Monday, April 19, 2010

Care Summary Record Problems NHS Has To Inform Patient Better


The DOH has had a rethink and is delaying the roll out of this big Govt records move despite the fact some Primary Care Trusts have already done this and probably not as well as they should have done . In Birmingham UK we hear Opt Out forms were not sent out with letter requests. Patients were informed signing up to the Care Summary Record was automatic if they did nothing at all ..

Really inspiring isn't it ? Especially as records and patient files have been regularly lost and the State is simply not secure nor will it ever be unless we accept total surveillance .. Think about it .. Hard ...

NURSING TIMES today states :

Medical records will not be uploaded to a central computer system in some parts of the country until the public is made more aware of the move, the government has agreed.

The British Medical Association raised fears that some regions were seeing an accelerated rollout of the summary care record without proper consent from patients.

More than 1.25 million patient records have already gone online and some 50 million will be uploaded on to the database over time.

The record contains basic details like name, allergies, medication and adverse reactions, with further details possibly being added over time.


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