Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Looking Ahead (25 years) Without Legal Patient Choice Mechanisms In Mental Health SCMH


Satire Image Above By Wahoo-Kakatoo

The document pushed out by Sainsbury's Centre for Mental Health "Looking Ahead" says a number of things unwittingly . It says who-ever designed its frontage thinks a background picture of Dubai was ideal to lift the future into what was little more than corporate over-speculative "aspiration". But who cared about reality when money frothed and soaped everything ..

Patient's in mental health needs choices which are legal mechanisms and empower real choice (there are none currently ) but SCMH and its tribe of mental health charities have been arranging the mental health provider market partly for their survival . The so called Service User Movement is little more than a middle class collective of social engineering fitter careerist and occasional ex Users who have set themselves up as the new priests of mental health reform .....And made a lot of money from it .. They've played for years on the anti-stigma funding merry go round ..

The almost solely work-driven agenda of SCMH is failing because it never factored in the unreality of its own vision that was blind to major global changes in the over speculative financial economy which in the UK means industrial production and capacity has been under-preserved and continually lost to the major producer of everything , China, which subsidizes oil to its industries ....

Like it or not free market middle class tolerated global economics which has benefited the growth of the western middle classes has to give way to regulation and new productive localizing balances to create local opportunity ...Another type of working class ..Balance .

Now that will take real effort not magical thinking from SCMH with its entry level NHS state jobs acting like they are the real thing and a real economy as opposed to frothy illusions .

Goodbye Dubai soap .

As for legal mechanisms of mental health Patient Choices of services and recovery managements post-crisis , its been nobbled by Labour preserving their neo-liberal mates in services and the notion that State knows best . It can only be witnessed at the moment for its destructive lack of empowerment to mental health patients who cannot choose a service like everyone else can in elective care .. Its murder ....

The slow hanging out of existences over Dubia ideals ...


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