Thursday, March 27, 2008

Mental Health Users And Disability Groups Make Kriptiki Raft For Job Expedition

Cartoon By Roving UserWatch Pisstaker : Kakatoo



Under what is known as a cringing policy-moon shaped strangely like a curled walking stick, Kakatoo the UserWatch demon cartoonist made this sketch on an island not very far from China.....

We firstly believe its responsible journalism to show the evidence that the now legendary KRIPTIKI EXPEDITION is getting somewhere - although sadly we hear a few of its crew died of despair on the long oceans...We'll show the factual existential corpses later in the report .

The raft put together by Remploy (disabled UK people) and mental health Users from extinct UK Day Centres closed by Govt to make staff snooker and drinking caverns, is made of old NHS discarded waste walking sticks.

We understand the NHS stick suppliers are onto this now and have requested all unused sticks are sent back to the Dept Of Work and Pensions (DWP) for the new professional beating squads who are getting ready to throw the disabled off incapacity benefits post-David-Freud's sinspirational paper that believes in "Welfare To Wealth" for opportunistic administrators, and street-cleaning jobs by-tongue for the disabled.....

Some disabled REMPLOY ex Users who are due to face great uncertainty in their lives (see BBC Story) because the UK Govt are closing down their centres to allegedly use the money more efficiently that supports them, have spotted a chance in the market for caned disabiity travel .

UserWatch had touched on this story before ..

"China" (Says one ex-remploy-ite) "is less oppressive now than the UK some of us feel, and we like rice and chow mein "

A slick bosses cat named Pussploy who is in favour of comfort, and who is residing at one of the diminishing REMPLOY centres claimed that the expensive cars the top REMPLOY staff drive around would :

(at £8million a year see also March 25th Guardian Story)

"Help (meow) global warming and make the sea increasingly cosy to bathe in, as further disability rafts copied Kriptiki's example and went off to China in search of work and social inclusion (meow) "

In Linlithglow on March 21st 2008 UserWatch hears yet again day centre money is being axed (£2 - £15 a day ) to adults with mental handicaps and physical disabilities (SEE the Story here)

Somehow this is not that dissimilar a theme from the Mental Health NHS Surrey And Borders Partnership Trust which fleeced money off a couple of hundred Users (£3 a day ) back in 2006 (See some of the story here) and were forced to give it back to them by very successful BLOG activism that UserWatch notes was not reported on by the mainstream press ....

One of the problems UserWatch has seen is the idea of "externalisation" of day services in mental health so they are supporting and are owned by the new very middle class Third Sector "social businesses". This is supposed to be more efficient "mainstreaming" but it appears to us to be "state-dreaming" and we wonder about the real viability for many disability groups to be able to hack-it in an economy that turns around on bullshit financial wheels and little productive base in the UK coupled with a hike in global oil prices and food prices rising because of demand pressures from the new productive bases of India and China ..

The "Raid on Welfare" in the UK is the only way the Labour Govt can stay in power without taxing the middle classes more to sustain those who need real subsidy and genuinely better treatments that neet their needs ....And no party will tax more in the UK because it is political suicide, although its socially honest and further down the line probably more socially efficient.

The KRIPTIKI EXPEDITION GROUP is due to makes its "KRIPSTICK RAFT PLANS" available online at no cost but the odd soul, conscience and some pain ....


Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Mental Health Bone Captain Of The UK NHS Service Ship

Cartoon By KakaToo UserWatch Roving Pisstaker


The Birmingham And Solihull Mental Health NHS Trust long ago launched its own Bone-ship in the great NHS Wealthy-Unhealthy Fatlantics ....We can reliably inform you we know of many such ghostly service Bone-ships without many patients, or some have them hidden away stacked like moaning sardines , that were launched all across the UK .

Locally is it all a new Community despair BIRMUDA triangle of some sort we have often asked? .....

The slippery foundations for the Bone-ships special launches are based on runners with existential greases made from patients suffering the trimming of the fat off them and they are then thrown into harbours without real lifebelts .....

UserWatch learned that as of January 2008 this year the Birmingham And Solihull Mental Health Trust had made £ 3.9 million as "financial surplus" - and that was the final total over the last financial year.

