Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mental Health Users See Jack Dromey's Erdington Chocolate Miracle


Jack Son Of Labour Pictured In BourneVille-Erdington

Jack or Bobby - Who's your choice ?

First it was water into wine but Jesus was just an amateur. Jack, Son Of Labour can change Erdington into Bournville ... Yes a whole shift of one Brown area of class, into another . Erdington locals must be smiling at Jack's parachute fabric flappy coat.

Bourneville is the home of Cadbury's , hmmmmmm very nice too ..... Its full of middle class people ... Uni-student bedsit land and the cosmopolitan professional classes who skip about the country and have a base there too.

But anything is possible if you believe.

Chocolate is brown through and through and if you need a Chocolate Erdington then Jack's yer miracle man. He will save Cadbury's there too . UserWatch advises people in Erdington to search their bowls for local chocolate traces and if you cannot find any then vote for Jack because he will give you plenty of Brown ..

This kind of brown locality pooper would never be made by Robert Alden the Tory Councillor who has lived in Erdington for some time and whose Mother Deidre Alden is the Health Overview Scrutiny Committee Chairman and whose Father is also a Birmingham Councillor. What Robert Alden and the local Tories also understand is Kingstanding is also an area where progress can be made . Gary Sambrook a local young Kingstanding Man and Robert Alden have wooed the vote there for some time on small ward issues .. Do they think Erdington is Chocolate ? Nahhh ... They know its different classes and it difference from Bourneville ..

Who will become the MP for Erdington ? Well it appears it might be close run . The Labour majority vote looks set to drop or change . UKIP are standing there and there is certainly an anti european and anti immigration sentiment in North Birmingham local's attitudes on the street . If Labour cannot hold the vote and it slips to disaffection to others then Robert Alden stands a chance. The Lib Dems do not appear to be a serious force locally and may serve only as a Labour vote diverter. Its going to be interesting, but Erdington does need a change and yet the whole voting system and country needs to alter too . We are carrying too much State dominion and UK made constipation and need to furnish another type of economy of skill and hope .

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