Monday, December 29, 2008

The Christmas Gift Of Post Trauma And Red Snows

For Yasser And Ariel ..

Post trauma can generate its own repeat impetus by a process labelled as "acting out" or "projection" where the victim tries to blame the world for the victimisation of the victim . It gets more damn complex when the social world is actually shit too .

"Acting out" needs no great science to explain it - its a reflex to protect from an inner past that is over at one level but its also an overload from past events that were not fully resolved into a painful but necessary emotional integration ... Easy to state isnt it ? . Its very hard to unravel emotionally without serious help and by god you'll pay for any wisdom often with tears of acid .

But "post trauma" is not all not purely in the realms of some inner disorder people can easily pathologise and label quickly like the usual mental health-parrots .. Survivors genuinely need a very powerful form of hearing and for as many years as they do need it . You'll be lucky to get that kind of hearing and the right of explosive grief anywhere in the world. The UK for instance is upper-lip-deadland mainly and thus craziness, repression and self distortion without emotional straightness is encouraged ..

Survivors of great pain and trauma have wandered either through childhood or adult survival only by being partly dissociated ghosts and sometimes its a case of woe betide anyone who should act remotely abusive to them . They are both the victim and the victimised rolled into an energy loop ready to be uncurled but rarely helped to a cure - systems of health care would rather they were pilled or injected and that is measure of the systems encouraged lack of human depth. Feelings are seen as "risk" areas ...

The combined triggers for revenge and self protection are there in post trauma survivors ...Its not just Israel and the Palestinians that are locked into this cycle . Its a wider global and social truth . Of unheard people, listened to the bones of their damages. The post traumatised have acute sensitivity and vulnerability and are overprotective so much they will force onto others unreasonable boundaries and forms of "war" over their "security" .

Security, that actually means underneath something precious and real was either anihiliated or the threat is it will all happen again ... Imagine if you will, many people who were shaped from post trauma events . Imagine a nation of them and you come close to a cycle of events that has so many internal weaves and layers of collective inner life and fears, and outer social projections and repeated acting out on others who also now are the dreaded shadows. So you have arrived in Post-trauma-tradition-land and all that is left is a moil of social sickness, suicidality and despair with cornered selves .

Hitler would be pleased wouldn't he .... ? Its snowing red over Gaza ..

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