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Mental Health - Quarantining Staff Away From Users And Other Healthy Things To Do


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Its amazing what images and cartoons can do and what disagreeable pc attitudes they can bring out of UK bound, self confessed mentally sick NHS staff .

The first image below (originally on Mandy's Lifeboat Blog but we pulled it ) saw the staff member, there posting hyperlinks to the British National Party later justifying her interpretative take by claiming her gay son had been bullied by Nazi gay bashers ..

Yeahhh.....That's an obvious interpretation of Winnie being into the POOH, below ..(Huh ?)

So disgusted was a UserWatch member at this infiltration of warped pc NHS staff on Mandy's Lifeboat allowing the freedom for warped fascist links to be made, that UserWatch decided as a whole not to support this blog anymore .

Mandy is a great person but in our opinion has always allowed far too many staff on her Blog as though democracy is all, as opposed to having your own User-space which staffies cannot contaminate with their controlling ways and attempts to form bullshit pc partnerships -like they do in the NHS mental health services. They are doing this Online now, quite clearly ..

Yes the NHS, you know that place where sadly a lot of Users die (often slowly existentially ) for want of met needs and personal reality being navigated by skilled empathy .. Oh at UserWatch we have all been around for decades and seen the funerals ..

The strange self justification of the staff member Silvawingz who shat the pc out , is on her wordpress blog - here it is below :

"I started a fire……..or a damp squib………

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Today something weird happened. You can see here what it was. Make your own mind up if you are not ravaged by indifference (that’s if anyone reads this bloomin’ blog). It set me thinking though; should there be limits to where we take things if we think we are being oppressed. It is an interesting question - Where do you draw the line? Is it OK to besmirch someone? Is it OK to oppress others for our gain? Is it OK to use force? Is it OK to blow people up? Are there times when one or none of these should be morally right or are there times when all four are be morally right. I think it was on Mental Nurse that the Heinz Dilemma raised it’s head - When are things right?

I think it probably depends on the situation. There are times when it is right to overstep the mark and where the mark is depends on your own personal viewpoint. I believe you should fight fire with fire and if things don’t go quite they way you expect then………well………you have to face the consequences. I do believe though that you should never back down when you feel you are right, this isn’t the same as not apologising, saying sorry isn’t backing down. Today I don’t believe I overstepped the mark, I think I fought fire with fire, I faced the consequences, I apologised when I thought it right to, but I didn’t back down.

Can’t be bothered to think of a song……."

And brother we cannot make this torch of principle she is supposed to be carrying or her moral fire-fight, into something relevant to Winnie being into the POOH . She did however say she was gay too ...

Ahhhh so cartoons about Winnie being into the POOH are anti gay ? Bullshit .

But lets take the experience of some Users about some parts of the mental health gay culture in the mental health services . Some gays, Users have claimed to us, have been identifiably responsible for creating their own cultures which look after themselves whilst sucking up to NHS system and getting jobs from it . We have heard from Users who identify morally deviant ways some gay CEO's behave and seem to favour more gays in their in-house cultures. We know the NHS is rife with over-compromising oppressive management too - so there is a lot in this weave of affairs that is difficult to disentangle - but it sure is ripe for pisstaking and satire ..

Why did Winnie though become a POOH-DO-PHILE ? He was not born that way .

He was made that way by a mad family system that tells fantasy tales about bears that are in fact abused and that made him madder and madder especially when it treated him for his madness ...And staff in the NHS are encouraged to be mad and in charge of others who are mad and some become brown bears that bully little bears ...

Those are the bare bear facts ...

Here's a couple of posts from Silvawingz Blog below - she enjoys fame

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