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The Mental Health Breakdown Of King Dollar And Other Madness

Cartoon By UserWatch Cartoonist Kakatoo

Is Capitalism Creating Systems of More Mental Instability ?

UserWatch Reports 2nd April 2008

The mental health fallout of global financial systems creating illusory asset strength on money borrowed and speculative debt refinancing, and the more exotic "derivatives" cannot yet be measured...

The encouragement of the financial systems in the world to finance consumerism over years on the back of debt that cannot be paid will unravel the big false political drive to keep the populace "happy" rather than asset- "real"...Uh oh ...Depression is a-coming ....

Sub Prime mortgages were loaned to people who did not have the means to pay back debt especially if the prices rose of food and oil - like they have ... And oil prices rising have shown just how exposed to debt the West and others are ... There's a black hole of no-return on money borrowed ..

In the US, gangs of people are already going to new houses that cannot be sold and raiding them for copper pipe etc because the cost of scrap has risen . So has food massively and that makes the gangs money hungry in poorer areas

The free market (not that we are "socialists" at UserWatch) has now resulted in a number of destabilising factors . Capital has shifted towards India and China with low unit cost production and huge numbers of people in the West who worked in manufacturing have been laid off over years . Same in the US.. The rise and rise of immigration in the UK and US has benefitted employers for sure but not the populace in the main (See BBC Story)

The Lords Select Committee in the UK reported on the impacts of mainly EU immigration and have shown that the lowest paid people in Britain are in a competition they cannot win for work from the expanded intake of EU immigrants.

They cannot win because (UserWatch adds) EU immigrants will often live many to one rented house and create a kind of functional low cost labour camp for their conveniences. Who can blame them ? - That's the free market in operation .

Mental health users though in the UK are now to be targeted for work by Govt if they are on Incapacity Benefit (IB) no matter what severity and how long term .

Anyone see the contradictions ? They are glaring . The Govt hopes magical vacancies will appear for the mental health users booted off by tough assessors what is after all a disability benefit . The EU immigrants out-competing the indigenous UK low paid are often working in labour intensive trades such as building and agricultural work as well as demanding care homes. Not many of them have disabilities do they ?

Perhaps some young people on IB will fit that type of work if they also adopt a multi-occupancy strategy like EU immigrants do ...? Yeah sure - we doubt they will get away with it ...

What we can also see happening in mental health is "bullshit britain" tactics to create false entry level jobs inside the mental health parts of the NHS ...The advantages is from the Govt's point is it can interrupt the benefit claim cycles and may lead to lower benefits given .. The disadvantage is it creates a false cycle of "user-involvement" which claims "work and treatment" are the same instead of them being related but not to be over- embedded together in a cost-diversionary way

In other words the NHS mental health system is to become another type of employment centre whose function is to keep people off benefits and create a culture of dubious value where the state has massive cross organisational boundaryless bureaucratic control and will no doubt feed those ex-Users well who "butter it up the arse" ..

Its not prejudice by us at UserWatch its what we are already seeing in motion and its not authentically assisted wider "social inclusion" its actually parasitic selective inclusion for political ends that also suits the insecurities and career power circles of the NHS Trusts...

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