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Mental Health : Pressure Is Created For Parliamentary Clarity On "Independent" LINks Hosts

UserWatch Reports

UserWatch (Birmingham UK) has been informed that active pressure is now being created at MP and parliamentary level regarding the vacuous area where the Govt apparently gave no clear guidance about what constituted an Independent Local Involvement Networks (LINks) Host.

LINks Host's have been appointed across the UK to support the administration of LINks lay-bodies that have superseded Patient and Public Involvement Forums (PPI's) with their function of public lay scrutiny of Health & Social Care Services .

UserWatch is aware that the DOH claimed prior to their abolition in March 2008 that the PPI's were tending to hold up the Govt's pace of reform . The evidence for this was small and we were informed by a senior figure within the NHS that some CEO's of NHS Trusts had done their best to undermine the PPI function. This became useful to Dept of Health riddled with its own needs for unviewed dominion over chaotic roll outs with the least resistance and check at local levels . In other words the PPI's were evolving from having beaks in the pecking order to having teeth ..

Dr Lynne Jones (Joint Chair of The Mental Health All Parliamentary Health Sub Committee) has been contacted by Paul Brian Tovey - who is an Independent Mental Health Monitor. This need for greater clarity according to material we have seen has been supported now by N.A.L.M. too - the National Asssociation For LINks Members

N.A.L.M. appears concerned over the nature of the choices of "Independent" LINKs Hosts in other parts of the country .

The text of concerns asking for Ministerial and Secretary of State Guidance sent to Dr Lynne Jones M.P. is below :

"----- Original Message -----
From : Paul Tovey
Dear Lynne The following questions below are fair , are timely , and I feel should now go to senior political figures holding the Health and Social Care brief re; LINks . I am asking for your help to achieve timely answers and would be grateful for that :


In keeping with trying to achieve public confidence and clarity for Birmingham LINks members (and that includes the mental health users who have contacted me privately) as well as trying to achieve wider openess upon these matters, would you please ask the Secretary Of State for Health or relevant Minister what the Govt and Public should reasonably expect as "Independence" of quality of support and operation from a LINks Host when procured by a Council ?

And indeed what is the test of confidence for the LINks Host's "Independence" in these matters?


Would you please ask for clarity as to what the Govt actually intended as "Independence" of quality of support and operation from a LINks Host, and will the Minister or Secretary of State guide on these matters ?


Does the Govt/Minister/Secretary of State For Health believe it is correct for a LINks Host to have several Health contracts and Social Care Contracts in the same locality as the LINk it supports and to claim "Independence", relative to its functions in supporting the LINks ?

If so on what basis would that cross organisational "Independence" be actually judged so conflicts of interest and loyalty are properly measured ?

I do feel it is time for senior politicians to take a view on the record Lynne

Regards Paul Brian Tovey Independent Mental Health Monitor "



NALM Documents

Network contact: Malcolm Alexander,, tel. 0208 809 655

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Mental Health : Police Kill MH Sufferer - Its On Video [ WARNING]

The Killing Of Community Care ?

UserWatch Comments

This very sad video shows a certain "Community Care" logic and theme unrolling . Of course professionals we have known would disagree and play with the detail as we have seen they often do with their endless Serious Untoward Incident "enquiries" in the UK - quietly and often silenced by time and elongation .

Yet the thematic running through what is happening across the world is by cheap modernisation, mental health service structure boots people with mental health damages out into the community - they become prison-prey and prison grey because now the prisons are full of decanted people with MH damages .

Sainsbury Centre For Mental Health the large architectural planner for the new NIMHE matrix and other organisations (CSIP SHIFT etc ) have "shown concern" over the amount of those imprisoned now with MH damaged personalities . How impressive, now that they helped to get rid of the asylum "Water Towers" as opposed to seriously pressing to make them more useful to people with MH damaged personalities .. No, "Top-Down" planning and big supermarket CBT and other cheap bean practice were the answer at the patient delivery end .. Real moderinised asylums might have been a good idea ..Like , with real human asylum empathically felt practice .. This guy shown in the video gets killed by 50,000 volts ....Some empathy eh ? His treatment was machine minded - death .

Its one way of getting rid of the mental health damaged ..Give em"Sparkie" - a name for the US electric chair .. The UK though has copied the US too much . The original NIMH was copied from the US - the Blair and Brown trip to the US in the late 1990's to see the Wiscosin Welfare To Work model is now being copied and will affect many people with MH damaged personalities - the support of financial institutions is being copied . The Iraq war stance was copied .. And the large NHS DOH bureau-class in the UK give less than a shit . Maybe they give a fart though .. They are paid to gas though - they know it ...Its toxic too to the rest of us until they give up their form of social apartheid inside their hearts and souls .....

The asylums were sold off in the UK and plenty of property speculators benefitted. Middle class second property ownership happened in the North Birmingham UK area where the vast majory of ex asylum land is now properties housing middle class people who like others had too much access to cheap money and credit .. Well, we will all prop them up again by the look of it . After all there are Labour votes in it .

Someone eventually paid again and again by dressing up care in new pc ways by actually making it cheap at the patient end, and still over-expensive where the bureaucrats dwell in useless meeting after meeting jobs without real human delivery of that rare quality of partial love and human feeling named "care" ......

See Also VINNY On who raised the awareness of this taser story


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Mental Health - HEY ! We dont like what happened to Larry Neal in the US

UserWatch Supports Mary Neal

In The US Over Larry's Neal's Death

And we say :

Whether Black or white the system has hell and spite
- if you are vulnerable, and Larry certainly was.


