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Cure The NHS ? Can It Ever Be Cured By Patient Democracy ?


UserWatch supports straight action to reform the NHS away from User/patient false involvement and impoverished bullshit democratics, into clear sightedness about who gets decent treatment at the front line. We are not sure the NHS can be cured though - its sick with corporatism, class based governance and it's greasily constructed to be top-down and anti-local and ultimately that often means anti-individual .

Mid Staffordshire Foundation Hospital has shown up the great rush to create Foundation Trusts for what underneath its really been - corporate conformity without enough moral vision for other people's pain . Ordinary people - not Boards and Non Execs and Governors and other arse-wiping bureacrats - are expendable unto death. This is not our opinion - it appears 400 people are the proof in the Staffordshire cemetaries .

Its a good thing that people like CURE THE NHS are forming a PETITION

Its nationally available in the UK. (REALLY WELL DONE!) What a hearted and human response that is ! We hope corporate mansluaghter charges are brought too - and the political fallout hits Labour hard over time ..

The politicians (of all parties) need a serious shot across their wavery and dodgy bows on health policy because all parties in the UK have broadly supported the cost cutting (service reducing in some cases) new surplus making NHS Hospital Foundation Trusts ..Mid Staffordshire Foundation Trust it has been claimed has cost at least 400 extra patient deaths beyond the expected rates.

CURE THE NHS are home grown from the Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Hospital Trust crisis.

"About Cure the NHS

This site is firstly dedicated to Bella Bailey 16/02/1921 - 08/11/2007 ... and also to the many others who have lost their lives needlessly on wards in Staffordshire General Hospital.

We launched this campaign after witnessing 8 weeks of elderly care in this hospital. What we saw after the first few days left us fearing for my Mother's life and too frightened to leave her.

We stayed by her side sleeping on a chair for 8 weeks, because we did I believe my Mother stayed alive for those eight weeks.

What we saw horrified us and from the letters we have received, it haunts many others who have had relatives/friends on those wards. Some relatives have spent longer staying in the hospital than us and have shared their experiences. Most of the letters relate to wards 7, 8, 10, 11 and 12 and it is ward 11 where my Mother spent her last days.

After her needless death, who yes was ill but not ready to die, we her family felt unable to let the suffering/abuse we saw continue. The campaign was launched by this [letter to the Staffordshire Newsletter].

The launch of the campaign with the help of the Staffordshire newsletter brought in many similar stories to ours. Their loved ones had been neglected or abused on those wards. My Mum was lucky she had us to help care for her. Many didn't, they died alone.



Today, the Patients Association and Cure the NHS have launched a national petition calling for an independent inquiry. With cross party support from senior MPs including Liberal Democrat Party leader Nick Clegg MP and local Conservative MP Bill Cash we are calling for all patients and members of the public to join us in our campaign. Andrew Lansley MP, Conservative Shadow Health Secretary has also called for an independent inquiry in the House of Commons.

The Patients Association and Cure the NHS asks all those concerned about the appalling standard of care at Mid Staffordshire Foundation Trust to sign the following petition:

I the undersigned support the Patients Association and Cure the NHS in calling for an Independent Inquiry chaired by a Senior judicial figure with clear published terms of reference to provide an answer to the following questions:

How were the serious failings in care at Mid Staffordshire Foundation Trust able to continue for so many years?

Can the public have confidence that the current and future systems of supervision and regulation will ensure safe hospital care for patients in the National Health Service and prevent this from ever happening again? TO SIGN THE PETITION CLICK HERE

See also Health Service Journal :

"Association president Claire Rayner said: "What is needed now is an independent inquiry into the whole function of each of the regulatory authorities and organisations that should have picked up what was happening. All we want is to find out how and why it happened and prevent this terrible situation happening again." Sir Richard Branson and Liberal Democrat health spokesman Norman Lamb are also supporting the petition.

The Healthcare Commission last week said it discovered understaffing, terrible standards of care and poor management on visits in spring last year.

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