In 2005-6 an independent report in Birmingham into what was happening to mental health patients , post-crisis (commissioned by a Patient Watchdog Group ) showed that patients did not receive a continuity of NHS and other supports after crisis but often went back into crisis as they tried to sort out their welfare benefits and problems created by the disruption of the initial crisis . Rotational crisis in this form is very very real for some of them still often exacerbated by a lack of targeted supports that solve their problems

There is also still very little choice of recovery therapies for patients and even on the recent grapevine some staff have said the Trust is going "more inwards" ..."more inward looking" - Mind you we heard recently of patients being given group-talks of how to "help themselves" ..

That is not satire either - its just shit practice if you are on the end of it and are in distress and mental pain ..

An inward looking Trust ? Is it gazing then at its Naval as part of Bone-ship practice ? (okay we know we mis-spelled that - but you know us - Who Cheeks Grins ! )

We restate, we have heard of struggles where longer-term out-ish-patients have tried to get help time and time again but frankly the Bone-ship is accustomed to wails and just passes them by as they spout their spirit lanced with hearted bloods...

Now as of March 2008 we are hearing more about "recovery based" thinking that wants to get patients into the lone-moan-boat of themselves coupled with pushes to work and training as quickly as possible. We know of course this is controlled by the national Bone-ship Captain...

David Freud's right-banking recent anti benefit push and his scourging whippery into the disabled "benefit class" coupled with other patterns of a general service push to get mental health Users using Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for "work-recovery" is just part of a larger pattern to shrink the services and make then "lean" ...We would say "mean" too.....What is missing you see is the patient's real voice inside a real choice of recovery-treatment .. Real choice costs....

We can point our User-raft's textant again into the new subtle social engineering weavery and towards the massively top-down influential Sainsbury's Centre For Mental Health (SCMH) that is putting out more propaganda about "recovery" . The text of that we agree is "hopeful" even written to sound "radical", but the economic sub agenda is not really about the patient and Users being empowered to get treatment choices that fit them and a recovery that really suits their paces .

Its a new hothouse-mental health recovery-theory that puts "lean economic NHS practice" before real patient led and shaped services......

We are also being recently informed that the Care Services Partnership (CSIP) which is part of the Dept Of Health (DOH) but was born out of the National Institute For Mental Health Education (NIMHE) which was itself born from advice given to the DOH by SCMH, is lately acting in an "advisory capacity" to get some User Groups that have been pretty close to it, large lottery grants in the region of £1 million ...

The problem is with NIHME and CSIP is a culture of boundarylessness encouraged by their own salesmanship of themselves and conceptualised by them as the practice of "cross-cutting" - which means they use public money to meet who they damn well please. The problem with that has been many who they meet have a vested interest in creating new bureaucracies for careers and that includes some fitter Users

This is constantly evolving into a practice now of selective inclusion because by creating these "cross cutters" and other closely connected bodies it does not favour the individual at the locality in terms of realisable consumerist led patient choice. Or indeed it does not favour the local innovation of service Users to use lottery based grants for local developments. No , they are in competition with new semi bureaucratic groups backed at one remove by DOH motives.

We will harp on it forever because it is creating a selective inclusion bureacracy that diverts money and keeps patients located even enslaved to the Bone-ship inside the monopoly supply side of "experts" who are still :

"On top not on tap "

This is precisely the opposite of what SCMH claim they support and here is a quote from their glossy flag waving talk about recovery

"The aim of the professional is thus to provide the person with the resources – information, skills, networks and support – to manage their own condition as far as possible and to help them to get access to the resources they think they need to live their lives. This is entirely consistent with the orientation described in New Ways of Working (Department of Health, 2007b). Repper and Perkins (2003) have neatly summarised this change as professionals being, “on-tap, not ontop”. It implies a very different power relationship between professionals and the people they are there to serve."

(from "Making Recovery A Reality" By G. Shepherd, J, Boardman & Mike Slade Pub By SCMH)

Other Source Story SCMH Below

Mental health services need radical changes

to make recovery a reality

17 March 2008

Mental health services need to offer people more opportunities to get their lives back and focus less on medication and symptom control, according to a policy paper published today by the Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health.

Making Recovery a Reality, by Geoff Shepherd, Jed Boardman and Mike Slade, says helping people to recover their lives should be the top priority for mental health services. This means giving service users the chance to determine what future they want for themselves and offering practical support to help them to achieve it.

