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Relocalisation For Mental Health Stability - Let The Car Eat Rust ?

Original Image By Silvis Rivers Poet-Artist

Report By UserWatch 3rd April 2008

Re-localisation For More Mental Health Stability ?

Corporatisation and big system thinking about goods and service delivery at the cheapest possible prices lubricated by cheap oil and the mobility it has brought, have dominated economics and social policy in the UK and elsewhere. This is changing as food and energy prices rise.. Is a form of adaptive "relocalisation" going to take shape because its more efficient in the long run and actually more humane and mentally stabilising .

Well weaving this thinking into awkward mental health supply economics locally in Birmingham, the Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Trust has followed Gov't policy and corporately merged the localities into one big tanker that often cannot see the drowning patients from its well run lean officer cabins .. ..Patient's lives vanish into systems that are mystifyingly staff loaded and yet service-thin for all but a core of admittedly very ill Users who deserve deep care ..

We at UserWatch think this has to change but its unlikely to for years until the decades of dash for big corporatism gives way to a more sobering form of authentic local consumer control .

Global capital and "Macro Economics" - a term favoured by the Prime Minister of the UK Gordon Brown have only taken the adaptive shape of more rapid "global mobility" because of cheap oil . It has powered everything.

China and India have entered industrialisation and labour needs shifted to them as capital adaptively shifted too. Beyond is a different world we think, because with prices rising and aspirational populations the heat of demand for food and mobility is set to rise - along with the price of oil . Amercia is seeing a deep wave of labour-depression occur and this is not unlike the shake out of manufacturing capacity in the UK where in once thriving working class areas in the 1970's and 80's big local depressions occured along with the growth mental instabilities . Everyone needs meaningful social "containment" and partly work represented that. Although the disfigured nature of working class intergenerational traumas throughout the 20th century and disrupted upbringings were bound to assert themselves also .

These "workless classes" to coin a Blairism were the ones in the main where worn out workers from manufacturing went over to Incapacity Benefits (IB) in the 1980's - and 90 's - IB is the disability benefit which is now the subject of the "raid on welfare" attack by New Labour .

"Pathways to Work" as a UK philosophy backed by the Sainsbury Centre For Mental Health and one of their influential doctors there who seconded into the Dept of Work and Pensions is now rolling out across the UK - the job adverts for "Advisors" to the IB workless are increasing ....

Lord Layard from the London School of Economics put the argument forward for Cognitive Behaviour Therapy CBT for all depressed workless people. Although like "Pathways to Work" which was only supposed to be applicable for those on IB for up to 2 years (which has become time unlimited now) CBT has now magically extended its application into all realms of mental health. Its like a new answer that is being flogged by sales hypnosis going on across the UK by eager private sector "trainers" etc ...We have seen it - some of us at UserWatch have partly infiltrated these orgs to see what is happening ... CBT is the new hot happy cake although Govt is stingy even at buying this simplistic Jobs-driven answer ..

King Oil has caused wars because sovereign that he is, we relied on his golden but poisonous gas to expand and create ease of mobility for goods, labour and services. The result has been a kind of "de-localisation" and longer term socially destabilising effect. In the scheme of things and a possible upside future for us all, this is not so bad, because running out of the ability to pay for oil and war will make us rethink about "relocalisations" of goods and services ...We hope ...

Corporatisation only treats the individual as part of its overall Top-Down aims and if a smaller part of a locality or country even down to the individual, is in the way or is problematic - then they vanish economically or some other way in the scheme of things . A way will be found to sell that convincingly. Its anti-local though and anti sensitive to individuals because its vision is based on larger "Macro Economic" targets first and therefore it is partly inherently anti-human and will suppress that part of the negating vision because it is trained to advertise and persuade public vision into diversion ....

At UserWatch we have argued not for a UK Tory answer in real "Patient Choice" of mental health treaments but for a localised consumerist-led human supply side that fits people and genuinely works with them to recover without punitive anti welfare driven Govt social engineering targets.

So far all systems are echoes in the UK, driven by Macro Economics to keep an overheated global economy and its related demands, and wars, alive ...

Let the Cars Eat Rust ?

We wonder now that the new species of metal mobility is choking up everywhere just exactly what people are working for too ? More mobility across the globe ? Higher pay to support it ? Less money for patients because of more pay for staff ? Land for bio-fuel ? To feed cars ? Let them eat rust....?


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