Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The Birmingham And Solihull Mental Health UserWatch Styx Award For Public Dis-service

Drawn And Gifted To The Dept Of Work And Pensions
And Gordon Brown
By Wahoo Kakatoo The UserWatch Roving Cartoonist

UserWatch can announce the winner of April 2008's .....


Although the Dept Of Work and Pensions in the UK are awarded this magnificent digital picture that depicts the God Of Styx being crucified and poor "I" and "B" looking on, we also feel the award can be shared with Sainsbury Centre For Mental Health who have done much to lay the ground for a completely ridiculous extension of Pathways to Work into the severely disabled community and that includes the mental health one .

The stigmatisation of disability and mental health benefit claimants was actually also achieved by a certain Govt advisor, so he gets an arse wipe of recognition too for using the media to create prejudice against benefit claimants with severe or bad enough problems that screw up their ability to be regular minded or regularly fit enough to work .....The Styx Award has a hidden power of occasionally making those who are awarded it more socially real .....Miracles in Govt can happen - probably every 1000 years ..


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