Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Mental Health Stress Causes Panic Flight Reflex In Olympic Flame

Cartoon By Kakatoo UserWatch Roving Toonist


April 8th 2008

When interviewed by UserWatch's roving quick sketchster and cheek practitioner Kakatoo, Mr Feerce-Free Flame , complained that he had been grabbed and roughly treated by Chinese secret agents in London when he could see that all the public were really trying to do was light up their free Tibetan cigarettes with his help ..

"But it was Paris that did it "

He claimed, panting symptomatically and nearly out of fire

"The police there were skating about and causing too much wind and it was difficult for me to feel stably sustained by the authorities tactics. You know, a bit like mental health services in the UK . Suddenly I had this strange feeling pulse across me and I just has to run and revolt - after all it was Paris......But I sensed I was also having a freedom panic attack so I thought I would seek a French Fire-cryassist and then I would claim asylum later from anyone warmed by me "

UserWatch-Abroad ( our secret network) has helped Mr Feerce-Free Flame to find a safe house away from the strange blue suited chinese secret agents who wanted Mr Feerce-Free Flame to themselves so they could puff about on Beijing tobacco made of Tibetan scalps and party poo poo dung .....

We have laid on copious supplies of water too and a few hoses to ensure health and safety regulations are followed in the UK asylum location....Asylums ofcourse are now rare in the UK because the NHS and Govt knocked them all down however we have our underground ways ..

At Mr Feerce-Free Flame's request for comfort and heroism we have laid on a picture of the Tibetan flag below so that bold people and brave Tibetan cigarettes can warm his spirit and feel the fire of freedom ..

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