Friday, March 06, 2009

Caring Souls Forum "Fran" The Counsellor - More Disturbing Evidence


BACP Links To Caring Souls Story

UserWatch will not support unprofessional or unethical practice by counsellors in the UK especially when they openly support UK mentally disturbed people as main Forum Support administrators (Re: Caring Souls Forum) and openly state they are UK counsellors and the friend of the main Forum Support who later collapses under pressure from posters and brings the whole Forum down without warning distressing other people with instability. Its clear a UK counsellor like this who is also advising others on the Forum is not respecting the boundaries of their own professional practices and they are endangering others - Its a step too far ..But are they even registered ? We think this person "Fran" probably is ..

"My name is not Fran and I have never revealed my true location and always given false details as is proper and safe when online."

Lets remind the public and other Users about dangers of poor professional boundaries by looking at the somewhat prescient material below written by a BACP therapist in 2008 who knew the person whose alias was "Souls" on Caring Souls Forum. That BACP therapist was also concerned about the mixing of counselling boundaries online.

The Quotes below are from page's 4 and 5 of the BACP Therapist's 2008 response to a complaint and in reference to the person known as "MF" who was "Souls" on the Caring Souls Forum and the same "Souls"who posted this complaint material Online on a blogspot where we screen captured it. "Souls" also known as "MF" previously posted the information inside the Caring Souls Forum under the nose of her friend the counsellor "Fran" ..

From The BACP therapist :

Page 4 : Section 13 : (reference the internet and gaining of contacts)

"This was mainly via an internet website that brought together counsellors, student counsellors and clients of counselling "


"I was sometimes worried about the nature of the relationships resulting from this website and chat room and regard this website as highly inappropriate and encouraging a hugh blurring of boundaries between what is friendship and counselling"

Page 5 Section 13 : (reference to the internet)

"I do have questions though as to how much xxxxxxxxxxxxx may have interfered in her counselling with me "

UserWatch believes this material is very concerning and certainly the last line gathered with the rest because it points directly to the heart of the matter and focuses the points into serious matters of mixed up ethical behaviour of someone who claims to be a counsellor somewhere in the UK ..

When this material reaches the authorities in the UK and there are many pages of it, UserWatch believes they will be very surprised . There are in fact two separate tracts of material generated by two therapists associated to BACP and UKCP available as sources.

We will not support Users who endanger other Users - we will not support wayward professionals ..

We say to "Fran" - Turn yourself over to your registration body Fran - get peer supervision because you are ethically wayward and demands for privacy from you are nothing more than demands for immunity from accountability ..

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