Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Alice And The Healing Bringer

Alice said

In the discovery and recovery of abuse
You see the transgenerational use
Of blame of that wild child

Everyone swears they did their best
Yet no-one seriously guessed
How secret voids of uncare were piled

Oh, they were invisible enough
Told tales over with idealised family stuff
But the natural Self never really smiled

It's like the photo's they all took
On each shoulder a secret miserable Rook
Referred to as: " wonderful life" and filed..

Well perhaps for some it's not go numb and dumb
Be well suited up, tidied and glum
And look meek and mild

But when you go against the colder hate
Seek comfort alone and moon masturbate
You know it's family deprivation re-styled ......

[Ahhh - the Rook said .. That's what my secret purpose was]