Jed Boardman, policy adviser to Sainsbury Centre, said: "While recovery is already government policy, the reality is that mental health services still focus more on managing people's symptoms than their work, education and family life. Yet these are what matter most to most people.

"Recovery is a truly radical idea. It turns mental health services' priorities on their heads. Traditional services wait until a person's illness is cured before helping them to get their life back. Recovery-focused services aim from day one to help people to build a life for themselves. The medical care they give is in support of that bigger purpose."

Making Recovery a Reality says mental health services need to change radically to focus on recovery. They need to demonstrate success in helping service users to get their lives back and giving service users the chance to make their own decisions about how they live their lives.

Geoff Shepherd, policy adviser to Sainsbury Centre, said: "National guidance on how to focus services on recovery offers one way of shifting priorities.

"But recovery means making significant changes to traditional power relationships in mental health services. It may also mean making changes their recruitment practices to bring in more people with lived experience of mental illness as practitioners and managers. This would truly help to shift the culture of mental health services and make recovery a reality for all those who use them."

Making Recovery a Reality marks the beginning of the Sainsbury Centre recovery project. The project will look in more detail at how recovery can be made a practical reality in mental health services and in the criminal justice system.

The paper will be launched at the 2008 Sainsbury Centre Lecture on Monday, 17 March. The lecture will be delivered by Prof Robert Drake from Dartmouth Medical School in New Hampshire with a response by Rachel Perkins from South West London and St George's NHS Trust.

Links :

Sainsbury's Full PDF Report :

The Users Christ . (1)

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Birmingham And Solihull Mental Health Trust Fishbowl Internet Access

UserWatch has been alerted to the possibility of a new Inpatient Internet access policy on the wards in Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Trust ... No its not a spoof story ....Its true.. ...Userwatch has been made aware of information that at least one way to control what patients see and access requires that the BSMH Trust blocks ALL access to ALL websites apart from those the Trust approves of ... Ahhh a new job for someone .....Ward Web-bureau-controller.....Wow we like the spidery feel of that - yeah sure ..

So on one side of the story you have the Trust with a corporate need to protect its reputational risk whilst on the other side you do have some Inpatient surfers who may be ill but sufficiently coherent to use what passes for access to the web but also will face severe restrictions and monitoring over their use of the web on the ward ... This necessitates more supervision and control on what people watch on the web ...Oh well that's going to make some patients feel less paranoid and intruded upon isnt it ? Inpatients love surveillance don't they ?

Tip offs to UserWatch indicate that BBC sites will be approved and some educational software and LearnDirect courses ... Okay, we are restraining ourselves to state that is at least something but the paradox here is of taste censorship and supervised thought imprisonment too because we have also been tipped off that inpatients can have any "inappropriate material" they access notated down onto their "assessment notes" ...

Porn and violent material appear to be targeted for no access - fair enough some might say after all why should public money support access to that ..But what is "inapprorpiate material" - its left open to the wonderful objectivity of staff ..We are also aware that no other news channels will be allowed for inpatient access .. HUH ! ?

It reminds us partly of a story about Max Miller a comedian in the 1950's whose work was banned for 5 years by the BBC from being commissioned again .

The joke that pissed them off was about a young lady coming up to Max Miller (so he said) on the edge of a narrow cliff path . Max Miller claimed he did not know whether to "block her passage or toss himself off "

Yes he was banned for 5 years ......

Lovely place the UK - in wards or out of wards..... Ahhh but the BBC is a well balanced establishment neutralising good cold showery shot in the brain isnt it ? ......We wonder exactly what gets tossed off the NHS caring cliff.........Individuality ... ?

One patient who heard about all this reported to UserWatch :

"I'll wait till I get home to use my own computer"

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Civitas Feb 2008 Report : The MIddle Class Do Best In NHS Health UK

Cartoon By Roving UserWatch Toonist : Kakatoo

Class Advantages In Mental Health Systems ?

We will come to the Civitas report a little later - bear with us ... At UserWatch we have often expressed concern about the way the NHS UK mental health system has become populated by extra planned bureacracy such as the National Institute for Mental Health Education (NIMHE) and its changeling form Care Services In Partnership (CSIP) that has favoured a new middle class layer of "User Involvement" - and at over £100 million over four years NIMHE been a diversionary cost to real treatment chances.

