Monday, April 14, 2008

Mental Health Choir Sing Out Deformist Policy

Cartoon By Kakatoo UserWatch Roving Toonster

The New Labour Deformist Policy In UK Mental Health

UserWatch Ri-ports 14th April 2008

Its a scream isnt it ? Or maybe its quite a few. Or even a lot . Orchestered maybe ? Yes we think so at UserWatch - like Kakatoo (our cartoonist) ..

The NHS in Birmingham UK we see recently is so Top-Down laden with New-Labour deformist plans for how mental health patients should process their feeling and thinking, that its going to help some of them get Computerised Cognitive Behaviour Therapies in nearby local libraries.

There they will be able to do computer exercises on looking at negative thinking and how in theory that is supposed to be the trigger for cycles of bad feelings . Maybe you think we are being harshly tuned about all this - so lets see ...

The idea is the alter the patterns of "co-reinforcing negative thoughts and feelings" with some intellectual exercises in the belief that thinking in new ways will dominate inner life and eradicate bad feelings ... This is an incredibly superficial and limited application and although Pavlov's dog and a few people with simpler conditioned reflexes might appreciate it, the rest of more complex mental health Users will want to join the choir of howling with us ..

Friendly staffies (which are rare but lovely) passed onto us very clear documents which propose Computerised Cognitive Behaviour Therapy in local libraries in Birmingham . It appears that the newly merged pan-Birmingham UK Primary Care Trusts service re-designers (who hold the commissioning powers for purchase of services) are trying to fufil the National Institute For Clinical Excellence (NICE) 2006 guidelines on CCBT which pushes CCBT at Users as though its a real answer for many with depression and anxiety problems ...Pity Users dont have a choice of treatments but in most cases their treatment will be gatekeepered by minimum-cost anxious staff ..

Well, we wrote here above, about the theory of looking at co-reinforcing patterns of inner thought and feeling in order to alter negative feelings and improve outlook. In a spirit of validation of the mental health Users experience, could we posit a new System Behaviour Cognitive Therapy (SBCT) for contrary Govt policies and NHS ?

Does the deformed system of health services co-reinforce crisis and bad feelings in mental health Users ? Yes it does ... And this is often reported to staff who now have more belly up and tickled unions . So will the system get SBCT therapy or will it make do with the idealised-image NHS system with its we-know-best rhetoric that often avoids validating the experience of the mental health Users ?

We think there should be a patient (Users) stocked library for staff to get SBCT therapy and the volumes that should be read by staff are the untold stories of pained Users that need listening to, and whistleblowing on with some real moral responsibility and backbone .

Users need helping to therapeutically mourn, and cry out about a bad system too on the outside of their lives rather than being told to merely piss about with thought exercises on computers in libraries on their own - NOTE : for "Social Inclusion" and "Drop In" - the terms used in the papers we have seen.....

Time and time again we meet real mental health Users rather than the Dept of Health theoretical-ones, or self marionetting versions. The ones we meet are not altering their mainly now silenced opinions to slickly suit NHS Trusts images for the Govt and bureaucrats. The tale we hear is often of a rotational cycle of no service response when needed - of crisis - of isolation in the community - of labeling people out of service engagement and delivery - of no help with welfare benefit crisis, after mental health crisis - and of no choice of treatments (and more lately from a Govt advisor stigmatising them as welfare benefit scamsters in the black economy)

NO its not everyone that experiences this sickening regular serviceless story - but it is many who will not enter the national "Patient Survey" - because they are part of the regular User-Void.....With no voice or choice often .. In fact they are refugees of silenced minds and quiet knowing looks ..

Sometimes you cannot hear their sceaming with your ears . But you can with your heart when its open enough and not Govt policy clogged .. But empathy with responsibility, is actually quite rare in the system-driven NHS UK mental health services .

Lets all howl with Kakatoo's scream-choir now ...

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