"Mental Patient Killed on Video - No More Censorship
to Protect Prison Profiteers!

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Another Mental Patient Killed on Video - No More Censorship to Protect Prison Profiteers! by duo

THIS WRITER uses the symbol of TWO DOGS on my articles because they represent LARRY MORRIS NEAL and MARY NEAL. My family has been treated worse than DOGS by this system as we sought justice after Larry's secret arrest and wrongful death in Memphis/Shelby County jail. Michael Vick's dogs got all kinds of attention from so-called American justice and the media.

The truth is that it is a crime to be mentally disturbed. See another mentally ill man die on film - killed Tuesday by NYPD:

Naked Man Tasered by NY Police, Causing His Fatal Fall from Balcony

NY Post
Thursday, September 25, 2008 5:15 AM

Although we went to The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm to file a wrongful death suit against the jail and a negligence suit against Tennessee after Larry's secret incarceration and death, that law firm did not actually file suit, and we discovered the managing partner of the Memphis office was himself a Shelby County Commissioner. After our statute of limitations passed to file suit against the Jail, my family sued The Cochran Firm for its fraud. However, suit was served in Atlanta, and that office that is advertised of being The Cochran Firm's Atlanta office denied its existence under that identity in court, and succeeded in having the suit dismissed in 2006, by claiming not to be a part of The Cochran Firm at all. However, that office continues to be advertised as such today.

See for yourself at this link, and think why this was not covered in the media:

Here is the truth that is being suppressed:

ACUTE MENTAL PATIENTS ARE BEING DISMISSED FROM HOSPITALS AND NOT FORCED TO CONTINUE TREATMENT SO THEY CAN HELP MAKE MONEY FOR PRIVATE PRISONS, comprising 1.25 million of today's 2.3 million Americans behind bars. This means that taxpayers are charged $185 BILLION dollars each year for its prison budget. Some prison guards only make minimum wage. How much of that $185 billion do you think is PROFIT? To understand the problem, one must follow the money.

See the whole story here:

See a sampling of this writer's articles here at this link:

One of the articles already got over 7,000 hits and afterward, folks were apparently apprehensive because the writer signs her articles with the websight containing information about her family's justice quest. Wide readership of her articles that means the secret about how the system treated mentally ill heart patient, LARRY MORRIS NEAL, and his family after his death is finally reaching the public. This is happening despite much censorship and worse efforts to curtail the truth. Link to the article below w/ video by Kevin, who claims paternity to Palin's future grandchild:

Larry Neal's family cannot even get authorities to investigate his secret arrest and wrongful death in Memphis-Shelby County Jail. There is a petition to request the United States Justice Department, which was already in oversight over the jail at the time of his secret death, to please investigate. But although that GOVERNMENT AGENCY was in overview of the jail due to many previous violations of citizens' rights there, it refuses to investigate the death of a handicapped citizen in that facility. This writer supposes that with this being an election year, and considering previous bad press centered around the USDOJ regarding firing lawyers unjustly, it does not want to do its job for Larry's family.

Read the comments on our petition begging for an investigation into Larry's death and SEE HOW MENTAL PATIENTS ARE TREATED IN AMERICA. We have been denied any investigation or official records about Larry's death for more than five years.

A VIDEO WILL BE RELEASED next week to expose the injustice we have endured and the deaths and abuses of many thousands of mentally ill Americans like Larry.

Everyone should be aware that mental illness is a crime in America, punishable by imprisonment and death so they can help with this issue if they will.


Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill Visit Online at:


Then shall the righteous answer him, saying, Lord, when saw we thee an hungred, and fed thee? or thirsty, and gave thee drink?

" When saw we thee a stranger, and took thee in? or naked, and clothed thee?"

"Or when saw we thee sick, or in prison, and came unto thee?"

"And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me."

~ Matthew 25:37-40

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UserWatch Says "Guardian LOOK DEEPER at mental health arts ! "


Cartoon By KAKATOO UserWatch Cartoonist


The Guardian has reported (Sept 24th) on Prof . Jenny Secker's study which concludes that art in mental health helps people - but oh dear us, the State has got hold of this and is bound to invade the MH arts even more .

We recall the doomed Govt backed MadForArts (Dept of Media and Sport Culture Online) fiasco and its high costs (500k) which both Rethink and Mental Health Media were involved in and which could have sustained with its diverted funds many User Arts groups Online - and taught them how to use the net for showcasing and more ...

We know this is true - we were part of what happened in those 2005 days of the project when Jenny Secker was just being commissioned to do her studies on MH Arts Service Users .

Silvis Rivers - part of the UserWatch team was thrown off MadForArts for wrting poetry that was mildly satirical . He was the first in the country to be thrown off for honest vision . Billy the Silv ..

The worry we have, is seeing the NHS Trusts create new bureacracy rather than Users creating their own Service User groups locally from the same funding at a far less cost to sustain ... Yes , MH Arts are positive (until they criticise the NHS system then it quarantines that) but they need freedom to grow autonomously , not to do so in sterile staff loaded contexts with new social firm careers in mind ..

The MH charities too have their inhouse art showcasing logics and supply sides of Users to trot out . We dont criticise the Users in the main - they are often exploited for showcasing - but it all can be turned into creating more staff and more organisation and more grants for the managers in the Charity and all inside too much co-dependency often ..

Smaller grants must be made available to Service Users with art talent (and by god there are some out there ) to train them into how to exploit their arts and creative activities otherwise we are heading for a kind of NHS style social firm backed arts-remploy.