Initially the whole aim of NIMHE in the UK was to recruit a top layer of university educated (mainly) ex-Service Users who would then act as the pyramid seller of the new sales-force in mental health to alter its shape to a job creation service, as opposed to a Patient Choice driven treatment service. Terms like "brand" were often used in NIMHE's more concealed meetings .. But the Gov'ts real agenda was to socially engineer through NIMHE - its way .. In the localities amongst gullible service users in 2003 onwards NIMHE had "train the trainer" sessions for Users like some kind of sales teamsanship ....Most were training to "speak" in audiences about NIMHE's aims with a bit of their own experience thrown in .....

"Sometimes it was quite humbling"

Claimed a User who spoke to UserWatch after they had left NIMHE ....

CSIP itself, was inspired not by Users in NIMHE who started to desert it in 2004 -5 but by more somehow freer, middle class "Carer's" (often those who have someone to care for) ... Note that CSIP is now being morphed and recruited directly into the DoH's Strategic Health Authorities - where more money is also very mysteriously wasted ........

The underlying real mental-health-stigma (i.e. treating it prejudicially) by both NIMHE and the Dept of Health was its deeper anti patient-choice stance and its centrally string pulled policies of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) for the masses i.e. one size fits all "Layardism"..

New CBT Layardism was thus readied to bolt onto David Freud's more recent stances against Incapacity Benefit - and his new Welfare to Wealth push for more of the admin middle class..

Now Dave ofcourse was himself also shadowing the national charity Sainsbury's Centre For Mental Health's Pathways to Work push formulated in 2002 by SCMH partly by Dr Bobby Grove who seconded into the Dept of Work and pensions on IB matters from SCMH

By 2004 "From Here To Equality" the NIMHE raison d'etre document with its reminders and claims of people on 70+ billion (a year) of Incapacity Benefit was trumpeting pro work "ANTI-STIGMA" - ie. Getting everyone in mental health readied to work - with the social sub agenda that society and employers were to blame for unemployed mental health service users .

Elite ex-Service Users had been advising all of this "anti stigma" to Govt ... Nameable circles of them hovered around the Social Exclusion Unit or other related agencies and had their mates stack up the stats in other related anti stigma projects to create the right impressions that mental health "stigma" by employers was deep and very real ...

Some had morphed with weavery galore in and out of the admin classes and circles of influence of the now very greedy pro government policy ex DOH civil-servant run mental health charities too ...

But we started with the title that the NHS favours the middle class and so it does according to independent research body Civitas in its February 2008 report .. :


The NHS plays to the middle classes who are able to use their sharp elbows. In the words of the new Liberal Democrat leader, Nick Clegg MP : "the centralised system has failed for the people who need it the most "

Civitas with this text quoted above is using the context of surgical, coronary care and hip replacements medicine but at UserWatch we know mental health systems and the New Labour NIMHE and Dept of Health led policies have been exploited and even woven at the top by the more able New Labour connected Users as well as exploited Carers from middle class backgrounds. We cannot ignore the costs here and diversion of treatment chances and even costly projects amongst these New Labour elitist circles of Users that diverted money...

The DoH too - we repeat - is influentially too woven into the mental health charities .. Its a class carve up alright .. And we know many names locally and nationally in the UK that shows the mental health system is riddled with an almost unconsciously concealed UK class bias....

The Govt from 2000 onwards socially engineered and planned an anti-patient-choice agenda in mental health and the middle classes cemented it all after NIMHE's first bloom and promises of "innovation" .....

"Oh well its tea, biscuits and cake and talking in the SHA offices then" ...

Said a CSIP operative that one of the UserWatch team overheard .....

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Alistair's Budget Belter For Mental Health Users

Cartoon By Kakatoo Roving UserWatch Toonist

Alistair Darling today as Chancellor of the Exchequer showed the New Labours trend toward joining and upholding the corporate mind-set . Gone are the days of championing those who are weaker and inadequate now its all about making them work (BBC report) . Perhaps turning them back into a "Working Class " New Labour helped to disinvent .. The Raid On Welfare as we might call it has been on the cards for some time because the growing population of older people in the UK coupled with the lack of productive base for jobs that the previous working class in the UK had as its province has created conditions in which to support more welfare demands would have meant more taxation and therefore a loss in the middle class vote for New Labour ..

