Thursday, February 11, 2010

BBC Cannabis Report On Facebook Sarah Martin With M.S. Problems

Sarah Martin often goes on Facebook where she backs the moves with others to raise the more positive medicinal side of cannabis . She backed the campaign to support Phil Lockwood a Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) sufferer who fell foul of the Moroccan authorities when he tried to leave their country with an amount of cannabis (the actual weight is still subject to some dispute)

There is a vigorous and articulate group around the legalization of cannabis in the UK .

Sarah has multiple sclerosis .. She is talented as a graphic artist and suffers a lot of pain .

Monday, January 25, 2010

Multiple sclerosis patient Sarah Martin believes cannabis is the best way to liberate herself from the daily pain she endures.

She says just half a teaspoon in a hot drink will keep her pain-free and spasm-free for about three hours. She also uses a vaporizer to ingest the drug.

But by obtaining the much sought after relief which enables her to walk a little more easily once her muscles have "freed up", she becomes a criminal.

She chooses not to take any regular - and legal - medication, maintaining it would give her side effects such as high blood pressure, ulcers and even the risk of heart failure and psychosis.

The arguments that cannabis can aid the emergence of psychosis have been put for some years . Cannabis some argue opens up the areas the mind (disinhibits) conscious control on aspects of other parts of the personality and even unresolved psychic pain . Yet its clear that there are variable effects and some people are not affected like others with "cannabis provoked psychosis" .
Professor Glynn Lewis, from the University of Bristol, said studies suggested that people who regularly smoke the drug double the risk of psychosis, although it is still uncommon - perhaps affecting 2 or 3% of users in their whole lifetime.
That Sarah has headed more open argument on the medical uses of cannabis is to be welcomed though and perhaps in time the authorities will create the means for MS sufferers to have some alleviation through this method of pain control without becoming criminalised.

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