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UserWatch Posts View To The Taxpayers Alliance On Mental Health And Incapacity Benefit

The Taxpayers Alliance are making real headway in getting information made transparent about M.P.s allowances in the UK .. Tony Blair M.P. for instance paid for his £116 TV licence out of expenses claimed

We moseyed-on over there to TPA to see Stardrinker a UserWatch colleague had posted some points about how the National Institute For Mental Health in England (NIMHE) should be cost/benefit examined.

Indeed by implication, how mental health supply sides of treatments chances ought to be measured against the costs of new Labour mental health bureau-staff-ocracies like NIMHE that have by their existence ensured that Users were in their "Community Caves " nicely quietly mad and asylumed, without treaments they could have had if NIMHE had not existed and had not diverted costs (100 million over 4- 5 years 2003/4 - 2008 end)

Here is Stardrinkers post below in answer to the Telegraph's position carried by TPA claiming 100000 addicts claim Incapacity Benefits ..

"The link between really dysfunctionalising disability and for instance poor mental health (MH) is very strong in cases where Incapacity Benefit (IB) is claimed. The media do a very selective take and a major dis-service to most claimants who often live in quite a lot of pain. However there is merit in examining costs and benefits so let me continue .

In the MH community beyond the social engineering new Labour NHS "recovery" squads and mind tinkerers, and at the coalface of suffering, there are plenty of MH Users on IB who would have benefitted from a form of consumerist led "Patient Choice.." The private sector supply could have helped here with "pilots" years ago. Labour did not want that though .

Many MH Users wanted help years ago with altered mind states , paranoia of others, serious depressions, and quite frankly in amongst some of the serious areas of damaged peoples, a whole lot of active but partly hidden episodes of child abused pasts. Rape and serious developmental abuse in the MH (IB dependent) users-community is a very common de-stablising early imprint.

"Try being functional when the world seems projectively like one big sodomising and abusing being " Said a paranoid MH IB User to me before I came on here ....

Many MH Users on IB wanted to progress but with genuinely deeper help, and many have been kept quietly asylumised by the State in their own homes - until ofcourse a "raid on welfare" became necessary for politically driven reasons led by a big banker from the financial community that as we know invents its own reality and money when it wants to .

Some of the mental health Users I have interviewed and seen in the past call the new Labour policy : "community cave" policy ..What they wanted was not to be sick at the taxpayers expense, but to get a life.

Its been almost impossible for many to negotiate their way forward into life with a Top-Down Labour State that has been busy stacking money into bureau-systems that pay for staff and services on paper rather than real treaments which suit MH Users and that means many on IB ..

You know some MH Users are given books to read on "thinking" and "feeling" by the NHS mental health services now.....What the hell happened to direct human hearing and witness, that frankly when done right, is cheaper, and human.

And the bottom line is to help people authentically get off benefits, rather than New Labour stacking up new NHS bureaucracies that divert money from treaments that could have been chosen by MH users sooner to help them into more productive life ..

Therefore : try looking at the National Institute For Mental Health in England (NIMHE) which the Dept of Health constructed and NIMHE's own costs, and then look at the budget for psychotherapy (which will be made deliberately impossible) to help people in communites over the years - 2000 - 8.

NIMHE however from 2003 will have cost over 100 million by 2008-end and a cost benefit analysis set against lost opportunities for treatments of IB MH Users should have been done on it independently - it wasted MH IB Users lives and treatment-chances. Dave Freud should have analysed that too after all analysis runs in his family doesn't it ?

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