Monday, March 02, 2009

More Surpluses (5 Million) To Be Made At Local Mental Health Trust

5 Million Forecast For 2009 - 10


Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Trust look set to make larger surpluses. "Lean management" - which is one of their phrases is the way they make "surpluses" . Surpluses mean of the granted amount they are given each year - they are allowed to shave "savings" here and there and where-ever they can . From a patient perspective this could mean waiting for therapy or some help for many many months - even years in the past ..

How does it work though making "savings" and surpluses ? That is what you want to know. We are certainly asked by patients time and time again . How can they make money from us ?

Well (we nearly always say ) instead of having 10 types of staff in the year to meet patient need - you have instead 8 and those 8 create a supply side of care that rations patient need .

In other words demand from patients is controlled by false and squeezed supply side logic .

A Trust can save the money from two posts it has not recruited for and "save the money" . That money emerges as a "surplus" which it then claims at its Board level it can use according to its own visions .. "For patient benefit " - Yeah we really beleive you ..

This sounds wonderful except some patients doe not get therapy allocations when they need them or they do not get Occupational health attendants for the hours they need them..

The easiest patient-service to target for savings have been those with complex post trauma or personality disorders - these people are often lost within the mystifiaction of what need is - what label they are (often non-acute so they dont attract services) because labels evolve allocations of money - and some people defy being labelled ..

Once again UserWatch puts the simple facts and states that if its possible to make "surpluses" from patient care money at a major Mental Health Trust then its possible to return the money to GP allocated provisions of therapy in the community , counselling etc - creating peoples choice led and preference shaped services that do not depend on Boards of well heeled people

The local Birmingham Mental Health Trust (never one to miss a dodge ) has already anticipated some role in the national Improvement To Access of Psychological therapy policy (IAPT) - but since most of the money will be swallowed up by the shallow Cognitive Behavioural Therapy models, UserWatch can honestly say patients are cynical and this exercise may well be counterproductive to producing patient-led quality therapy .

Why ? Because the standards are already planned for what CBT is supposed to achieve - if you are human and suffer from complicated human feelings or trauma aftermaths, CBT is like a gate made of clever feather that will be blown away by a powerful emotional wind of truth . Sooner or later ..


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