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Specialist PD Service Official Consultation Birmingham UK

Main House PD Specialist In  Birmingham UK Going Going Gone ?
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Well of course it was on the cards for a long time, but the Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Foundation Trust has dragged its feet for a quite a time on altering services to fit more people in the community who suffer in the personality disorder spectrum (PD)..

Self harmers have self harmed and many have felt suicidal and often been alone or with ragged self help services in Birmingham UK and people have languished in the community with very little hands-on therapeutic help . We know that at UserWatch - we have heard it for years, and every year ..

Virtually all the resources for PD and Borderline PD locally were pushed into Main House ("specialism") and its outreach component Bridger House for those with "Tier 4" (a severity measure ) levels of Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) .

Over a few years Main House has dealt with less than 15 people per annum.. This is in a population of over 1 million people in Birmingham UK ..

The question from those with other so called "Tiers of severity" (2 and 3) is , it appears to be a self fulfilling service prophesy that people will get so bad and BECOME Tier 4 if they are not seen and helped far sooner ..Or they will die ..

BPD and PD have the highest suicide rates of all mental health suicides recorded in the UK (77 %) . Sadly that speaks for itself since UK services have often left people to themselves and offered just a bit of primary care drugging or "social inclusion" - or this and that, tinkering dressed up as "care" ...

Its often been a slow long death watch by some CPN's or Care-Co-ordinators.

What possessed BSMHFT Board delaying for so long a new Birmingham wide PD community orientated service as opposed to keeping a failed business model that had made money (because at one time it did) since the new push to help more people in the community with levels of Personality Disorder has had at least Dept of Health momentum for years since 2004 when a keynote document was produced ..

"Personality Disorder No Longer A Diagnosis For Exclusion "

That report surfaces again we see but its been a languishing part of the UK version of NIMHE's spread of dubious interest groups dressed up as patient reps .

It was a totally obvious report to write and showed up the previous know-it-all mechanical staff insight biased DOH patient anti-stance and critically showed nothing new but simple human sense :

I.E : If you don't hear damaged people in the community and allow them some ways to navigate pain, memories and feelings of child abuse, and relationship difficulties that evolve from poor or spoiled developments - you make them socially excluded and very unwell. The system of UK mental "health" actually therefore we have seen time and time again actively creates SOCIAL UNWELLNESS ...

BSMHFT has been hanging onto Main House because it did attract revenue- years ago - but slowly it has dwindled its capacity to attract bed purchases from other parts of the UK through other UK commissioning Primary Care Trusts (PCT's) . Those PCT's are looking to their own local needs and the push for local models of care instead of propping up a "specialist service" ...

One might say rather obviously - that if these other UK wide PCT's do push for more local models of PD help then perhaps the "Tier 4" population of PD suffering will slowly diminish - perhaps it will not, as more people come forwards for help as money is released into new opportunities for at least some kind of treatments , therapy and care local to people's needs ..We will all see .

There are some very good staff in personality disorder services who are eclectic of approach and will not necessarily be rigidly enforcing Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) type therapies on patients in the community who in any case have complex needs and not simple depressions for which CBT has been primarily recommended . [Dialectical Behavioural Therapy tends to be the preferred therapy of choice for many PD patients if they can get it ]

Yet perhaps the biggest lesson about PD comes from another but related quarter regarding better human and locally-inclusive therapy responses and it shows up the way services actually falsely construct themselves "into speciality " around other labels like "psychotic" regarding what has been seen to be seriously distressed and developmentally damaged mental health Users.

The Study of 500 (reported by the Guardian on Dec 9th ) Afro Carribbeans done by South London and Maudsley MH Hospital breaks open the mystification and uselessness of the term "Psychoses" . It is redundant, the study showed no disease process , or gene process but a massive correlation of socially distressed life events which it is arguable the health system just drugged out of the way into more personal and internal social isolation . Do you get the point ?

We have a socially unreal mental health system in the UK ..

Do the services and their personnel get the point yet .. ? After all they did the study and are more than silent about its "diagnostic-tool" shattering implications of the term "psychosis"...

Something else is needed ... Severely socially damaged human identity ?

People are made into damaged selves by socially and family constructed distress over the long term . Frankly having a (Tier 4 ) service like Main House re-inforces that too . People need intervention via better serious psycho-social-therapy in the community and we need to unravel people at that level there, and resolve issues there .

Think on, Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Foundation Trust Board because you are presiding over descriptors of people's damaged lives in ways that are seriously pseudo scientific .

You see , read the study about the 500 Afro Caribbeans . No "psychoses" exists . There's no basis for it as medical label at all . Its a false shibboleth . False science . Its a mystification of hyper distress caused through family separations and social distresses and because it is, its arguably "mis-diagnosis" .... And that my white brothers and sisters on the BSMHFT Board is legal territory ..

But that study begs looking at other descriptors (not diagnosis tools) of human damage and have a guess what ?

Those 500 Afro Caribbeans studied fit into the PD spectrum of human damage that for so long has been treated as "un-treatable" .. Yeah ... The services have helped perpetuate bad health and bad descriptions but most of all its killing people at a distance - either existentially or literally ..

Murder by mystification ? Suicide that is profoundly disguising not being seen , unless through a pseudo science and services that medicalises or invalidates many humans in the UK ....

UPDATE 12th Jan Birmingham Evening Mail

A BIRMINGHAM mental health hospital is to be closed down as part of a cost-cutting exercise, leaving psychiatric patients without vital residential care.

Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Foundation Trust is closing Main House intensive treatment unit in Northfield because there isn’t enough NHS funding to keep it running.

Psychiatrists condemned the imminent closure of the personality disorder service, saying the move was “unacceptable”.

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