Friday, December 01, 2017


 Patient Guard Correspondent : Dec 1st 2017 .

So now you know. The Bureau-Koggery named Local "HealthWatch" set up by similar minded pollytricky politicians (NO you do not have a party or friends) means in Birmingham at least you have no mental health monitors that check service design independently to see if it works  or to review it. 

Today, that was passed onto us by a well known ex mental health monitor who would never bend to the ways of the Bureau-saurus's.  Mind you there are plenty of half-way strange service-user-arrangements that have grown up in the local all too alive Siberian mammoth Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Trust ....

There,  they now have "See Me" workers and now  "Peer to Peer" workers (some paid and others Voluntary .....And other softly Sovieted like ranks..... Spilling outwards at least partly from the all too influencing London policy tricksters (yes, you too NSUN) who are always re-inventing new ways to make some new "entry level working" User bureacracy, into the latest game of "Social Inclusion" that pays the "recovering" few..... Who never quite leave the Trust anyway. 

"Peer to Peer" workers whose "training" costs £1100 a throw (there are 30 such people in the Birmingham Solihull Mental Health NHS Trust) is the new brand of "moving forwards" - "Progress" .... Where on earth Patient Choice Of recovery treatments went to,  with proper budgets for therapy or training, defeats us at the sleeping half hibernating UserWatch  caves where we went primitive and drew buffaloes in our deep feeling yowling therapies that made sense ....

Yet there,  is the shock ... No HEALTHWATCH mental health monitors ... No-one independent to compare service delivery intentions to that of actual mental service user experience .. No-one to guard the Patients against the regalia of "patient devices"  including the paid Charitocracy,  set up to "protect them" and other mental health service users playing inside that.....

But of course, there are little sectional ex-service-users interests inside  Trusts too stuck inside a conflict of interest zone because as ex-patients they:  "want to get on" .....At whose expense ?

Yeah sure -- they have : "lived experience" as patients, some claim ..... Our strong advice is stop trying to be others in their half dead skins and let that come alive properly  by supporting the truer integrity of  Legalised Patient Choice and Independent Advocacy - namely a Patient Choice budget too that fits the needs for retraining in safe places (not necessarily colleges) or indeed for therapies. 

Here's an example of NHS Trust failure ... One User who contacted us could not get the right therapy for being mistreated as a child so had to use a Rape Victim Centre where that Centre helped with near 50 sessions of counselling.  What did the Trust do over years of that person's pain.  Fuck all in any therapy that was any good apparently... "Forget the Past",  it's happened and ignore the pain of the flashbacks ...Distract yourself from them cognitively ..  Yeahhh sure ...It's only a memory .. Whatever you do,  do not seek to drain down the pain via therapeutic crying... Nooooooo .... That's the (general UK wide)  NHS Trust's position...

So have a guess what ... We know lots of patients that have suffered child abuse and rape as kids and it's all buried inside their "diagnosis" ..... So why you might ask,  is there no UK wide mental health patient enquiry into the long term affects of historical child abuses ...?

The point is, mental health agony and pain about rapes, child abuses, and early mis-treatments, need emotional draining down into mourning....And social witnessing too. Ahhhhhhh, but the NHS Trust money gets tied up to social engineering people "back to work" via schemes that divert money and opportunity for treatments and that social engineering does not work for many who are just kept inside maladies even more.....Welcome to the shadow worlds. 

Patient Guard: Dec 1st 2017 .