Sunday, December 28, 2008

Mental Health Self Anihiliation Compulsions ?

In Gaza despair is normal. Other people with shared religious illusions and claims on lands have progressively and compulsively stretched out into Gaza lands . Their object appears to have been to silence the claims for the cornered and violated voice of Palestinians who are now a concentration camp shadow of Israel's past and its paranoid construct re-shaped by its neighbours into a seige mentality .

Self anihiliation or threatened anihilation of the Self can beget an explosive mixture of behaviours into which final suicide wanders and the voice of suicide is a social critique on everyone. Very few want to hear it thoroughly though . Death as a force too can become so large sometimes that what constructs the suicidal narrative is wiped out - history is lost in the explosions and counter explosions of shells - rage/counter rage violates all - even the ears ... For a time ... God help Gaza and all who live in her ...

We oiled ourselves
With David's star
And worshipped at the
God Of Car

And Mordecai blew
The nuclear whistle

And the world's eyes
Closed on his epistle

They'll flame the Gazans
For being Guy Fawkes
Pretend to open more
Non talks

Its easy to give death's tanks and ferry
When you know
You're Tom
And your weight and claws like
Shredding up the ghosts of Jerry

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