Monday, April 27, 2009

So You Want To Grasp The Consultation Snake Eh ?


This is a picture of the UWL of Blood Lightning grasping a Gov't consultation snake .. Yeahhhh ... So there ..It was done by Art De Rivers in wise-nutcase spasms and insight attacks ..

But because of our UW readers and their lazy habits and moans we decided to empower -- Yeahhh EMPOWER you ..... Now its up to you to get entangled and feel shitty and bad and remember in the words of the Great KAKATOO :

"True disempowerment comes when you are invited to be empowered" ... ...

See below for current consultations you can feel foolishly encaged within . From

Take part in a wide range of consultations and have your say on the policy making process.

For details of current consultations going on across government, follow the links below.

Bear in mind half of these links will probably go down and become distorted within a few weeks but do not lose hope... In FACT get rid of it !

Why risk losing hope by possessing any ? ... Go beyond despair .. Just feel empty ... Engage the truth ..


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