The Guardian showed off Stuart Davies picture with their article - its very beautiful - go and see it .

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NHS Staff Who Fought "Fire With Fire" Takes Her Blog Down

UserWatch Followup

The member of NHS UK mental health staff known as "Silvawingz" (Sue ) - who often linked to Mental Nurse another internet resources for mental health staff and others, has taken her Blog offline .

The story UserWatch ran HERE about the events that apparently have led up to this are documented with some of her posts together with the (as usual) seriously wicked cartoons of WINNIE The POOH-DO and SINNIE THE POOD-DO-PHILE...

These cartoons posted on another Service User's Blog "Mandy's Lifeboat" caused "Silvawingz" to disguise her posts and send people off to the British National Party site when her disguised poster names, she later admitted she was using , were clicked .....And she used the opportunity on this Service User led Blog to make statements about the undesireability of nazis type gangs beating up anyone's homosexual sons .. Yeah we dont agree with that either ... But Hell , Winnie and Sinnie are not nazi bears - even though they are kinda brown -- but those are not brown shirts - that is GOOD HONEST BROWN FUR

PC extremism and mental dislocations of it are alive and well in the UK - and often it prevents good solid pisstaking, because of middle class social control agendas of "correctness" - but no complaints have yet been lodged with the Brown Bear Watch or other Commissions because everyone was too busy laughing and some cheeky Gays have asked UserWatch for signed copies of SINNIE THE POOH-DO-PHILES Beartoon -

Okay okay okay .....But SINNIE cannot write ... Just seriously scratch with a large long-reach paw ....Will that do ?


Mental Health - Unweaving The Bad Pyramid Tapestry


De-humanising Services - Re-inforcing the Corpocracy

UserWatch Comments 23rd Sept 2008

Trust's like Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Foundation Trust are of course part of the weave of policy of a Govt that has partly americanised its view of the world (and boy how that needs re-thinking !) and how to meet human needs corporately , whilst holding onto the need to satisfy a large workforce of traditonally unionised staff .

System delivery health care in mental health UK cannot work well because the truth of repairing human damage has to be at a relational level for most patients and that sadly is negatively caught up in the NHS UK by the Govt's new politico-charity brigades. - and of course the chemico-squads .

The mental health charities are Govt planning agents now at a "wrist length", and create spin-sights of the mass of patients with Govt propaganda nods about "stigma" that in the UK skews the argument towards getting patients back to work, when many have hardly ever experienced, good relational navigation of their emotional distresses and long term fragmentation patterns and integration of trauma .

Forget it that most psychosis or types of painful mental illness is somehow intrinsic to the genes of the patient . A lot of patients have been seriously abused as kids and kept inside social contexts of absolutely no internal validation or subtle longer term inner isolation and emotional identity loss .

Time and time again we have had this reported and confirmed to members of UserWatch, and from both staff and patients... We are dealing in mental health with a cultural epidemic of useless empathic practice coupled with anti individual anti feeling-self , services.

Who could ever emotionally re-integrate their pain and story of distresses and "lost self" in those?

We've learned today that POLYCLINICS - which concentrate (Doctors - General Practitioners) G.P's and other resources under one larger roof and which appear to be the Govt's way of getting rid of the G.P. relational axis with patients are likely to create a lack of trust because the same doctor in all likelihood will not be seen at them..

Well well well ... And Yes, Well done Leicester University for studying this and actually coming out with the obvious.

Labour is creating local de-relationality (GOD WHAT A PHRASE) - it is de-realising the patient into Mr and Mrs and Citizen Concept-Corpocracy... New NHS management hell words and phrases are everywhere now - so we though we would throw a few of ours in ...At least we are trying to de-construct the dehumanising Labour bullshit ..

Labour, especially in mental health does not trust the patient widely to create packages for their own recovery and managements - it puts the equation of "savings" and Trusts creating surplus in front of that now .. At UserWatch we see this abandons patients into stress-corners where crisis is hidden in the community ...

Tony Blair - former Labour Prime Minister of the UK was impressed by America - the Wiscosin workfare regimes, and that has led to wholesale rethinking of now not just wider unemployment benefits but an attack on longer term mental health patients too who never have the choice to negotiate with a system that will not let them really shape packages of care to get them to the best functionality they can achieve. We would say this is a de-humanising approach wouldn't you ..

Yesterday at the Labout Party Conference two UserWatch observers we got planted there heard the Trade Union bosses playing at opposition to Gordon Brown and others, who for years sucked up to the now failing financial and corporate sectors .

"We don't want our party sucking up to speculators and spivs " They said

Our UserWatch observers reported they were confused because most of the Trade Union bosses were wearing suits worth hundreds of pounds - driving in very expensive cars and they nearly all had deep tans...A few of them had second properties according to what our observers winkled out from behind the scenes ....

We ask : Is this SELF HATRED then - Are Trade Union Bosses looking into mirrors ?

We think the labour pyramid was built on the speculation that local services and local democracy and local connectedness are worth very little in a well supported well "oiled" corporate world - we cannot wait to see this unravel because of its long term dehumanising cruelty ..

However, local disengagement is well entrenched under Labour and all other parties ... Maybe an even bigger oil shock is needed so that production and local work and looking after each other with better instruments of local democracy can be reborn ?

What we doubt is Labour's false localism of its NHS bureaucrats now morphing into new lottery supported "Social" firms .. Labour found a way to even its own to abuse the spirit of local growth with the new Community Interest Companies (see Our earlier report on GateWay Family Services ) so it could decant its fattened bureacracy, and spare capacity bureaucrats into new areas of parasitism without true local control by the people and goddammit the workless classes with their lottery tickets have actually been paying for it .

