Sunday, September 21, 2008

Poisoned Tea Therapy Offers From The NHS Staff


Cartoon By Kakatoo The UserWatch Biscuit Thief

So many times over decades we at UserWatch have seen patients being offered tea-cup therapy by the NHS and it has proved to be poisoned often . There's no future in the ash tea leaves either ..

Occasionally a good member of staff dips into the empathic root of what it means to be human together and something is really shared . But that is very very rare .

Humanity is rare in the mental health services because it is suppressed . It might lead to emotion or pain, true human witness of distress and even an attempt to "take a history" and help it mourn rather than treat it with poison voids, and false sugar ..

More recently in Birmingham we watched how the new "Cup of tea inclusion meetings" were engineered as purportedly new opportunities for the long term spolied and damaged to be included in the new sugar bowls of practice ...

Staff however have helped themselves to most of the sugar and Users are even having their tea share swiped as NHS supported staff-morphing social enterprise firms offer opportunities to re-corral Users so they can be given new cups of tea...And kept in their disabled place unless they are useful on the new tea leaf picking social inclusion wards .


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