Wednesday, February 24, 2010

NHS Foundation Trust Boards To Be Opened Up?


The news circulating post-Stafford and the premature deaths over 400 people there, is NHS Foundation Trust Boards will have to open up to the UK Public again . Its about time. This was always bureaucracy in charge of democracy in the UK disguised as accountability, and frankly the new Foundation Trust Governor arrangements have been weak .

The other problem is , what about the public that did not sign up as "stakeholder" FT members? The "stakeholder" FT members have "special rights".....

In fact non-stakeholders are still taxpayers and are footing the bill for the flounce and feathers of this and that ritual of new controls by Governors and the stakeholder "membership" that no-one understands or sees really ..

At base this is awkward Clubocracy - maybe you do not think so, so look at this from the Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Foundation NHS Trust's website which has a "members login" area ..

"I'm not a member of BSMHFT, how can I get access to the member area?

All you need to do is sign up as a Member of our Trust. Sign up for free today. As soon as you receive your Member welcome pack, you will receive your unique user name and password to access the member area. The Member's area is just one benefit of being a Member of our Trust. Find out more by visiting our How can I get involved? section of the website. "

So when are we going to return in the UK to being service tax payers, of services that know their place is to serve, not to serve the public up to services, in some warped idea of accountability turned into a club and "daftocracy".....That's a UK Birmingham word meaning bloody "stupidity" ...

Health Service Journal 24th Feb Charlotte Chantry writes :

"All foundation trust boards must meet in public, health secretary Andy Burnham has said in a parliamentary statement about today’s report on Mid Staffordshire Foundation Trust.

Mr Burnham said: “I make clear today that all foundation trust board…meetings should be held in public and governors should have access to all papers.” Every foundation trust has a duty to be truly publicly accountable whilst providing high quality care Meeting in private was a “direct contradiction” of the vision set out in legislation leading to the establishment of foundation trusts, he said "


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