Monday, December 22, 2008

Mental Health Incapacity Dog Wins Dept Of Work And Purnell Award

A Mental Health User-Dog known as "Incapacity Dog" has invented a butcher and dinosaur friendly ECO-BONE Chair . Said to be particularly useful in areas where human massacres have occured or the UK has been to war, the "Eco-bone Chair" is good for disability dogs everywhere and helps cleaning up here and there and employment of otherwise bone-idle dogs ..

James Purnell on hearing of this wonderful invention and the multi-layered benefits it can have to disabled dogs everywhere, is rumoured to be creating special grants for disabled dogs in the UK on Incapacity Benefit, to travel to places like Iraq or Rwanda and even as far afield as Afghanistan.

"I agree these beasts need to be put to useful work where there are plenty of bones"

He said when UserWatch asked him what he felt about this important job creation innovation.


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