Saturday, February 13, 2010

De-stigmatising Post Traumatic Vulnerability And Making Strength

Art De Rivers On Mental Health Watch :

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The people I come across in the acutely damaged worlds of post trauma have often been trained away from feeling early on in their lives and from being received properly by others.

Humans need intimacy and shelter for their feelings to flourish but the corporate control worlds we have been creating, add all too often to the cultures of family and social denial we have already created to serve the idea that being "tough" and distant is the only way forwards.

"Gaining the upper hand over feelings is the corporo-credo way" . Is it ? No its the way of the war against the self and others , and leads to self alienation finally .

The deficits in the acutely vulnerable is not always understood and in some ways repeatedly abused - at least partly unconsciously by the rest of us because we cannot hear or do not wish to hear - feelings ... Yet the aggrieved must be given real territory otherwise the attempt to marginlise them creates existential bombs.

We are all Palestinians and Indians and other oppressed groups and we are all Nazi's too .. That is our emotional heritage .

The old asylums were full of family contained inner dynamites of unfelt - unheard people. I watched it and lived with it nearly 40 years ago . The laughing "schitzophrenic" lady who cried in pain as she laughed and whose tortured abused soul I have never forgotten . The guy who cut into his own penis because his sexuality was denied and a non sexuality was preferable symbolically ..Who needs a piece of body that points directly to the genetic Self of birth and creation when its surrounded by social and family barbs of denial of authentic identity. The Feeling Self .

I can still see the dead images of friends who committed suicide . Some had been abused by family . Tortured by holding pain in and holding onto the false family "self" of compliance that fnally cracked ..

"Oh joe was mad and killed himself "

No , that not right .

Suicide is sometimes a family murder at one remove all too often with someone bearing unbearable internal contradictions. Thou shalt honour the idea of the loving family image .. We re-create it time and time again to oppress.

Shut up and cut off otherwise go into the wilderness if you speak out . If you shout from there and we hear you - we will bomb you. One way or another .. We will seize your land or kill you in it slowly in order to preserve defensive ideals .

Being human with authentic needs for a hearing often means being marginalised and warred upon .. The social quantum physics of that bearing down into the individual is like an art and science blended to see if its possible to resolve the bound energy .. How do we create a safer stream of light ? How do we create spirit brilliance..?

Care is what I am discussing with others in the UK in practical mental health terms . A caring and opening way to de-stigmatise post trauma and make it into a language of acceptable disability with practical applications like a supportive letter going to a dentist, or hair sylist , or optician for those who actually cannot bear human company because of complex child abuse post trauma and rape ..Bridges need to be made for health .

Vulnerability needs hearing and aiding openly and the challenge is to create that valid territory that long ago was actually stolen from all of us ..The Feeling Child ..

Welcome then to human strength by the open acceptance of weakness and a dialogue with it . It looks tough to be tough but its tougher to accept being strong through weakness and openess to rescue human truths ..

Anyone in the mental health services understand that ?

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