To avoid this swing New Labour are going to redistribute wealth from welfare into corporate classes and new third sector businesses.. Its new socio economic territory for the UK ..

Pathways to Work a Sainsbury's Centre For Mental Health pushed model and a Govt (US. copied) welfare to work plan and its various contractors have been readied to take on getting Incapacity Benefit claimants back to work ...

"After April 2010 all long term IB claimants will have work capacity interviews " Says Alistair..

It should be interesting but very sad to see what fallout this is going to create with long term mental health Users many of which feel it might be kinder to start up a UK Dignitas...At least death caused and hastened by poisonous UK policy would then become a open issue as opposed to the way it will be socially concealed in suicides and bad health, and more tragic circles of stressed out madness amongst the long term mentally ill .....

Links : Pathways To Work

University Of York

Nick Robinson's BBC Blog On IB

Silvis Rivers Guardian Comment

Bob Grove

Bob Grove joined the Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health at King’s College London in March 2003 to lead the Employment Programme, which advises government and local authorities on policy implementation. Previously he worked at the Institute for Applied Health and Social Policy and before that in the non-profit sector, developing many different types of work scheme including supported employment agencies, social enterprises, social firms and vocational training.

His recent work includes writing employment guidance on the implementation of the Government’s Learning Disability Strategy and the National Service Framework for Mental Health – both commissioned by the Department of Health. He is currently on secondment to the Department of Health, working on the Incapacity Benefit Reform Pilots.

He has written widely on disability and employment issues. Recent books include A Framework for Supported Employment (Joseph Rowntree Foundation, 2001), Working Towards Recovery (IAHSP, 2002) and Hidden Skills, Hidden Talents (IAHSP, 2003), New Thinking about Mental Health and Employment (Radcliffe Publishing 2005).

Contact Details

Tel: 020 7827 8398


© 2008 The Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health, 134-138 Borough High Street, London SE1 1LB | tel: 020 7827 8300

Friday, March 07, 2008

Mental Health Clazztecs , Cogtecs And Pilltecs Originated In The UK ?

UserWatch announces a first again ! The discovery of a pictogram of NataHellaQuetzl, an ancient British death service god, only goes to show what the UK collective bunged-consciousness is really made of ..

Mental Health archeologists are slowly brushing away the bureacratic layers of mental health occupation in the UK beyond the settlements of the Pilltecs and even under the Cogtec soiled strata and have realised there is a more ancient problematic CLAZZTEC layer that expressed itself by needing to sacrifice heartedness and the living blood feelings of Service Users ...

NataHellaquetzl is the old new God of the CLAZZTEC Shunderworld where inner realities are shunned like the bottom of all underclasses and, Service Users' real lives ...

Watching current broader trends under New Labour is disheartening - there's been press talk of of the "White working class" complaining about its own minoritisation but this is provocative and led as usual by the middle and media classes and university educated ex labourities. The real truth is class politics is all in Britain and marginalisation by New Labour of its own ex-supporters in favour of aspirational class based politics and playing traditional groups off against "immigration" and "race". In Mental Health the whole bureaucracy is played with by the ex grammar school prefects and uni-educated navigators with no experience of life but their own classes . the NHS itself is a class and race apartheid type structure.. You dont think so ? See the Health Service Journal's report below and at HERE

So is the answer the de-construction of the State so it cannot be used to prop up class-tec structures (and New Labour votes) and so it can be used to stop the ways the bureaucracy profits and diverts real treatments chances ... Service User's Voices are dead like any underclasses until they have the power of choice and purchase. In that sense they are sacrificed in a class riddled UK - out for its own stratified and political "centre" survival. But watch out for the moral weaving and watch out for how "fairness" gets turned into how to marginalise some "comfortably", while looking like good social deliverers to "minorities" .. The white middle classes are very skilled at division in the UK and are even unconscious of it - this is echoed all through the UK ...

Only one in 20 ambulance managers is from minority

Ambulance trusts have emerged as having the lowest proportion of ethnic minority managers of any NHS sector in England, figures obtained by HSJ reveal.