Who benefitted under Labour ?

The expanded middle classes , corporate bureaucracy and anyone who would twist themselves into Labour's unreal agendas



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Mental Health : J.K.Rowling's £1,000,000 Labour Donation And What Happened To Larry Potter


Cartoon By Kakatoo UserWatch Cartoonist


J.K. Rowling according to the Guardian has donated £1 million to the Labour Party but will it save Mad Larry from being crazed by family and social systems that made his great financial "wiz" Uncle Harry turn into a magical thinker and create financial holes so bankers can be magically subsidised by the tax-payers to keep the magic show and middle class style and comforting illusions on the road ?

Well J.K. Rowling obviously feels Labour knows best at the magic show.

But what are the mental health (MH) middle class roots embedded inside J.K.'s take of magical Harry ? And can Larry his more vulnerable nephew be saved in future years ?

On Uksurvivors this donation by J.K. was first questioned by a MH Service User named Chris and it has made him more critical of her ...

Silvis - a UserWatch contributor wrote this (which we partly cleaned up !)

"Hang on Chris ,

This is logical for JK rowling to support the destructive Labour Party because she supports middle class values not true enablement of the working class or UK downtrodden people. Lets get underneath this though - Take a deeper look

She supports the typical myth of the magical child who is at magical boarding school without parents and has to get by by relying on his own "magicality" .. Often the real truth of this is "magical" buggery, lonliness and the isolated inner-kids who become suitable later for a professionally detached role-playing-class and seeing the rest of us as being something to wizard on cleverly while creating misery and their own liberal politics for advantaging themselves whilst oppressing those beneath them .

The extra myth purveyed is they are kind and the masters of wisdom - a bit like Harry

At the base of her tales is middle class abandonment of children and the belief they are magical enough to float their own carpets . The consequences of this unconscious position is social alienation and promotion of social self interest of those in that class of experiences

I do like her writing, I would I suppose, because I love language, but her social perspective inside it and its symbolic limits stink . It re-inforces the insidious class base of British society ..

And, that is what the Labour Party are doing and have been doing for years under Blair . I do not hate people of different classes but do see their unconscious construction of social reality that favours them, as dangerous for the rest of us, and unfair .

Conciousness of their contradictions and the re-constructed story of it, is attacked socially by the middle classes because socially revealed truth is dangerous and undermines their dominant positions, but also it threatens to expose their underlying mental pain at them being a construction of an anti feeling self made throughout their slow developments of emotional isolations in schools that buggers part of them ..

The mental health system is based around middle class thinking and anti feeling stances - in the main they re-isolate people's inner worlds and do not create a culture of acceptance of damages and serious emotional supports. They ice people over rather than help them grow emotionally . Why ? Because their ability too is stunted intergenerationally by bad child rearing practices - unempathic treatment of children, and drip fed abandonment of them through their schooling and through the social re-inforcement of their own class practices ..

JK rowling is such a product .. Harry Potter is a real kid inside all the semi isolated detached kids who need some inner magic as fantasy therapy before they join the middle class of the professionally "detached" to create the same conditions for the next generation of child readers of "Larry Potter" - the grandson of Harry .

Silvis Rivers ."

At UserWatch we have to say we agree with this text above posted on Uksurvivors .. Can Larry be saved then ? Possibly by painful and empathic therapy which restores his true Self of lost feeling and inner story of family wrecking of him re-inforced by his class .. But he will not get that on the NHS will he J.K.Rowling ... ? Meanwhile Uncle Harry will make a fortune out of thin air by conjuring up banking holes which the taxpayer fills ..


Poisoned Tea Therapy Offers From The NHS Staff


Cartoon By Kakatoo The UserWatch Biscuit Thief

So many times over decades we at UserWatch have seen patients being offered tea-cup therapy by the NHS and it has proved to be poisoned often . There's no future in the ash tea leaves either ..

Occasionally a good member of staff dips into the empathic root of what it means to be human together and something is really shared . But that is very very rare .

Humanity is rare in the mental health services because it is suppressed . It might lead to emotion or pain, true human witness of distress and even an attempt to "take a history" and help it mourn rather than treat it with poison voids, and false sugar ..

More recently in Birmingham we watched how the new "Cup of tea inclusion meetings" were engineered as purportedly new opportunities for the long term spolied and damaged to be included in the new sugar bowls of practice ...

Staff however have helped themselves to most of the sugar and Users are even having their tea share swiped as NHS supported staff-morphing social enterprise firms offer opportunities to re-corral Users so they can be given new cups of tea...And kept in their disabled place unless they are useful on the new tea leaf picking social inclusion wards .


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Mental Health - Quarantining Staff Away From Users And Other Healthy Things To Do


(Picture Below)


Its amazing what images and cartoons can do and what disagreeable pc attitudes they can bring out of UK bound, self confessed mentally sick NHS staff .

The first image below (originally on Mandy's Lifeboat Blog but we pulled it ) saw the staff member, there posting hyperlinks to the British National Party later justifying her interpretative take by claiming her gay son had been bullied by Nazi gay bashers ..

Yeahhh.....That's an obvious interpretation of Winnie being into the POOH, below ..(Huh ?)

So disgusted was a UserWatch member at this infiltration of warped pc NHS staff on Mandy's Lifeboat allowing the freedom for warped fascist links to be made, that UserWatch decided as a whole not to support this blog anymore .

