Friday, February 23, 2007

UserWatch Receives Summary Board Paper On Therapy

Userwatch has received a short CEO board paper regarding a Birmingham & Solihull Mental Health Trustwide audit of psychological therapy services from late 2006 .

The paper which UserWatch will report on in more detail later has used the term "Empathy" and puts it forwards as a future practice to improve the relationship between patients and the Trust's service delivery to them .

The problem though appears to UserWatch to be one of internal-emotional-capacity (i.e. Emotional skill) of the Trust's practices itself .

The Trust is dominated by an old culture of part bureaucratic practice and a predominant insistence on the chemical model which in practice is quite an unempathic model of mental illness according to actual patient experience ..

The Trust describe "empathy" in the 2006 paper " as a form of customer orientated "psychological mindedness". Userwatch would put it another way : Empathy is an internal emotional capacity to receive the feelings of others and show CARE- not to act in a "business role" as if that is the case . The difference is often enough experienced on an internal quality level by patients.

Empathic quality is unmistakeable to patients if they ever encounter it . Its the actual feeling that "one has been felt and received by another human being" ... In that sense its an emotionally providing experience . Its caring and partly healing . UserWatch thinks the Birmingham & Solihull Mental Health Trust has a lot to learn about being receptive to patients with empathic skill .. (more later)

The E-Petiton on the Prime Ministers Website LATEST :

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to consider other psychotherapy approaches, not only cbt, in the proposed expansion of psychotherapeutic services within the NHS, instead of restricting choice for members of the public to one only model of therapy. More details

Submitted by Sheila Haugh of British Association of the Person Centred Approach – Deadline to sign up by: 03 March 2007 – Signatures: 8,673

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