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More Creeping Health Information Nanny Fascism From Govt And NHS



Summary Care Record eg 1 BEN PCT

The NHS letter above was sent out into North Bham Uk In March 2010

The unwise headlong rush to digitalise people's health records is happening in North Birmingham UK . No doubt elsewhere too . This is despite the leaky record of Government with people's private health and other information. Millions of records have already been lost previously. Quite simply this needs to stop - its not democratic enough - its bureaucratic and too undebated . Its too much power in Govt's hands.

Health information must remain localized and only available for investigation, say, via the right kinds of authority exercised by law and police - with proper checks and balances . The UK will be the most un-private Govt surveilled country in the world if we carry on like this , and what's the guarantee centralized records will be safe ..? There are none .

At least if access is carved up and compartmentalized locally in GP's hands , then by default there's some safeguard against mass hacking . The NHS though is a slave to Gov't and simply goes its bureaucratic way into more state-controlled ways .

In mental health UK State Control is already massive with no legal mechanisms of patient choice and major charity networks now as state provisioners with an eye on business and unfair competition against a real "choice" market , and with professionalised ex-Users of services dominating as as a collective of neo-liberal middle class educated "representatives" - oh yes , there is a crushing of personal freedoms already under the guise of "We the State" know best .. "We The State" - remember that.... Because people without free choice are owned by the State and their networking servants .

We also note the opt-out capacity (see letter below) for this new patient record structure is made that bit harder rather than easier by sending out an opt out form with the letter of promotion . Oh how middle class and slippery can you be .. Get wise and fuck this shit off and be freer . This is typical greased NHS bureaucracy to get its own way ..

But do you think we are over the top perhaps ? Then look at this April 4th Daily Mail report - below the letter :

Summary Care Record eg 2 BEN PCT

From Daily Mail April 4th 2010

"Seven primary care trusts in north east London, serving more than 1.5million people, have started to send the information to a data entry firm in Pune, western India, where it will be inputted by 200 workers.

This is despite a pledge from the Department of Health that no personal information would be sent overseas.

John Hemming, the Lib Dem MP for Birmingham Yardley and an expert on IT, said: 'Given the government's track record of losing data in this country, it is worrying that data are being sent overseas. Every transfer of information adds to the risk of being lost.'

Critics of the scheme say there is a risk that patients could be identified if NHS numbers are matched with anonymised clinical notes which are already being sent to India by more than 30 trusts."

And what's happening in the world afar do you think ? Well there's a tread of giant Statehood and

"We The State" everywhere, pretending it's "the people " .. Have a look at what's happening in the US in the Video below . Plenty of information seems to be needed by the US Govt - what for ?

We say : State is State is State, it must be a servant not master or mastering with State enabled networkers that act like "they are the people " - we are moving towards state controlled fascistic practice and in a trance in the Western world.

In Mental Health services in the UK there is strong evidence too of unrepresentative networkers controlling the mental health agenda so much they are now planning for 25 years in advance ! All this is inside a context where patients in the UK routinely cannot even get access to an Independent Mental Health Advocate as is their legal right .

Jesus when are you all going to wake up and stop this creep toward State neo liberal neworking fascism.

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