Only 4.8 per cent of managers and senior managers in ambulance trusts are from ethnic minority backgrounds, according to Information Centre workforce statistics broken down by type of organisation.

This compares with 7.7 per cent of managers in primary care trusts - the most ethnically diverse sector.

From 2004 to 2006, the most recent year for which figures are available, the proportion of ambulance managers from black or ethnic minority backgrounds dropped by 0.6 per cent.

Ambulance Service Association national programme manager Mohamed Jogi denied racism was to blame. He said black and minority ethnic representation was low across the ambulance service due to long-standing cultural perceptions.

"A lot of people thought it was simply based around driving, but the role now involves administering drugs and treating people at the scene"

"Some communities didn't see [the ambulance service] as part of the NHS, unlike traditional careers such as pharmacy and medicine," he said. "A lot of people thought it was simply based around driving, but the role now involves administering drugs and treating people at the scene."

Information campaigns and positive action schemes are being rolled out to address the problem; for example, staff from minority ethnic backgrounds are being taken to a development centre to boost their skills.

Mr Jogi said it was important to have a diverse ambulance workforce that understood cultural differences, especially given the move to treating more patients in their homes.

Around 14 per cent of the NHS workforce is from a black or minority ethnic background, but the figure drops to 7 per cent for managers and senior managers. The 2001 census found that 9 per cent of the general population are from BME backgrounds.

The biggest improvement has been in the acute sector, where the numbers have jumped from 5.5 per cent in 2004 to 6.4 per cent in 2006.

NHS Employers information and intelligence manager Paul Deemer said the figures for 2007 may show a very different pattern due to the effects of Commissioning a Patient-led NHS.

Many people believe that ethnic minority managers were disproportionately hit by redundancies under mergers of primary care trusts.

Mr Deemer said it was down to leaders of organisations to move equality and diversity issues up the agenda: "Senior staff need to talk positively about this and tangibly demonstrate that as well," he said.

Chief executives should consider mentoring schemes, as recommended by former NHS chief executive Sir Nigel Crisp in 2004.

However, he warned that different definitions of the title "manager" are used throughout the NHS.

White managers account for 31,782 of the total, followed by Asian or Asian British (940), black or black British (731), mixed (250), and Chinese (84). There were 2, 242 whose ethnic backgrounds were "unknown" and 206 "other".

See this week's feature for more analysis.

*080306/p6/info centre table

See Also :

The white working classes feel "politically alienated" and frightened to speak out, a senior BBC executive has claimed.

Richard Klein said poorer whites believe they are "threatened economically and stifled socially" and that they no longer have a voice.

Mr Klein, the corporation's commissioning editor for documentaries, has courted controversy before.

He previously admitted that the political correctness the BBC is frequently accused of is at odds with many of its viewers.

His latest comments come ahead of a season of BBC2 programmes under the banner White, which he is overseeing and which he believes can play a part in easing the anxieties of that section of the community.

He said: "You don't hear white, working-class opinions often enough on TV.

"There's a large group of people who feel politically alienated, threatened economically and stifled socially. They feel they haven't got a voice."

He said many people interviewed for the programmes felt they could not say what they really thought for fear of being criticised.

"I wanted to change that. And I think it was important for the BBC to try and have a go at it."

The season has already provoked controversy, with politicians and race campaigners claiming the BBC should not be singling out ethnic groups.

There are fears from some that it will play into the hands of Right-wing groups like the BNP, by portraying white people as victims. One of the programmes, All White In Barking, will focus on a BNP activist.

Mr Klein, speaking to the Radio Times, admitted some viewers might consider the language and sentiments expressed in the programmes as racist.

But he added: "I don't think we're taking a stand here: we're hosting a debate. Quite a lot of these programmes are challenging to watch. What you get are sympathetic characters, complex responses to circumstances, and some people who are not particularly nice.

BBC TV Centre

Alienated by Auntie: Richard Klein has in the past admitted that the BBC is 'out of touch' with the British public

"They are torn. They are reacting as human beings would do, to situations they don't quite understand. I don't think we've given a platform to extremist political parties. We have, I think, given a platform to people whose views aren't often heard on TV."

