Saturday, April 10, 2010

Mental Health Patient Choice Is Sane - But Rethink Needs To Rethink and MIND Needs To Be Spined


UserWatch Reports

The Userwatch team and individual RIP-orters while devilling about here and there on a cheek expedition noted and conversed about SANE .

The UK Charity SANE does have a 2008 document about Patient Choice and discusses it more openly than the UK State shadow-market developers Rethink and MIND .

That's a plus point and Sane plays less with political snakery than Rethink and MIND . We know that .

Patient Choice of elective care and a consultant that is part of that UK menu driven system, exists for the general population but in mental health UK you are scuppered and have no equality of opportunity of Patient Choice .. That is not tolerable , its discriminatory , and disenfranchises patients who need help via a choice of consultant, a choice of meds or therapies that are not merely crushed and tinned and cogged up by the State or indeed its overcompromised shadow-state - the UK MH charities like MIND and Rethink .

We know they've increased their provisioning status under Labour and that compromises their charity status as far as we are concerned as well as their ability to push reform for patients and not be inside a conflict of interest which now sees patients as a competing market to survive off ..

MIND and Rethink ought to be registered businesses now, because that is what they are concealing they are .

Got it ?

Good .. It will not go away from vision either .



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