Sunday, April 11, 2010

Mental Health Charity Replicants Cannot Let The Pigeon Fly Free

Freeing The Pigeon

Well , an animal that talks, gets attention for their issues for sure - but in mental health UK, where activists have had to battle the UK system's shadows over the last year, to loosen its oppressive grip on patient's lives and promote their supply to their legal entitlement to Independent advocates the caged and mishandled pigeons still get crushed, all too often .You cannot challenge a powerful system until it loosens it grip and accepts your power too. Its loss of power is your gain .

The UK public are happy enough to have new legal powers of "Patient Choice" which translates legally from early 2009 as a choice of consultant (from a menu of say 5) and a choice of elective care to secondary care providers (hospitals) or services outsourced by them .

In mental health UK there are no such rights. Who made it that way ? The Labour Party. The Labour Party's attention to mental health seems to have been high-jacked strongly by large Mental Health Charity Influences over 10 years on advisory committees and they have clear but publicly unstated serious conflicts of interest.

Instead of reform of the mental health system's economics for the greater number of MH patients to have the same equal opportunity as the general public, of choices of therapy and recovery managements "pre or post crisis", the MH Charities have progressively become provisioners for the things they have been talking up and influencing at Government level . That is not pro consumer led choice - its corral-dom . Choiceless-herd-economics

That's a restrictive step too far . Its a merging of charity-business interest into flawed "representative reforming interests" in a way that does not produce a proper base level of democratic engagement or real consumer choices. The pigeon is crushed by that too . Or kept still and held .

The pigeon is set to be held for a very very long time . Its wings will always be straining though .. Will the State Replicant let it go ?

The solution is, that Rutger a fiction Replicant realised the vulnerability and wonder of life with its losses and he finally let go. That was despite his State Replicant produced state .

His consciousness elevated beyond the system machine-being he was supposed to be ...

In the UK mental health scene there are DOH and Charity "replicant" armies of wandering State-bound-up careerists that will not let go of the birds and let them have winged choices for their own lives . The "replicants" need that compulsive grip that economically and socially keeps the pigeon held and caged, otherwise they cannot replicate .

Many replicants thus live as bought-off liars ... Pinnochio genes too have been self inserted .


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