Saturday, April 18, 2009

Supporting The NHS-Crushed-Right To Whistleblow - Re-instate Margaret Haywood !


[UserWatch Team : An attack on Margaret Haywood the struck off Nurse is an attack on all of us - her case matters for mental health too where Trusts Managers and top staff are like Mafia Bosses . The public cannot see in enough into the NHS anymore and the need for Public Blindness by NHS top staff is bad signal that all is not right. It isn't right - large illusions are practiced in the new name of "reform" and "modernisation" . Bullshit public and selected patient involvement that is paper thin will not create a people orientated system of patient choice in the NHS .. ]

Margaret Haywood a nurse of many years experience tried to alert the hospital authorities about the condition in the wards so she satisfied crucial parts of the UK "Whistleblowers Act " drafted as the : Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998

"Margaret Haywood, 58, received a lifetime ban from nursing for misconduct after filming the neglect of elderly patients for a BBC Panorama documentary.

The senior nurse broke down in tears after the judgement last week and said she was "absolutely devastated" by the panel's decision."

People in the UK are rallying to the right to whistleblow and they are supporting Margaret Haywood calling for her to be re-instated - it seems people are waking up in the UK to the way the NHS practices concealment of poor management in the name of "reform" .

"After the hearing on Thursday, the nurse referred to recent stories of NHS failure: "Look at recent things that have been happening, especially with the Mid-Staffordshire hospital, nurses are afraid to speak out. The whole process needs to be reviewed so nurses can voice their concerns."

Hundreds of NHS staff have protested about Miss Haywood's treatment. She is considering appealing against the decision by the Council, which has already received hundreds of emails and phone calls from nurses furious about the ruling.

Now the Royal College of Nursing has launched a petition and Facebook group supporting Miss Haywood for exposing poor patient care."

A petition is underway HERE

So far the petition has 509 signatures and it looks set to increase on a wave of new awareness that managers in the NHS and the "modernised" culture of it often colludes to create a context in which poor practice can be swept under the poor health carpet and those that see the dirt and speak up get targeted..

That is not healthy, its a perversion of the idea of healthiness and conscious regard for flaws that must be solved . Underlying all this is a culture of bullying and fear in the NHS . Nurses need to blow the whistle on that and point back to where it begins.

From Go :

"Background (Preamble): This petition is for members of the nursing profession and the general public who want to show their support for nurse Margaret Haywood. Margaret was struck off the nursing register by the Nursing and Midwifery Council for taking part in a television programme which highlighted instances of poor patient care. We believe that Margaret was justified in exposing the worrying conditions at her hospital and that the documentary shed light on matters that the public deserved to know about.

Petition: We, the undersigned, wish to show our support for nurse Margaret Haywood who raised issues of concern around poor patient care.
We believe that Margaret was justified in exposing the worrying conditions at her local hospital and that the NMC was wrong to strike her off the nursing register. "

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