Sunday, March 08, 2009

Mental Health Users We Advise Assess The Risks Of Fourms

How To Die If You Are Not Really Careful

Almost co-incidentally as we ran the recent story over the Caring Souls Forum where we believe a professional UK counsellor "Fran" wrongly engaged in support of a friend poster named "Souls" to run the Forum who was too unstable to do so and collapsed the Forum with everyone's details in it making some people so distressed as to feel suicidal , so the Birmingham paper "The Sunday Mercury", ran a story on Sunday about an internet predator. The important theme here is RISKS and exploring them and making them safer

The police in the US are looking into claims that a Minnesota man (a Nurse) pictured may have assisted people into their suicides by engaging with them in chatrooms .. Even one suicide occured locally to Birmingham UK.

The problem we at UserWatch argue, is some hyper-vulnerable people with huge emotional needs are out there on the Net and their needs make them in one sense emotionally boundaryless . They can be preyed on and influenced and in the wrong hands and mind - they can be influenced to die even by default actions and a lack of ethical standards by other posters .

Forums need checking carefully by unstable Users - if at all possible - and that's the gamble here where the black dice can turn up skulls and crossbones. At UserWatch we are now arguing when people Online call themselves "professional counsellors" they should make their registration details available so their behaviour is accountable and can be reported back to their registration bodies if necessary .

So where's some of the evidence that Caring Souls Forum advertised its : "professional counsellor?"

We have screen captured it underneath just click on it to enlarge .. And note what it says of promoting the Caring Souls Forum :

"one is an experienced counsellor in private practice and the other is a counsellor in training with a huge knowledge of therapy and mental health issues through her own experience "

Yet we clearly know out of the three people running the Caring Souls Forum : "Souls" "Fran" And "Willow" up to its crash in late February . Willow is just a well meaning grandmother from New Jersey hooked into a very needy Forum .

Her own words which we have recorded were :

"From the very first day I told everyone in a number of posts, that I was not a therapist... and I did not have any qualifications to give advice on any medical issues... and I was willing to become the "unofficial grandmother" in the forums. I posted in my introduction that I was a wife, mother and grandmother... and that any words of support from me would be given straight from my heart, with all my love and I would be drawing those words strictly from my life experience "

"Fran" is the professional counsellor from the UK with a private practice and "Souls" is most probably and sadly a Borderline Psychotic with active problems which "Fran" knows about, and are extensively documented by two therapists into the UK . Its only right people for Users and vulnerable posters to know what they are getting themselves into and who with and if its accountable if it goes wrong .

In "Fran's" case - she is not accountable to any Users for poor ethical behaviour online, gives false details , and no details of her registration body in the UK ....

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