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S.O.S. - Save Our Services In Birmingham UK - The Petition


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The petition to save Main House "Tier 4" Borderline Personality Disorder services in Birmingham UK has started . So where might it lead ?

Its unlikely to save the service which has dealt with only 12 - 15 patients per year for a few years now .

This does not mean to say all is lost - far from it . Its more likely that after the shock of any service changes, a new more inclusive service will evolve and more people will be helped before they even evolve to Tier 4 BPD (severity of effect) which frankly some are driven to .

The supporters of Main House services are passionate and caring - truly genuine people, and their voice should be heard in these times too , their view should come into the mix and hopefully form a better future and a more treatment-inclusive one, for all PD sufferers in Birmingham UK .

The Patient-Jury is out on this one though . Developments await .

There is a model of care that is inclusively dealing with 200 PD spectrum Users From "Tier's" 1, 2, 3, 4. per year currently . It is in Oxford and is known as the complex needs service.

From Nursing Times Jan 15th (subscription only)

"Tier 3 - intensive treatment

People attend a five day per week therapeutic community called Oxford TC (for more on therapeutic communities see Pearce and Haigh, 2008). This is also an 18 month programme and can be an alternative to tier 2, but people are free to move between the intensive therapy tiers as appropriate. The same range of therapy models is used in large groups, and work and activity groups. For both tiers 2 and 3 there is a 24 hour year round telephone support network operated by members (clients who have entered a group).

Tier 4 - support after treatment

When clients have been in therapy for 15 months in tier 2 or 3, they are expected to engage with tier 4. This consists of a rolling 16 week fortnightly programme on “life beyond therapy” to help them move on. Connections are made with external education and employment agencies and people also
have the opportunity to become part of a social network. The service continues to hold clinical responsibility for each person for six months after completing therapy and an exit interview is offered to all members and a summary is provided on the experience and process of therapy "


The Main House petition below :

The Petition

Main House is one of only 2 residential therapeutic communities for people with complex personality disorders in the country. It is a national centre where people stay for 12 months and through democratic psychotherapeutic methods are taught how to survive.

People with personality disorders often struggle with everyday life and use negative coping mechanisms such as self-harm, drugs, alcohol, eating problems and frequent suicide attempts. Medication often leaves the person unable to connect with the real world.

Through Main House many of us have learnt new coping mechanisms and have managed to move from recurring hospital admissions to a normal life with steady relationships and jobs.

There is a proposal to close Main House because the funds have been mismanaged and since changing the funding system in 2008 funding has been a problem. The service is extremely valuable and before the funding was changed was lucrative and successful.

We believe that it is possible to run Main House and that it is an essential service required to save lives. At the moment there is a 2 month extension on a consultation but we want to do more. We want a strong show of support for the project and to show the people who sit in the decision making seats that they cannot close our centre like they closed the Henderson project.

Please sign up and help us to show people that Main House is vital and we do not want it to close.

Many thanks.

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