Friday, April 09, 2010

Health Service Journal Cat Picture Rescues HSJ From NHS Packs


Mental Health artist Silvis Rivers known as "Pillvis Depressely" to friends (and UserWatch Colleagues) seems to have captured the real sense of ashamed slinking by Health Service Journal Cat (HSJ Mogger)

From what we are hearing the NHS dog packs, who were told on April 1st by Health Service Journal that their anonymous postings had accidentally shown their real identities , have been tearing up their blankets in further posts on HSJ which has said " Sorryyyyyyyy........" to its self kennelled class of readers who love shadows and confidentiality to the bone etc ..

Yeah it was a great April Fool's trick but who exactly was the fool ?

The laugh goes on and on .... Yeahhh ... So does the savage posts we hear with acid urine-letting spraying up them ..


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