Friday, April 02, 2010

Prime Minister's Petition Site Child Migrants Press For Compensation


On Facebook and on the Prime Minster's petition site some of the child migrants sent to Australia and abused or made to work with status little better than slaves are pressing for compensation from the UK Government .

See Wikipedia for more background on Child Migrants

UserWatch thinks they have a "human rights" case - we are not sure about the law here, but we are sure about the moral case . Many of these UK kids were still being uprooted from their families and sent to Australia and Canada into the 1950's . It was apparently all too easy to argue that kids kept for a short term stays in children's homes while families were in economic and social distresses, should go populate the colonies and stock them out .

The UK has a disgusting record of upper and middle class domination over others while it colonizes them by class relationships or lives off them even at a distance .. Slavery was founded on colonialism and even in the UK the white class system itself was solidified by the same forces of an admin and upper elite who knew "best for others" - and how to shape them "morally" whilst actually exploiting them

Dictatorship by class collusion is still not discussed enough in the UK, and it is still apparent in mental health circles in Charities and Trusts and the glossy "User-elites" with their current superficial "happiness" and "past-ignoring" philosophies .. What's the connection with Child Migrants then ?

Well many kids (who become adult survivors ) who suffer separations and mystification of care-giving in development, or outright abuse, are all too readily written off from the stiff upper lip UK middle class dominance of ignoring emotional damage without decent supplies of long term feelingful and healingful therapy in the UK and elsewhere where the UK philosophy has taken root.

Brushed under the social and emotional carpet they are too often kept there, so solidarity with the need for the Child Migrants to gain compensation is solidarity with the struggle for recognition that abuse and separations create seriously damaged people who had no chance to put it right as kids and have to live a life of imprinted pain from a past that is a branding iron from the fire of personal hell.

Hell like that needs the grace of long term recognition as much as the Holocaust , Slavery or other human disasters like Palestine or the Irish Great Famine . Why ? Because it validates and re-validates people, cast into a permanent difference of life experiences by classes of others which they are finally unlikely to ever fully emerge from . People scar people, often forever, and for sometimes generations beyond .

But give them the right to grieve, to be helped and be recognized time and time again.

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