Other critics have suggested that having ranks of middle-class TV executives examining the white working-class could be seen as patronising.

The season will include a "provocative" drama about a white girl who moves into a Muslim-dominated community and starts wearing the hijab.

Documentaries will include Last Orders, about an "embattled" working men's club in Bradford, while Rivers Of Blood assesses the impact of Enoch Powell's infamous 1968 speech.

Klein has previously broken ranks with the politically correct views of the corporation.

At the end of 2006 he admitted the broadcaster was out of touch with the British public, saying it was guilty of "ignoring" mainstream opinion.

Speaking to a room full of TV viewers and BBC staff, he suggested that if the current situation continued it could affect the organisation's long-term future.

Klein said: "By and large, people who work at the BBC think the same and it's not the way the audience thinks. That's not long term sustainable.

"We pride ourselves on being 'of the people' and it's pathetic. Channel 4 tends to laugh at people, the BBC ignores them."

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Mental Health Incapacity Benefit Gang Kill David Freud Lookalike

UserWatch roving cartoonist : KAKATOO has bagged the image of the moment yet again. The victim who had North London made David Freud glasses on , IB earrings and matching lipstick, was clearly skewered after beaheading. Do you know who it is ? UserWatch notes the "MONEY" hairstyle was clearly going to provoke roving IB gangs trolley fighting with walking sticks in supermarket carparks...

Meeting one of the perpetrators under cover UserWatch heard how the claim was that it was an accident at the time due to an undetected dyslexic mistake ..

"I taut day sed "Killin' im up" man " Said Krypstyk -

"De Gang got carried away cos it was about sumwun saying "Skillin up for werk " and we missworded it " - "So we killin im up " ...

UserWatch can report there are calls in the UK for investigations into David Freud (who is behind the welfare to get rich schemes - for his own classes) who has claimed many on IB are part of the black economy. Specifically the calls relate to the Parlimentary Ombudsman for breach of civil servant standards . See the fuller report below which was sent to UserWatch - the source is originally BENEFIT AND WORK

Can you help challenge David Freud, the government special adviser who wants to create millionaires from your benefits? Benefits and Work believes that David Freud has breached the Civil Service Code in relation to honesty and integrity. However, we are not an affected party and so cannot make a formal complaint to the Parliamentary Ombudsman. But you may be able to.

War of terror
The government today announced it is to follow city banker turned special adviser David Freud's recommendations on paying more money to the private sector to get sick and disabled claimants back into work.

Freud is responsible for some of the recent claimant bashing statements which are part of what appears to be a war of terror being waged by the main political parties against the sick and disabled. In particular, Freud claimed that only one third of incapacity benefits claimants should actually be getting the benefit and that the level of fraud is much higher than the DWP claims. (See: Freud's views: ignorance, arrogance and astonishing avarice 05.02.08)

He is also in favour of individuals becoming millionaires via schemes to get claimants back into work.

The continued portrayal of the majority of sick and disabled claimants as people who can and should be in work is causing real terror and misery for people who know this is not the case and who fear for the future. We know this from the desperate phone calls and emails we receive here every day.

And it is only necessary to read the odious comments left on newspaper and TV websites after each government pronouncement to realise how much hatred of incapacity benefit claimants is being stirred up in the UK.

Code of conduct
The ombudsman's office say they will consider a complaint against Freud if the the action complained of took place when he was acting in his official capacity and if the complainant can show that they have suffered as a result of that action.

We believe that in his interview with the Telegraph Freud was acting in an official capacity and, by his inaccurate statements, has caused genuine fear and emotional distress to individual claimants. The ombudsman's office normally looks for financial loss, but they have accepted that emotional distress may be sufficient cause for an investigation. As we are not claimants, however, the ombudsman's office have made it clear they would not accept a complaint from us.

Below is the basis of our case against Freud. If you agree with it and you are an incapacity benefit claimant who has been distressed by the continued anti-claimant propaganda then please consider making a formal complaint.

Telegraph claims
Freud's interview with the Telegraph published on 2nd February contained the following passages

But in his view, fewer than a third of those on incapacity benefit are really too ill to get a job. "When the whole rot started in the 1980s we had 700,000. I suspect that's much closer to the real figure than the one we've got now."

