Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Supporting Principle : GO GO GO GO PETITION - Margaret Haywood De-registered Nurse Latest


The Nursing Midwifery Council who de-registered Margaret Haywood (nurse) after she tried to solve problems in her hospital and could not, and who then helped the BBC to do that should start thinking about their own positions .

They have brought themselves into disrepute . They have made a bad mistake and misjudged the public interest and the current leadership is just untenable .. We at UserWatch say : get rid of them ..

Its likely by the end of today or early tommorrow the Margaret Haywood petition will gain 30000 signatures .. We at UserWatch do not think it will stop there .

A lot of the NHS is rotten with perverse over-control - tongue clamping - and lack of truer transparency - you'll be lucky to get information easily about Serious Untoward Incidents at Hospitals who as a whole and particluarly after Foundattion Status have clamped down on information-giving and now its a case of using the Freedom Of Information Act for what should be easily available - instead though its bureaucratically guarded - how ridiculous .. NHS UK : From Public Service to a quasi Secret Service .

Support for whistleblowing nurse struck off by NMC
25060 Signatures
Published by Rachel Dufton on Apr 17, 2009
Category: Health
Region: United Kingdom
Target: General public and members of the nursing profession


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