Mandy is a great person but in our opinion has always allowed far too many staff on her Blog as though democracy is all, as opposed to having your own User-space which staffies cannot contaminate with their controlling ways and attempts to form bullshit pc partnerships -like they do in the NHS mental health services. They are doing this Online now, quite clearly ..

Yes the NHS, you know that place where sadly a lot of Users die (often slowly existentially ) for want of met needs and personal reality being navigated by skilled empathy .. Oh at UserWatch we have all been around for decades and seen the funerals ..

The strange self justification of the staff member Silvawingz who shat the pc out , is on her wordpress blog - here it is below :

"I started a fire……..or a damp squib………

Filed under: General Stuff — silvawingz @ 6:31 pm

Today something weird happened. You can see here what it was. Make your own mind up if you are not ravaged by indifference (that’s if anyone reads this bloomin’ blog). It set me thinking though; should there be limits to where we take things if we think we are being oppressed. It is an interesting question - Where do you draw the line? Is it OK to besmirch someone? Is it OK to oppress others for our gain? Is it OK to use force? Is it OK to blow people up? Are there times when one or none of these should be morally right or are there times when all four are be morally right. I think it was on Mental Nurse that the Heinz Dilemma raised it’s head - When are things right?

I think it probably depends on the situation. There are times when it is right to overstep the mark and where the mark is depends on your own personal viewpoint. I believe you should fight fire with fire and if things don’t go quite they way you expect then………well………you have to face the consequences. I do believe though that you should never back down when you feel you are right, this isn’t the same as not apologising, saying sorry isn’t backing down. Today I don’t believe I overstepped the mark, I think I fought fire with fire, I faced the consequences, I apologised when I thought it right to, but I didn’t back down.

Can’t be bothered to think of a song……."

And brother we cannot make this torch of principle she is supposed to be carrying or her moral fire-fight, into something relevant to Winnie being into the POOH . She did however say she was gay too ...

Ahhhh so cartoons about Winnie being into the POOH are anti gay ? Bullshit .

But lets take the experience of some Users about some parts of the mental health gay culture in the mental health services . Some gays, Users have claimed to us, have been identifiably responsible for creating their own cultures which look after themselves whilst sucking up to NHS system and getting jobs from it . We have heard from Users who identify morally deviant ways some gay CEO's behave and seem to favour more gays in their in-house cultures. We know the NHS is rife with over-compromising oppressive management too - so there is a lot in this weave of affairs that is difficult to disentangle - but it sure is ripe for pisstaking and satire ..

Why did Winnie though become a POOH-DO-PHILE ? He was not born that way .

He was made that way by a mad family system that tells fantasy tales about bears that are in fact abused and that made him madder and madder especially when it treated him for his madness ...And staff in the NHS are encouraged to be mad and in charge of others who are mad and some become brown bears that bully little bears ...

Those are the bare bear facts ...

Here's a couple of posts from Silvawingz Blog below - she enjoys fame

Thursday, September 18, 2008

David Freud's New Benefit Advice And Mental Health Centre For Banker Claimants



Ahhhh........So the mighty have fallen with their over-speculations on debt that could not be paid. David Freud Merchant Banker UK of course ironically gave advice this year to the UK Govt about those on welfare Incapacity and disability Benefits in the UK who in his opinion should be working . What as David ? Shredders for your reports and ideas on who should get benefits ? We all who gets real benefits though don't we David ... ?

See our previous post about A David Freud Lookalike being killed by a benefit gang


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mental Health - The Scrutinyweiler Bites The GateWay Family Services

"Tover the Rover" - the Scrutiny-weiler aka, Bull-Tover - has been leaving more teethmarks about in Birmingham UK local health services again. or at least their cross organisational poodle hybrids, Gateway Family Services, (GFS)

GFS whilst being contracted by the NHS for supplying some of its services are actually claiming "independence" so they can now act too as Birmingham City Council's appointed "support Host" for the Govt's new Local Involvement Networks (LINks) that are taking over from the now disbanded (March 2008) and previously more independent Patient and Public Involvement Forums . (see USERWATCH previous report)

LINks are supposed to be able to scrutinise NHS services supplied to the public in a context of independence and genuine confidence in that independence .

In SABA SALMAN's Guardian report today Paul Tovey Ex PPI Deputy Chair of the Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health PPI spells out some of the position and Saba Salman explores matters .

"Conflict of interest' dogs scrutiny role"

The Guardian,
  • Wednesday September 17 2008
  • Article history
  • It is a case of joined-up working that is, some say, perhaps a little too joined up. Birmingham council has hired, controversially, a social enterprise that provides health services to the community, and was spawned by a primary care trust (PCT), to manage one of England's largest independent NHS scrutiny organisations.

    The council won £1.66m over three years from the government to launch its Local Involvement Network (Link) - independent collections of individuals and groups that help shape and scrutinise local health and social care services. Birmingham, granted the largest amount awarded to any Link nationally, has appointed Gateway Family Services (GFS) to manage its network.

    GFS, spun off from the NHS in 2006 following a PCT restructure, provides training and employment opportunities in community health with the aim of reducing inequalities. It runs a pregnancy outreach project and a community family worker programme to encourage local people to take up jobs in health, social care and children's services.

    While there is no suggestion of wrongdoing, some question how a provider of NHS services can also have an independent scrutiny role.

    Paul Brian Tovey, a former deputy chair of Birmingham and Solihull mental health patient and public involvement forum, has written to the council to complain about "an undeniable conflict of interest" in GFS providing both NHS locally-contracted services and supporting scrutiny of local services.

