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Caring Souls Forum, BACP, And The Unethical Counsellor Named "Fran"



We at UserWatch think there may well be an unethical UK counsellor poster-named "Fran" still running the Caring Souls Forum .

The name "Fran" is claimed from a post on which we screen captured to be false details ..

"My name is not Fran and I have never revealed my true location and always given false details as is proper and safe when online."

We've seen the evidence though that she is still credibilising claims as "Administrator"of the Caring Souls Forum which we think is flawed by very blurred boundaries and it caused arguments which led to pressure on her friend the Forum Support "Souls" - who was already someone with problems to collapse . NO-ONE FROM USERWATCH WAS INVOLVED IN THE OVERHEATING OF THE ARGUMENTS ..

The BACP text (you view large by clicking on it ) at the end of this report which was generated by a BACP therapist in 2008 refers to blurring of boundaries and feeling uncomfortable about this internet pattern of mixing counselling/friendship. The person in the text it is concerned about is the same person that collapsed the Caring Souls Forum .. UserWatch only discovered this because that person posted a lot of BACP material on the web about themselves .. The trouble is it affected other people too ..

After what has been happening on the Caring Souls Forum "Fran" if she is a counsellor, should report herself to her UK registration body for serious peer supervision, sooner or later, she will be brought to book for her wayward mixing of being a "counsellor" with support forums where mixed messages about therapy and counselling and feelings created problems .

At least posters now from that Caring Souls Forum which crashed in late February can be assured they can delete their private material on it after we along with Silvisrivers pressured Fran On to get it sorted after her unstable Forum Support friend made the Forum unavailable with everyone's material on it ..A lot of people were made so unhappy and some suicidal ..

Is "Fran" real ? Not the name apparently , but she is a Counsellor in the UK probably, and there is evidence of that in the BACP text at the end of this tract .... Why is she unethical as we claim ? And will the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy care ? ... BACP will care, we have very serious material we are not showing here yet which they will obtain from other sources too ..We will show part of it at the end of this UserWatch report .

This whole Caring Souls Forum story is a strange but human story of badly blinded good-will actually gone very very wrong ... Fran the counsellor , chose to support a friend who was running the Caring Souls Forum but Fran ALSO deserted her professional ethics and jeopardized the public inside her own conflicts of interest (looking after her friend - promoting her counsellorship knowledge - and supporting her friend to admin a support forum for vulnerable others) and the Forum crashed in late February. It took risks with suicidal people . They and others contacted us - they were not fictions .

Fran's friend was the poster that had named herself "Souls" on Caring Souls Forum and "Sluagh" on another practice-ambiguous Counselling Forum where "Fran" the counsellor we believe is also stationed ..(see image below)

Fran who also promoted herself openly and repeatedly as a Counsellor on Caring Souls Forum was lending credibility to "safeness" of the Caring Souls Forum ... Only it was not safe. Fran, prided herself on the Caring Souls Forum she claims was safe, but she stated on that ethics were her last consideration ...

UserWatch observes : Without ethical consideration she actually helped it to be unsafe but she was inside a kind of zealot blindness ..

It was not safe because Fran lost her own professional boundaries and she sadly falsely gave more functional credibility to her Borderline Psychotic friend "Souls" to run the Caring Souls Forum which collapsed along with herself in late February, and that affected other members of the public with sensitive mental health material posted there .

We know this is going to be pursued through UK authorities because it was dangerous practice that involved other people's mental health safety ..

"Fran" chose to support her very tragic friend who is sadly "Borderline Psychotic", with a tendency to be paranoid and manipulative in the words of a British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy BACP therapist's text of 2008.

It gives us no pleasure to be involved in viewing the material we have seen that confirms BACP also probably knew about the counsellor "Fran" along with the dubious internet themes where counselling and friendship were blurred in a professionally unboundarised way.

Its time for a yearly register of online interests for counsellors we think when they are using their "counsellor" term of practice status and name dropping it frequently in online support forums - it needs scrutiny ..

In fairness to BACP there was nothing much they could do.. But now the matter has become public, and we will follow it . Fran also threatened to use personal material against someone who exposed her to her own ethical binds and poor practice.. Hardly a balanced counsellor approach is it ? . In fact its indicative of abusive defensiveness and it is noted too ..

Lets be clear about this : "Souls" who is a real person with a very serious condition and who is known as "MF" in BACP material she HERSELF posted Online on a blogspot, was lent capacity to perpetuate the Caring Souls Forum beyond her real ability, and Fran who promoted herself as professional counsellor there did that. That is very bad practice, poor risk assessment, and judgement ..

From Souls (MF's) Blogspot
Click to Enlarge

Fran, UserWatch says to you : if you visit here and we think you will, you should report yourself to your registration body as soon as possible for your ethically skewed judgments .. You need serious senior peer supervision over your involvement on Caring Souls Forum and maybe other work and involvements as soon as possible .

Text from a BACP Therapist's Letter Below
Showing Questionable Connections Between "Souls"
And "Fran" the "counsellor"

Page 4 : Section 13 : (reference the internet and gaining of contacts)

"This was mainly via an internet website that brought together counsellors, student counsellors and clients of counselling "


"I was sometimes worried about the nature of the relationships resulting from this website and chat room and regard this website as highly inappropriate and encouraging a hugh blurring of boundaries between what is friendship and counselling"

Page 5 Section 13 : (reference to the internet)

"I do have questions though as to how much xxxxxxxxxxxxx may have interfered in her counselling with me "

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