Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Mental Health Two Legged User Dog Tries To Outrun DWP Benefit Tsunami

Cartoon By Kakatoo Dec 2008

TwoPins - the disabled User-Hound that all Mental Health Users know and love at Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Foundation Trust UK was sketched by KAKATOO outrunning a Dept of Work And Pensions Benefit Tsunami .....

They do say these giant DWP waves withdraw the benefits from the dogger-sands first then lash in with raised splashes of impossible bluish tons of expectations .

The tsunami was concocted up by a few bad twisty watery magic spells - very bad dog meat policy-belches, and a posh doggy bunch of New Slavers headed by the privileged James Poodell ...

Poodell it is claimed, is really just a face painted onto the dogger-sands to frighten puppies into being trained and crapping properly known as : "doing their bit"....

Bitches with puppies are very scared around pictures of Poodell ..

Yessss "bit" in "doing their bit " does rhyme with something - but we at UserWatch are very very good as you all know .

We will keep you in touch with how two legged dogs fare and TwoPins especially in the new Wavey-World of goodbyes to stability of all sorts - unless you are banker, then your incapacity will certainly be given benefits ..

UserWatch - loves dogs by the way...

Extra Feature Below : Stuart Butterfield -

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