Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mental Health Unit Main House Triple Suicide Pact


The stress was just too much for the last three residents of the doomed Birmingham UK Main House unit that saw Personality Disordered patient input numbers fall over the last few years because of a different evolving service delivery ethos in the UK . The new ethos is of creating Personality Disorder services UK wide, that create strategies more widely than having a few flagships that have created therapeutic communities which deal with acute versions of Borderline Personality Disorder. The argument nationally is for more help and earlier for all levels of damages in the PD spectrum for those who suffer from fragmented developments with an inner life of extreme feelings and often childhood post trauma .

The replacement services for Main House do not appear to have been fully created because as yet a Birmingham UK consultation (up to Mid March 2010) ordered by the Overview Scrutiny Committee and apparently pressured into a fuller consultation by the BEN PCT has not even been finalised (see here) ... Some few community PD services appear to be in place but from Users we hear they need to be carefully watched to see if they are going to deliver effective help to greater numbers .

The three last residents were so alarmed at the prospect of the end of Main House that they went out drinking and then took overdoses by common agreement .

Alison Dayani Eve Mail Writes :

The trio – two women and a man – were anxious about the future of Main House personality disorder unit, in Hollymoor Way, Northfield, Birmingham, when they fled the premises and went out drinking. They returned later to the unit and made a joint agreement to commit suicide, the Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Trust confirmed. The patients were admitted to A&E and recovered.

But days later, pictures show them tearful and distraught after mental health bosses decided to go ahead with Main House closure plans and cast the trio out into the community.


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