Saturday, February 13, 2010

NowPublic.Com Admits To Strange Love Affair That Improves Mental Health For All

Unravelling the Fairytale :

By Art De Rivers

It began with sneaking across to Canada and having a word with Mr and offering quite a lot of cash to amalgamate. Get cash-fatter I suppose would be the way to describe it ..

Later Mr Google was invited to the party and then Citizen-journalism had to accept becoming Google eyed as it wrote while in the side of its eyes was the parallel dimension of adverts about fat burning furnaces or something quite terrible like that.

Some poor writers moaned and tempested about all of this, while I, being a magic doorway just found that a transdimensional Purple Bunny walked out of my space or body or something like that ... It was probably because I was on a fast , and Miss Google NowPublic Rollykins was inflating and deflating hypnotically by my textual side as I wrote away passionately burning the calories in my athletic fingers .... I suppose it was a visionary moment .. Yes that's what it was .

Miss NowPublic Rollykins was very funny though because she kept inflating and deflating as though an invisible Google-eyed pervert was using a bycycle pump up her bum .....She needed rescuing .. I could feel something in the wind ... So to speak ..

Everyone was complaining on NowPublic about Miss Rollykins yet a miracle happened ... Purple Bunny fell in love with her and its fitting to tell this story as tomorrow all love is let loose and fantasies rule - don't they ?

I have it on good authority though that Purple Bunny and Miss Rollykins were married and Mr Google attended and they went for a party with that older couple; the Owl and the Pussycat and all the DNA recombinant little owllykits and grandowllykits they at last produced.

Don't forget Feb 14th is there for some magic ... Think of Purple Bunny and Miss Rollykins and the way two cartoon characters fell lastingly in love because and made it possible ..

By : Art & Silvis Rivers ..


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