Thursday, April 17, 2008

Mentally Ill And Stressed Out Gibraltar Apes To Get Lethal Injections

Apetoon By Kakatoo Roving UserWatch Toonster


From a Comment By Silvis Rivers On The Original Story Run By The Telegraph

With thanks and recognition to Amy Judd on

This UserWatch story-commentary is about mental health stressed Gibraltar Barbary Apes deviating from their rock asylum and possibly quieter caves of some hunger. Their deviation we think is partly inspired too by their lack of pre-colonial original and natural habitat stimulation. 25 of them are on the rampage and are pestering tourists etc .

Space is nice isnt it - when its yours ....?

Mind you they were uprooted in 18th Century - like almost everyone else's ancestors - and the stimulation was plenty then okay - they saw slaved peoples being treated badly - and their great great great grand-apes were used as target practice by British soldiers ..

Having phoned up Gibralatar Cave Asylum and actually talked to "Ak Ak Ak Ak" the rebel Ape leader - UserWatch learns he has been reading about the Palestinian history and Usama Bin Laden and Catholic history in Northern Ireland as well as Community Care (despair) for the mental health populations across the world and the UK . Yes...."AK AK AK AK" is quite a post-colonial and displaced-being expert

His Cross Species Theory is , large numbers of humans will always exploit the weak, build on their homelands in special labelled groups and help displace them from their original primitive and feeling nature . He declares sadly Terror-Apes and Mental Health Users have something in common - bands of them will die of lethal injection (slowly or more quickly ) so the authorities can eradicate their deeper mad desire to have a truer nature of their own - in their own soul spaces and places ...Life ...And some real inner and outer homeland ....

God Bless " Ak Ak Ak AK" UK Survivors and UserWatch loves you ..See you in the void-jungles brother along with some Palestinians ! "

Eleg-ape. 2008

Gibraltar brought them

To the soldiers' target gun

And let them on the run

These quick fingers of

The galaxy Ape's.

Ahhhh ,

But then there was always us

After light

And the way we distorted

Natures shapes ...

Silvis Rivers .


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