Thursday, December 11, 2008

Mental Health Incapacity Dog Named Two Pins Starts A Social Doggerprise

Cartoonery By KAKATOO

In an effort to copy James Poodell's bottom scent from the Dept Of Woof And Pensions - Incapacity Dog AKA "Two Pins" set up his bone-stall today and we at UserWatch interviewed him.

"Innovation is the key" Says Two Pins

"Bones that light up and show other dogs how to collect bones are my invention . I have not sold many because I can hardly get around and have to eat most of the bones I find ...."

"Now there's a credit squeeze, dogs everywhere are going into the local dustbins with torches too"

James Poodell is well fed though " ... Two Pins Snarled.

"To be honest most of the bones I have here are from dead dog friends killed or starved by the UK Fat National Health Dog Services that made them even more mental than they were - some used to see scratchy cats everywhere - even in their baskets ..

I hate selling my dead friends out - but what's an Incapacity dog to do ... ? "

Guest appearance toon below :


Foundation Trust Watch said...

We are on our way to an American mode of health and social care for mental health service users.

This much is fact, and we are powerless to resist.

It is time for us to learn from our Lords and Masters, and get our snouts down at the budgetary trough.

Our inexpert muzzles, will at first not be able to gorge with same level of professionalism currently displayed by those more surreptitiously mad than we.

However, with practice we may become fully fledged Squealers.

Silvisrivers said...

I have thought Of sighning up for Dignatis because age an events are killing me anyway . A half sister who has never had MH problems attempted suicide and rang me up over 100 miles away . I was in taxi and could not do anything because I am disabled but I did eventually got an alert off to my neice ...

I only discovered my half sister in the late 1980's after my genetic mom died and it set me on a soul trek in which I discovered all the reasons for our abuses, seperation and pain ....I need meaning - I have always needed meaning for my identity to be restored .

Yes its pioneerism - the copying of the US by the UK at its worst a-coming - US hell and its UK profesionalised mystification of help that we cannot really shape ourselves

Thet do not like people showing pain and grief-extraordinaire - they do not like a history of explanation and a reclamation of the feeling Self ...They like chemical burial ..

They are unreal and they are crucifying much social truth and Users - still ..

PatientGuard said...

Yes Us Colonialism has occured because politicians divorced themselves from social reality and looked for solutions that make helpless people take the weight of their insight deficit .

Foundation Trust Watch said...

I wonder how Tescos, will cope with giving their workers time-off to attend the Clozapine clinic, time-off for BiPD's bad days, Autistics meltdowns, BPD histrionics and just how are you going to get anyone to do a job of work just after their arses have been pumped full of Halperidol?

I mean, for fuck's sake, what Planet are these people on? Obviously one where there's no mentally ill people, and supermarkets that prefer to have their beans stacked neatly on shelves, rather than being thrown at people's heads.