Saturday, April 04, 2009

Dept Of Health Mental Health Choice Site Goes To Sex Toys & Drugs


In researching a story about the link between poor access to treatment choices in Mental Health in the UK, related especially to the Borderline Personality Disorder community , with the case of a sad suicide of a 27 year old woman Kate Logan in mind , part of the research led to the Care Services Improvement Partnership (Dept Of Health run) website .. Specifically to its literature surrounding so called "Choices" in mental health .

Three of the links go to a page topped by "Ann Summers" leading to sex toys, and below are other ads, and amongst them internet drugs that can be obtained online ..What are Government Health Departments playing at ? Who the hell is managing these sites ?
In the wake of Jaqui Smith's (M.P. Home Secretary) husband watching porn at the Public Expense you might think Govt Departments would want their links on their sites to go where they should ..
Try these links the first three documents -

From : Choices In Mental Health Site :

"You can download the 'Our Choices in Mental Health' (framework) and the supporting Checklist which give guidance and ideas on how mental health services should be offering choices to people that use their services.

You can also find out about the choice themed review, and details of the national and regional contacts who are leading on choice.

[End Quote ]

Click To Enlarge Its CSIP (run by DOH) for sure that leads to this

Its worth mentioning that BPD and Personality Disordered people (many of whom have suffered early trauma , seperations and mystification of care-giving) do not have any choices of treatments or consultants in the UK and that is a case for disability discrimination in the UK because the general populace in the UK have choices of who they see as a consultant and where they go for treatment ....
Further Links :

Daily Mail :

"Home Secretary Jacqui Smith's husband was forced to make a humiliating apology this afternoon for causing her embarrassment over an expenses claim which included adult films he watched."


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