    A council spokesman says: "GFS was appointed through a rigorous, open procurement process, which included representatives from the voluntary sector - and Gateway's selection shows we are happy with the application. The Birmingham Link is still in its formative stages and its working form will take shape through discussions with stakeholders in the coming weeks and months."

    South Birmingham PCT adds that it is happy with the arrangement.

    In a separate development, five social enterprise providers of out-of-hours healthcare have formed the largest consortium of its kind, thanks to a £550,000 investment by the Futurebuilders fund. Devon Doctors, Seldoc, in south London, Urgent Care 24, north Merseyside, Herts Urgent Care Ltd and South East Health, in Kent, have teamed up as Urgent Health UK. The investment means consortium members can tender for contracts outside their geographical areas. "

    See Also this story below : Earlier UserWatch Draft

    Putting Accountability To The Stake ?

    UserWatch Reports

    In Birmingham as in other parts of the country a combination of the NHS at "a wrist length" and Local Authority (LA) are stitching up the new Local Involvement Networks (The statutory inheritors of PPI - Patient & Public Involvement Forums) to be suitably spied upon by the LINks Support Host itself. The LA's have the power to appoint the Host and we'll leave it to an email (below) leaked to us by concerned members of the public to demonstrate the fuller story.

    UserWatch thinks its fair comment to state that a LINks Support Host is inside a conflict of interest when it is also a provider of NHS services , several in the case of Gateway Family Services - the LInks Host for Birmingham.

    The Email below we understand was sent to Stephen Hughes, head of the corporate team on Birmingham City Council as well as Dr Lynne Jones M.P. The Guardian as far we know have also been alerted as well as others in the media such as the BBC . Does it matter ? We think accountability does and has been eroded for years by New Labour and the new forms it has encouraged of cross organisational hybrids of State and bureaucratic career interests and this is not conducive to public confidence and proper scrutiny ..

    Let let the email below speak for the concerns of many :

    Above : Stephen Hughes CEO of Birmingham City Council Corporate Team

    FORMAL COMPLAINT 13th Sept 2008

    Stephen Hughes Chief Executive Birmingham City Council

    Dear Mr Hughes

    I have concerns that Gateway Family Services a Community Interest Company (CIC) which has been chosen to Host the Birmingham Local Involvement Network (LINk) to monitor NHS and Social Care Services is not independent enough of the NHS to be regarded as in fact "an independent Host".

    Therefore I believe it should not be the Host support organisation for the Birmingham LINk .

    This is a difficult matter now that BCC have chosen GFS as LINk Host, yet it is clear to me that GFS not only has emerged from South Bham NHS Primary Care Trust PCT (whose Board actually set it up) but also the PCT did so with an avowed intention of GFS having a very close working relationship with the local NHS and a continuing professional partnership with the SBPCT .

    GFS has several contracts with the SBPCT and other parts of the local NHS . I fail to see how it can be both in the role of provider of NHS locally contracted services and support of scrutiny of local NHS services without there being an undeniable conflict of interest.

    The Manager of the LINK whom I have met, and the CEO Vickie Fitzgerald of GFS have implied at a meeting there could seperation, but I cannot see how this is possible. The LINk must be confident that its work at some junctures would not be potentially compromised by pre-existing line-management arrangements at GFS and report-back functions from its manager to its CEO .

    The cross-organisationality here between NHS, ex NHS staff who have morphed into the staff base at GFS, together with current local NHS contractual arrangements, is so close that it does not create enough boundarised organisational seperation to justify the terms "Independent LINk Host"

    I feel BCC should remedy matters and choose another truly independent Host for the Birmingham LINk. How will you resolve these matters now ?


    Paul Brian Tovey .

    Independent Mental Health Monitor

    More Information :

    See Unisons Guide To LINKS

    NHS Centre For Involvement

    Gateway Family Services

    LINk Facilitators
    Birmingham, W Midlands
    Date submitted 2 September 2008
    Closing Date 15 September 2008
    £22- £25k per year
    Full Time
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    Help us help everyone enjoy equal access to learning, employment and healthcare

    Gateway Family Services CIC is the leading provider of training and employment to the health and social care sector. Our mission is to reduce inequalities in learning, employment and health to release everyone's potential- and you will have a vital role to play. Gateway family Services CIC has been appointed as the host organisation to set up and co-ordinate the Birmingham Local Involvement Network (LINk). The LINk will give individuals, local communities and voluntary organisations a real voice in shaping and overseeing health and social care services.

    LINk Facilitators x3
    £22- £25k

    In one of these very important roles, you will facilitate and support the Birmingham LINk to improve Health and Social Care across the city. To this end, you will shape the delivery of the Birmingham LINk providing the skills to support members to work effectively in partnership with a range of statutory and community organisations. Facilitators will need to research current health and social care issues and be results focused.
    Ref: GW70

    Please email for an application pack, quoting the appropriate reference, or telephone 0121 772 8525.
    Closing date: 11th September 2008.

    Gateway Family services CIC is an Equal Opportunities Employer

    More Details:
    Gateway Family Services CIC
    Gateway Family Services CIC
    0121 772 8525

    Friday, September 12, 2008

    Mental Health Arts - The Toilet Paper Tribe

    By Silvis Rivers Reporting On

    Reporting from The UK In Birmingham .

    North Birmingham Community Arts in Kingstanding UK is a mental health Service User-led Arts Group . It funds itself - is totally autonomous , and gets the odd grant here and there and survives by donations and a lot of cheek . Yesterday one of the members with learning difficulties was making a second mask from toilet paper which is a pretty good medium with PVA building yard glue and wallpaper paste mixed in .

