Thursday, March 27, 2008

Mental Health Users And Disability Groups Make Kriptiki Raft For Job Expedition

Cartoon By Roving UserWatch Pisstaker : Kakatoo



Under what is known as a cringing policy-moon shaped strangely like a curled walking stick, Kakatoo the UserWatch demon cartoonist made this sketch on an island not very far from China.....

We firstly believe its responsible journalism to show the evidence that the now legendary KRIPTIKI EXPEDITION is getting somewhere - although sadly we hear a few of its crew died of despair on the long oceans...We'll show the factual existential corpses later in the report .

The raft put together by Remploy (disabled UK people) and mental health Users from extinct UK Day Centres closed by Govt to make staff snooker and drinking caverns, is made of old NHS discarded waste walking sticks.

We understand the NHS stick suppliers are onto this now and have requested all unused sticks are sent back to the Dept Of Work and Pensions (DWP) for the new professional beating squads who are getting ready to throw the disabled off incapacity benefits post-David-Freud's sinspirational paper that believes in "Welfare To Wealth" for opportunistic administrators, and street-cleaning jobs by-tongue for the disabled.....

Some disabled REMPLOY ex Users who are due to face great uncertainty in their lives (see BBC Story) because the UK Govt are closing down their centres to allegedly use the money more efficiently that supports them, have spotted a chance in the market for caned disabiity travel .

UserWatch had touched on this story before ..

"China" (Says one ex-remploy-ite) "is less oppressive now than the UK some of us feel, and we like rice and chow mein "

A slick bosses cat named Pussploy who is in favour of comfort, and who is residing at one of the diminishing REMPLOY centres claimed that the expensive cars the top REMPLOY staff drive around would :

(at £8million a year see also March 25th Guardian Story)

"Help (meow) global warming and make the sea increasingly cosy to bathe in, as further disability rafts copied Kriptiki's example and went off to China in search of work and social inclusion (meow) "

In Linlithglow on March 21st 2008 UserWatch hears yet again day centre money is being axed (£2 - £15 a day ) to adults with mental handicaps and physical disabilities (SEE the Story here)

Somehow this is not that dissimilar a theme from the Mental Health NHS Surrey And Borders Partnership Trust which fleeced money off a couple of hundred Users (£3 a day ) back in 2006 (See some of the story here) and were forced to give it back to them by very successful BLOG activism that UserWatch notes was not reported on by the mainstream press ....

One of the problems UserWatch has seen is the idea of "externalisation" of day services in mental health so they are supporting and are owned by the new very middle class Third Sector "social businesses". This is supposed to be more efficient "mainstreaming" but it appears to us to be "state-dreaming" and we wonder about the real viability for many disability groups to be able to hack-it in an economy that turns around on bullshit financial wheels and little productive base in the UK coupled with a hike in global oil prices and food prices rising because of demand pressures from the new productive bases of India and China ..

The "Raid on Welfare" in the UK is the only way the Labour Govt can stay in power without taxing the middle classes more to sustain those who need real subsidy and genuinely better treatments that neet their needs ....And no party will tax more in the UK because it is political suicide, although its socially honest and further down the line probably more socially efficient.

The KRIPTIKI EXPEDITION GROUP is due to makes its "KRIPSTICK RAFT PLANS" available online at no cost but the odd soul, conscience and some pain ....



mandy lifeboats appeal said...

And there was me thinking this was going to be another 'return to sanity via slave labour' story. Maybe it is of a sorts but actually it will be a new lot of non cared for in the community 'wandering around Arndale Centres in search of sanctuary'.

And the cogs of progress keep screeching along. Bring out yer dead!!!

KRIPPIN said...

I was one of the crew. In fact I am a Remploy ghost and the advantage to being dead is I can walk on water and effect digital systems. Yes and the new way to be a wailer is on the net because there is hardly anywhere else where a voice can count in the so called UK "democracy"