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New Tiers Of Personality Disorder Services In Birmingham UK



New Tiers Of Personality Disorder Services In Birmingham

Mental Health Birmingham Main House Why Openness And Consultation Works

At first it was a shorter consultation period than some felt for the planned closure of "Main House" facility in Northfield Birmingham UK . Then it was legally extended in January by the intervention of the Birmingham Health Overview Scrutiny Committee (to March 17th) even though Main House Tier 4 Borderline PD therapeutic community was closed halfway through the consultation it still yielded real results . The last three Main House patients in February it appears were so upset that desperation created a planned triple suicide attempt. Its difficult not to be moved by that kind of gesture . They survived thank god .

The extended consultation though did result in some public and patient's positive energy being released. Attempts to evolve a properly joined up , community inclusive, earlier intervening, local and even West Midlands strategy for Tiers 1- 4 ( "Tiers" describe : severity of effects) has come into vision . Not without pain though , yet that is often the way of life itself .

Let's hope these new intended PD-inclusive services are monitored and aided now into fuller being and checked for their intended effects . The Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Foundation Trust have published a statement which we copy below . We did hear from patients about this closure of the service, and their pain, and we did hear from others who wanted so much more of an earlier intervening service for the PD Spectrum sufferers in Birmingham .

Salute to Main House for the good it did -

We think something will rise from this change

And we will of course , be UserWatch-ing


From Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Foundation Trust :

"Main House Decision Statement

Following the end of the Trust’s consultation on its Tier 4 residential service at Main House, the Trust board met on 23 March to consider the responses and to make a decision on its future.

During the consultation the Trust received a total of over 90 responses from a wide cross-section of stakeholders including Trust governors, current and former service users, clinicians, PCT commissioners and other external organizations. A report was submitted to the Trust board which highlighted the following themes that emerged from the responses:

• An understanding of the position the Trust has found itself in and about the questions set out in the consultation
• That Main House offers a unique treatment but it doesn’t work for everyone
• That staff skills and expertise should not be lost
• That service provision for people with a personality disorder should be moved to a more community based service (Tiers 1-3)
• There is a need for a Tier 4 service for the West Midlands and that commissioners need to establish a clear strategy and funding model at a regional level.

In general terms, it was also clear from the consultation that there is unanimous support within the Trust and beyond for people with personality disorders to receive appropriate, targeted care and specialist treatment when required.

The board also noted the commitment from BEN PCT to make the necessary investment in developing Tier 3 intensive day therapy services for Birmingham residents. The board also welcomed the commitment from the PCT to seek to co-ordinate and develop a Tier 4 commissioning strategy for the West Midlands, whilst also recognising that the preferred model was unlikely to replicate the Main House service.

Having carefully considered the outcome of the consultation and the commissioning context, it was concluded that the Main House residential service was no longer financially viable and therefore, with regret, should now be closed.

We are currently working with staff employed at Main House to ensure they are suitably re-deployed. It can be confirmed that there are no planned redundancies. "

Extra Information :

CQC NOV Assessment BSMHFT Nov 2009

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