    Its an achievement of some magicality really - wonderful and funny to watch - with a few of us helping the member who does this to make her own creative decisions . This short film accompanying just shows a couple of minutes of snapshots of fun, some fellowship and creativity while one of the members was also strangely ranting on cheekily about mammory's....!

    Later we joked as the ghost of Freud (who always joins us) smiled :

    We claimed : "We had mostly lost our mammories ....."

    Yeah....Its the common theme with those who are damaged by life and have buckled identity and abilities .. So look on and smile .....Compassionately ...And you too can become part of the Toilet Paper Tribe like us .... "Bin-hicans" ....etc .

    Love from the TP..... T ! .



    Art by Silvis Rivers
    Death Service Noughts And Crosses

    USERWATCH Aug 30th 2008

    Colville Mark was a Mental Health Service User aged 50 in Camden London UK . In March 2008 he was found dead in his flat . For months no-one had seen him . He was inside the anonymous de-asylumed unconnected modernised servicelessness services now so prevalent in the UK . We have seen some of this in Birmingham too .

    He along with 49 others (levels of care for them currently unknown) were chosen to be "unallocated" social workers by the services . Yesss..... That is the new strange reverse-service language of the admin classes who continue to kill patients by service attrition from "afar" in the UK . How about the word "deprived" . He was deprived of a social worker for cost cutting measures.

    "Remote effect" , it might be claimed legally of Colville's death, however there are associations between services of choice needed by patient's, Trust diversion of money into needless internalised "user-bureacracy" bubbles, and the need to make financial surpluses by Trusts point toward wearing some patients out and away from Social Care and Health . What was Colville to do ? Protest ? No he was likely just surviving a difficult life ..

    Services everywhere in the UK are inside "lean financial policy" demanded of them by Gov't. Board's of Mental Health Foundation Trusts choose death or ill-health of patient's now by default, because if Trust's are making surpluses - and by god they are , then this is done by creaming them off patient care .

    The paradoxical nature of this is also patient's do not really excert choice in mental health - they are given what they get - the power of label - is still all - and woe betide them if they enter the discredited NHS complaints procedures which have to change by April 2009 because new Labour fragmented up the Social Care and Health complaints process making them into multi-layered ordeals which only a few people could really deal with - and that was the Ombudsmans opinions .

    Below, lets go "over" to Silvis Rivers post on Uksurvivors for his take on the Camden story originally attributable to the Camden News Journal

    He suggested using audit commission figures about Trust surpluses and setting them against patient deaths in the "Trusts"community, and in other ways, where any reasonable person might think that a patient should be getting better support but has in fact fallen foul of the new financial "health and care" systems .

    From Uksurvivors

    A Death Service Measuring Tool (Correlational only)

    By Silvis Rivers :

    The NHS Trusts are vulnerable to serious criticism (which goes all the way back to the Gov't) based on a comparitive correlative measuring tool I would argue anyone can apply .

    Hear this argument out before I get down to that .

    A Patient death in Camden (Colville Mark aged 50) - London reveals a continuing lack of care I would argue . The Coroner reported a death that could not be ascertained properly . So there's the admin-class's clever end of it as far as they are concerned . Colville was schitzophrenic and was deemed to be capable of looking after himself and his medication needs

    The Camden new Journal reported Colville Mark was one of 50 who were "unallocated" (a social worker) .

    "Mr Mark was one of the patients considered well enough to be discharged and referred back to us if any problems occurred in the future." She added: "We had 50 patients unallocated after losing two members of staff from the community team."

    Services though everywhere have come under the "lean policy" push to make savings and surpluses.

    You have to bear in mind that we have the much vaunted so called "Patient & Carer Preference" (of treatmemt) still being bandied about . The truth however is attrition of service at the expense of creating more "Voice" (bureacracy) . This costs money too and that will be another factor diverting costs away from frontline care too .

    Colville Mark's life was inside attrition policy both locally and nationally . And "Patient & Carer Preference" to shape treatment is limited by Govt lean policy which creates over-centralising over-managing power even inside Trusts with a mixture of demands to make surpluses and new "credible" elements of Trust dominated User-bureacracies ..

    So when Colville died was his Trust in surplus ? Yes . Was his life worth more than a new User-bureaucrat ?

    The Audit Commissions Report 2006 - 7 (with 2007-8 forecasts)

    QUOTE : Page 7 .

    "In year financial performance

    The Trust achieved its financial break even target and reported a surplus of
    £1.68 million for the financial year. This was in excess of the surplus of £1.18 million budgeted for, which had been agreed with NHS London. The Trust also met all other key financial targets and delivered approximately £6 million of efficiency savings.

    For 2007/08, the Trust has set a budget of delivering a £1.75 million surplus and after four months of the financial year is currently showing a surplus of £578,000, in line with the expected position. Achieving the surplus is dependent on the Trust delivering its £4.8 million of cost improvement programme, some of which is planned to be secured later in the year. The Board will need to ensure that the savings is monitored closely, with action taken if any slippage occurs."

    So it goes that anyone can correlate "surpluses made" with "patient care denied" or "patient care delabelled out of "allocated care " "

    The admin class will shout
    "NO PROOF" - but the noughts and crosses are building up in the community and the patient's are not winning the game . they are dying . I will try to report this more because witnessing this and saying something, is the last power we have inside so much powerlessness .

