Sunday, December 07, 2008

Mental Health Voluntary Death Centre Policy Unveiled As Labour Develop New Logo From "L's"

In a bid to save the country (UK) from keeping long term Mental Health Users on benefit the "Assisted Suicide" Law is to be repealed so the Govt can employ new classes of ex Service Users and NHS Staff to help those who wish to claim a new death benefit ..

Fred Froyd of the New Labour Progressive Policy Unit along with Jimmy Arseknell has claimed that not only will the country save money in the longer term but those choosing a way to help the country will have 2 years of all welfare beneits given to their dog , budgie or the the upkeep of the graves of their dead friends and family ....Or they can donate it back to the Govt ..

Gordon Brown is hailing this as a New Economic wave of thought : " Goodbye to failure"

"A changing of no hope into no life is now valuable for the community .."

All of this fits into a new drive by the Labour party in the UK to get "tough and real with zeal " and even to change its logo by smart use of a rightward circle of "L's" ...



Foundation Trust Watch said...

Hello from Foundation Trust Watch (Cambridgeshire).

It appears we're on the same side.

You know there's a few medics that are on our side too. They're too scared to speak out, but they're there.

PatientGuard said...

your profile is so funny - really is therapy .... Love ya !

"omerta" is a code of silence of the mafia but its also part of the staffia too and the DOH higher ups .

Some staffies are good (we know some) and are doing what they can .. A lot are taking existential blood money and turning their hearts away from all sorts of truths they daily see and know are oppressive.

In the UK we simply have to have mental health patient choices which embraces a new culture of therapies external to the NHS and competitive supply sides and other user purchased recovery methods as well as User-training-grants to help people in their own homes recover into life in their own localities.

We know of a lot of Users that could be helped by the Online world and new opportunities but it takes a long time for many to use the up and down strength they have to learn and be helped ....

UserWatch is savagely on the side of Users because of the deaths we have seen and the slow death of many that could be helped far more effectively if the system driven Top Downers would get out of the way...

Keep alive ... Here's kissing every bit of ya - especially if you supply the UserWatch team with chocolate shaped bones ...

Yahhhhhheeee Dogs Awayyyyyy ..

(Bone Ranger cry !)