Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Incapacity Parrots Get Expanding Jobs In Mental Health Trusts

Fairness to User Parrotkind is almost a policy of UserWatch .....Almost, because too much fairness weakens the power of cheek and you know us ..

Meeting Users in Manchester UK recently saw two of the UserWatch team hearing them talking about the usual NHS and Mental Health (MH) Charity orthodox anti-stigma-awking and other awkings which are awked out by awking Users at their Trust as though they are original awks .....

"Society is to blame for not accepting us AWK AWK ... " "Society , AWK ..Employers are awkward AWK AWK......."

Most of the awking by fit User parrots at their Trust was about getting jobs and mini careers in the Trust itself and few awkings were about patients getting better treatment choices that might be possible were it not for so many fit parrots getting NHS jobs awking about this and that in awking meetings ..

It appears in MH its quite an awful awking world ....The job promo advert above shows the latest NHS policy . Its urges User-Parrots to become Parrot-trooper Guards ... In fact in Britain everyone needs guards and performance checking and general intrusion dressed up as democracy and usefulness because in truth its the only illiusion that makes people believe there are awking jobs or roles to be had ..

UserVoice Rebel .

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