    So Uks tribe, alongside you might wish at any time to to Ukking well measure any patient deaths through lack of care against surpluses made at their services - its a tool of embarrasment to the admin classes who oh so skillfully brush the patient's cremated dusts under the national health service carpet

    Locate the Trust of the patient-dead, and put into Google the Trust name, and year of accounts, and "surpluses"..


    Monday, September 08, 2008

    Mental Health Arts - Sustaining A User Led Arts Group In The NHS Environment ?

    By Silvis Rivers

    Sustaining a Mental Health User Led arts group is not easy - especially when it's actually independent of the stautory services.

    At North Birmingham Community Arts UK we have cards made of images that will create a sales base. We get donations too . The trick is to get some of that equation right and brother we are not telling the services how either because they are too busy supporting performance reviewed in-house paid User-rivals .. Sounds crazy doesn't it - that the system operates against individual growth and truer individuation unless people work for that system ? ..

    Welcome to State-land and the mental health colonies .

    And the trouble is, authentic arts are not easy to produce if the context is over-compromising and is itself inauthentic . To be sure NBCA have spoken back to the services locally who have centralised a subsidised MH arts practice and created a kind of system backed "User-economy" .

    This is what the local Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Foundation Trust advertises as its form of "social inclusion" brand .. In truth it encourages a form of co-dependency and little real growth... It also encourges hostility and divisiveness because the Trust favours little User-governorships here and there in these centralising groups it fosters to watch its back for it ..

    NBCA have argued for a locality grants based model for Users whereby local services support Users in their own very local communities . £6000 a year is spent at one location by the local Trust in the centre of the city . That does have some strategic merit but the truth is a city like Birmingham poses many problems of travel for Users who could do better by locality development where they live. Currently NBCA argue this is being undernourished for a centralised model which suits the Trust's "business case" ......

    What evolves in the Trust environment is a shaping of some Users to work for it while those Users blind their own eyes to its centralising selective inclusion approach. Its bureau-land and bureau-planned....More and more betrayal is part of the normal experience of Users

    What is also evolving is the idea of some staff morphing themselves together with the bottom rung areas of economic opportunity into grant hungry groups staffed by them where performances are played out and Users remain with lives that are corralled . We know long term Users cannot fit into life easily but Day Centre dependency is turning into system encouraged resourceless dependency on more things Users have no control over ..

    Users NBCA knows did put forward other models of growth but it depended on them being in charge far more and that was resisted by the Trust itself unless it could have control over them.

    Art in truth is affected by experiences and if it is honest it will try to reflect a felt social truth or truths .

    When it starts really showing up the secondary and tertiary organised abuses of the NHS system on Users - its no longer seen as "good" - but even as part of the User's problem - Bland stuff though, is fine - or if its got the "ahh they are unwell factor".....or if its the usual pathos of internal mess and poor self knowledge with a few lines of crayon and a non sided boat in a sealess sea

    I recall showing off the picture at a Trust event in 2003 of the fire figure of hell - the holocaust walker - and a community nurse with a controlling way that came over like a walking quieted blue black anus said to me :

    "Its not the kind of stuff I would hang up - its not calming .. "

    I responded : " Its not calming because its the Self burning up in the slow holocaustic context of Life and even the mental health services which slowly furnace some peoples souls .. (now Ckuf off ) "

    Thursday, September 04, 2008

    Seroxat The Star Rabbit And The NHS Andromeda Strain


    Seroxat The Star Rabbit
    Picture Hallucinated By Silvis Rivers

    UserWatch in the UK has witnessed so many sad events in mental health recently that we all went off for a therapy session to see Seroxat The (wise) Star Rabbit.

    Seroxat though was also weaving in space of his own moaning about someone named Nurse Alice but we did manage to communicate to him by joined up hallucinepathy ...

    He put a question to us in that usual mystical rabbit way :

    "What is the connection between SSRI drugs like Seroxat , suicides without services , soldiers suffering mental health problems in prisons and the Andromeda Strain ? "

    Damn we were in for riddling here and we felt collectively Sphinxed ...However one of the UserWatch team recalled the Andromeda Strain film and the way bodies that had contracted the space virus spilled not blood when cut, but dust ....

    Ooooo---eee-----0000............We realised though, like good existential phenomenologists that the Andromeda Strain did not come from outer space . AHA ! It arrived from inner space.....It dried out souls into sands . After all we can no longer tolerate the flow of soul and we attack it with remedies that will wring it out and cut it to dust .

    Soldiers in UK prisons simply are not getting enough real therapy for their souls and feelings . They are Andromeda strained . Likewise Seroxat Users and ex-users are dried out away from the nuisance of having human feelings, compressed as they are over time to "depression" and they too are Andromeda strained ..

    People who burn themselves alive because of no service help (see earlier posts) and those who are not allowed to navigate their own anguish with serious help just run into the deserts and dry out .......Yes , you have it - they are Andromeda strained .

    Cognitive Bunny Therapy - claims Seroxat The Star Rabbit is another part of the Andromeda Strain that will dry souls out dead headedly and allow them to believe dried up logic can dominate human feelings . Barring burrows and creating fences for feelings is a way to create long term crazed up flop eared husks, not rabbits or humans that must negotiate inner conflict and human pain .

    "CBT" -

    Says Seroxat The Star Rabbit, while pointing his paw to that dreadful dirty green cheese-dust dried out Andromeda-Strain planet -

    "Is also existentially speaking , A leap of wraith"

    We agreed. And that ended our hallucinopathic interview . He is wise, is that Star Rabbit...

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    Be Patient For They Will Cremate Themselves

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