There are no studies or statistics whatsoever to support this claim.

"And it's ludicrous that the disability tests are done by people's own GPs - they've got a classic conflict of interest and they're frightened of legal action."

As every claimant knows, the personal capability assessment is carried out by Atos Healthcare doctors working for the DWP, never by the claimant's own GP.

"There are probably five to seven per cent of the people on IB today who are on the black economy. They're doing jobs and claiming too but they won't have a free lunch any more."

Again, there is no official support whatsoever for this claim. The DWP's research puts the figure for fraud at less than 1%.

Freud's contract
Freud is a civil servant receiving hard earned taxpayer's cash for advising on welfare reform. The Model Contract for specialist advisers which Freud will have signed states that:

"You are required to conduct yourself in accordance with the provisions of the Code of Conduct for Special Advisers and the Civil Service Code, except for those aspects which relate to the impartiality of the Civil Service and of civil servants."

So, Freud is covered by two codes of conduct.

The Code of Conduct for Special Advisers states that:

"All contacts with the news media should be authorised by the appointing Minister and be conducted in accordance with the Guidance on Government Communications"

Freud's interview was about welfare reform and was authorised by James Purnell, Secretary of State for Work and Pensions. So Freud was unquestionably on official business when talking to the Telegraph.

The Code of Conduct for Special Advisers also says that "Specialist advisers should conduct themselves with integrity and honesty."

The Civil Service Code explains in more detail what integrity and honesty involve.

In relation to integrity, the Code says that "You must:

fulfil your duties and obligations responsibly;

always act in a way that is professional and deserves and retains the confidence of all those with whom you have dealings"

We would argue that by making absolutely unsubstantiated claims about how many people are illegally working whilst claiming incapacity benefits, Mr Freud was neither responsible nor professional.

His claims that two thirds of incapacity benefit claimants shouldn't be getting the benefit have been repeated throughout the media and by politicians, leading to a widespread belief that the majority of claimants are work shy scroungers rather than genuinely sick people. There is not a shred of evidence to support his utterly irresponsible guesstimate.

That fact that CPAG, amongst others, questioned his suitability for the role of special adviser as a result of these inaccurate statements shows that he has failed to retain the confidence of those with whom he has dealings.

So, we would argue, Freud has clearly failed the integrity test.

In relation to honesty, the Code says that "You must:

set out the facts and relevant issues truthfully, and correct any errors as soon as possible."

Freud's utterly erroneous claim that GPs decide who gets incapacity benefit was widely believed by the press and politicians. The Conservatives even announced that they would insist on all claimants having an independent medical examination, clearly unaware that this service is already provided by Atos Healthcare.

Freud's statement was corrected by a number of commentators, including CPAG and Disability Alliance. Yet, to our knowledge, Freud has never admitted in the media that he was wrong or corrected his error.

So, we would also argue Freud has clearly failed the honesty test.

How to complain
The ombudsman won't consider complaints unless they have first been put to the agency involved. In this case the ombudsman's office have suggested that the initial complaint should be made to Lesley Strathie, the Chief Executive of Jobcentre Plus. We've published her contact details at the end of this article.

So please consider writing to Lesley Strathie and complaining about Freud. If you don't feel able to write a complaint in your own words then simply explain what effect the current campaign is having on your emotions or mental health and enclose a copy of this article.

If you are unhappy with the response from Lesley Strathie you can then forward the paperwork to your MP with a request that they pass it on to the parliamentary ombudsman.

First step
If a complaint against Freud's honesty and integrity, as defined by the Civil Service Code, was upheld it would be very difficult for him to remain in post. It would also be very damaging to the Secretary of State who appointed him. It would discredit not only Freud and Purnell, but also their radical reform agenda built around making fortunes for the private sector.

On its own, it certainly won't be enough to stop the attacks on claimants. But it's a first step. And next month we'll be asking you to turn your fire on the disability charities who are colluding in the government's war of terror on the sick and disabled.

If you do complain, let us know.

© 2008 Steve Donnison

Lesley Strathie

Chief Executive
Jobcentre Plus
Caxton House
Room 607, Level 6,
Tothill Street
London SW1 9NA

Fax: 020 7273 6102

Email: lesley.strathie@...

© 2008 Steve Donnison