. Govt figures like Like Jimmy Purnell (DWP) and Red Nose Whisky Johnson (DOH) , and ex soviet advisor like Dicky Layard, plus Paul Corry charity trampolinist and ideas-tosser , are all in favour of people being helpedwith CBT therapy to get back to work . Work of course does not exist .. UH OH - the reality principle is missing here - call for a psychiatrist ..

Wonderful posters in the comments of the Guardian section say it all :


08 Mar 09, 12:27pm

Anyone having to deal with the Kafka meets Orwell processing at Jobcentre DoublePlusGood can be excused for feeling a bit down in the dumps. Perhaps they could just accept that there are only half a million minimum wage jobs to about five million jobless and stop treating claimants like it's their fault.

A mortgage to try and keep paying, too "experienced" to be offered work and too broke to be able to afford to study. I've got bloody good reason to be miserable and no amount of psychobabble is going to help with that situation."


08 Mar 09, 12:44pm

This is like holding up a plaster as an effective treatment for testicular cancer. Utter nonsense."


08 Mar 09, 1:35pm

The overgrown State has fucked up royally and now the government wants to throw around yet more band aid to the victims of their fraud and incompetence.

Britain is a depressing place to live in on both the economic front and on the rapid erosion of civil liberties. We are heading for an economic depression in 2010 and as I look on I can see no politicians coming up with real solutions to ending the centuries of boom and bust cycles What people need is hope for the future and confidence in politicians to provide real solutions. This isn't happening, so of course we are 'pissed off', call it depression if you like. It isn't just the unemployed it is more likely the vast majority including the employed wage slaves who are robbed of their hard earned through taxes which are invariably squandered and syphoned into the pockets of those who created and sustained the economic maelstrom.

People are fucking angry, maybe the government should contemplate electro-shock treatment, lobotomies and chemical treatment as mandatory for those who appear to have 'dangerous thoughts' - implemented under anti-terrorist laws? I wouldn't put anything past these authoritarian bastards.

The big State is a complete failure, a complete crock of shite. If a country so cocks up the core roles of small government (defence of the realm, justice, law and order) what arrogance to believe that they have any real authority or credibility in the intricasies of people's everyday lives?

Sort out the economy - bring in Land Value Tax whereby people can be free of the overbearing, corrupt, illiberal and disastrous big State experiment which has spectacularly failed."

And so on ....

UserWatch believes at least some of the readers may well be Guardibots and Labour Cogno-men because we know the age of Sheer-Shattism (a browner version of Fascism) is here and some of the inner players in the circles of planners like Sainbury's Centre For Mental Health and Dicky Layhard as well as Rethink with its eye up the Govt's anus have been in evidence for some time.

Cognitive Behavious Therapy (CBT) is stupid by itself , what should have happened is patient's choosing from plenty of other therapy supply sides already in existence . Let patients start to create the culture that drives quality . But, Labour has to control control control ..

The inner-toon-truth (above) captured by KAKATOO shows Cogno-behaviour-men with large heads in the shape of a :

"G" - do exist and some have Elvis Presley quiff like prominances from their heads too.

When this is all decoded it simply means Rock and Roll is over - Now it's "Cog and Roll" and cofee is out - its bread and water .. In the Mental Health Community its always been like that except for the Eliter-User-Groups in performance bubbles kept by NHS Mental Health Trusts for box-ticking ..

This New Labour symptom of "Mechanicality" has occured because they miss industrial workers and the working class and deep down need someone oppressed to represent. The plan is to begin the oppression under Labour and let the Tories later continue until in 7 years time Labour will save the Class of mind mechanicalised slaves making fuck all for no-one in particular ...

Suddenly we are all inside mass illogicality ... And the image makers are in serious farcking trouble .. Bankers have created a hole in Sense-Space where everyone was warped and everyone wants more illusions to close the hole ... Money has nearly lost its ragged pants and its arse is showing as it runs about in panic needing CBT ..




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